COVID-19 Mandate News for Intelligent Patriots and Not-So-Smart Media

Positive News For Mandate Haters: Canada, UK, Colorado, New York, Florida and More

By Tuesday night Freedom March Canadian Truckers raised right at $10 million for food, fuel and provisions . According to several news sources, they have accumulated more funds from donations than the major federal political parties of Canada raised during the last quarter of 2021.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reigning Liberal Party of Canada received in $3.7 million during the last quarter of 2021, according to public records with Elections Canada. 

On Monday, Trudeau gave a video speech from his secret exile location to indicate:

🔹After being triple-jabbed, he has tested positive for Covid, so he needs to quarantine. He’s not afraid, but doing it for the safety of others.

🔹He said that although citizens have a “right to make their voice heard,” they are not allowed to “shut down our democracy or annoy their fellow citizens.”

🔹He indicated he will not succumb to racists or anyone who disrespect veterans. We could not find anyone who understands the veteran point, because many of the truckers are veterans. 

Trudeau’s stance is inconsistent with his stance and treatment of previous protesters such as Black Lives Matter.

Supporters continue to pass out food to truckers.

The truckers, parked around the Parliament capitol for six days, intend to remain awhile.

Media Heavy on Propaganda

Media, especially the Canadian Broadcasting Company, are issuing propaganda reports that the trucker’s convoy and protest are part of a Russian misinformation campaign. Americans know all too well about media and their “Russia-Russia-Russia” tactics.

Reuters former CEO James Smith–now the current Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the corporate arm of the company–also sits as a board member at Pfizer. Rueter actually published a story Monday headlined, “Ivermectin shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID, Japanese company says.”

According to Reuters, a publicly-traded Kowa, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, reported have they have been working with Tokyo’s Kitasato University to test the Ivermectin anti-parasite drug against common Covid variants, and were seeing positive results in their clinical study.

The question in mind for intelligent patriots around the world who already know, is why Reuters is just now publishing an article when for months numerous testing confirmed Ivermectin works globally?

UK Cancels Mandate

The United Kingdom announced Monday that, as scores of other countries have, is canceling its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. UK’s mandates on nurses and medical staff has caused serious work shortages.

Britain’s Health Secretary Sajid Javid said they were canceling the mandate for safety and Omicron reasons. Javid announced he is troubled that the vaccine mandate will “endanger patients” because of the loss of key healthcare personnel from an already understaffed health service.


Prior to Javid’s announcement, healthcare workers had until February 3 to get their first vaccination or be terminated.

“While vaccination remains our very best line of defence, I believe it is no longer proportionate to require vaccination as a condition of employment by statute,” Javid said in an address to Parliament. “I will launch a consultation on ending vaccination as condition of employment in health and all social care settings. Subject to the response and the will of this house, the government will revoke these regulations.”

Fewer States Have Mandates

Big blow for NY Gov. Kathy Hochul.

When the New York Supreme Court striked down the state’s COVID-19 mask mandate last week the writing was on the wall. As of today, there are only 11 states left across the United States with widespread masking requirements.

🔹Eight states—California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington—require most people to wear masks in indoor settings regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

🔹Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico also have similar orders in place.

🔹Connecticut has an indoor mask mandate that applies only to those who have not been vaccinated.

🔹Rhode Island requires masking for everyone at indoor venues with a capacity of 250 people or more. Masking is also required in smaller venues unless those venues implement a vaccine requirement.

Is Colorado COVID Cancelled?

Last week, the Colorado State Health Department said its vaccination requirement for large, indoor events will end.

Liberal Denver announced the retirement of its mask mandate and vaccine passport rules for local businesses, beginning Friday. The Mile-High city will maintain mask mandates at schools and day cares.

The Tri-County Health Department on Monday went a step further than Denver by ending mask requirements for schools in Adams and Arapahoe county as well.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock called it a “pivot point in this battle” against COVID-19, but said the virus will just be something “we’re going to have to manage and learn to live with.”

“Beginning Friday, people will no longer be required under the public health order to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination for entry into a place of business in Denver,” Hancock said.

Florida Senate Sanity

The Florida Senate passed SB 620, the “Local Business Protection Act” last week and most Floridians are counting on the state House to do the same.

If enacted, local businesses can sue local governments if they pass any regulations reducing business profits by more than 15%.

It offers various protections to local governments, such as limiting the recovery of lost profits to only 7 years, and giving local governments a three-month window to “undo” the regulation after being notified of a claim.

The University of Florida issued a campus wide letter last week announcing that “as the COVID-19 pandemic transitions to an endemic and the omicron surge rapidly declines,” they will begin “treating COVID as we do other contagious illnesses such as the flu.”


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    “He said that although citizens have a “right to make their voice heard,” they are not allowed to “shut down our democracy or annoy their fellow citizens.”

    Funny. Only he can do these things.

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  2. The whole narrative of Covid and Woke and the rest of the Leftist nonsense inflicted upon most of the world’s population these past two years is unraveling. The hypocrisy and sheer lunacy of their policies and policy makers are more and more quickly coming to light.
    I’ve just finished reading an interesting article published by the wonderful Hillsdale College: “What is the Great Reset”. With your permission, I’ve included the link for you and your readers:–cWWIDx3NuFCKyXR6LIVvi-nSOWzluW9h9zyjuY3IseJLxEelkdQYN3LMZ9mdrEcEBUNxmiJM5nPnAphwtj1xHKji_1A&utm_content=200270733&utm_source=hs_email

    We are in the midst of a great pandemic. However, this pandemic is not that of a virus but one of a worldwide totalitarian power grab. Manufactured crises, one after another; race antagonism; class warfare; economic consolidation; media homogeneity of State sponsored and approved “news”.

    But, it is unraveling thanks to a small number of ethical journalists (several of “Liberal” ideology), patriotic Representatives of their people from many countries and untold numbers of regular citizens that love their countries and their freedoms.

    When this madness ends we must make every effort to prevent this from happening again. Never should our elected officials partake of “International Economic Forums” that promote globalism. Never should our military leaders be allowed to be part of this world-wide overtaking of democracies. And the Press? It will take a very big and honest effort for them to regain any credibility and it is doubtful that Microsoft or any Gates configuration, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and all the others will be part of it. They have burned too many bridges and people.

    Pray and Think

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