Why are Clinton-Epstein Associates, Friends Suddenly Having Violent and Suspicious Deaths?

The odds of Jeffrey Epstein killing himself in August 2019 are about as equal to the odds of Joe Biden being elected to live in the White House in November 2020.

The guards assigned to watch Epstein in his cell at Manhatten Correctional Center, for some reason, did not perform their routine 30-minute checks of the most famous prisoner on earth at the time. They blamed it on allegedly sleeping on the job.

Later we found out that records were falsified and it just so happened the cameras on Epstein’s cell also malfunctioned on that particular night of all nights.

When paramedics were finally called, news reports agreed they “frantically tried to revive Epstein, 66, after he was found hanged in his own cell.”

Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark, hired famed pathologist Michael Baden to observe the autopsy. He insisted that “the evidence points toward homicide.”

By February 2022, other improbable deaths, all related to either Epstein or former President Bill Clinton or both, started occurring.

🔹Millionaire model agency boss Jean-Luc Brunel, who knew the names of all the VIP elites who were part of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring, was found dead in prison. Brunel supplied children as young as eight to Epstein who then trafficked them to elite pedophiles to rape. According to a former bookkeeper, several girls presented to Epstein worked for MC2, the modelling agency owned by Jean Luc Brunel. He was arrested and charged with raping multiple children in December 2020.

Just like Epstein, his death was alleged hanging…and the video cameras were not running on his cell in La Sante, just south of France. Again just like Epstein, it was in the early hours of a Saturday morning.

🔹In August 2022, New York-based businessman Steven Hoffenberg, who described himself as Jeffrey Epstein’s “best friend” and “wingman”, was found dead at his Connecticut apartment.

Police in Derby said officers responded to the 77-year-old’s apartment at 8 p.m. for a requested welfare check. Officers found the body “in a state where a visual identification could not be made.”

Hoffenberg was the founder of New York debt collection agency Towers Financial Corporation which he set up with Jeffrey Epstein. By 1993 it was revealed they were running one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in U.S. history, bilking investors out of nearly half a billion dollars. “He was my best friend for years. My closest friend for years … He was my guy, my wingman,” Hoffenberg told CBS News in an interview in 2019.

🔹In May, 7, 2022, Mark Middleton, Bill Clinton’s special advisor from Little Rock, Arkansas was also found hanging from a tree with a shotgun blast through his chest and a cheap extension cord around his neck. He was just 59.

Middleton was the advisor responsible for inviting Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell to the White House at least 17 times. Middleton also flew on Epstein’s notorious private jet, dubbed the “Lolita Express”, and is widely credited with introducing the former president to the convicted pedophile.

“Everyone that I know here, that has worked with Mark, knows it is physically impossible for Mark to have killed himself,” Middleton’s business associate said.

Is it a coincidence that a cheap extension cord had been used on another Clinton associate just a few months before?

🔹Ashley Haynes, 47, was found drowned in the Arkansas River with an extension cord knotted to her ankle and attached to a 58 lb. concrete block. She had been seen just months before visiting Clinton adviser Mark Middleton (mentioned above).

Haynes, a mother of two from the Little Rock suburb of Maumelle, vanished on Jan. 12 after leaving a note on her kitchen island counter stating “on the water, love you all.” She was last seen by a local resident paddle boarding in a wetsuit, according to a police report.

“Mrs. Haynes had a bag strapped to her leg with a green extension cord,” states the police report. “Inside the bag was a large concrete block that measured 16x16x4.”

“It didn’t make any sense, she would never kill herself,” the Haynes source said. “When I heard she went missing I knew instantly it was foul play. I don’t believe she killed herself. How could she water paddle down the river with a concrete block!”

🔹On June 22, 2022 Clinton mega-donor and close associate, 55 year old Steve Bing was found dead after plunging from the 27th floor of his luxury apartment building in Los Angeles’ Century City at around 1 p.m.

To be fair, I don’t think there was a proveable connection of his death to Epstein or Clinton because he had been depressed for awhile—at least since the death of his girlfriend, Alexanne Mitchum, the great granddaughter of actor Robert Mitchum.

She took Xanax and slipped into unconsciousness. She died accidentally on July 3, 2020 from acute Fentanyl and Alprazolam toxicity, according to the L.A. County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s office.

At the age of 18, Bing inherited an estimated $600 million from his grandfather, Leo S. Bing, a real estate developer, which led him to drop out of Stanford University and use the money to invest in Hollywood.

In 2009, Bing paid for the flight that carried Clinton and American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee home from North Korea.

Clinton and Bing were part of a hard-partying group that included Ron Burkle and Jeffrey Epstein, according to LA Mag.

Bing has a son with actress Elizabeth Hurley. Legendary Rock-n-Roller Jerry Lee Lewis considered Bing his adopted son.

Keen observers of these deaths point to one single court case regarding Epstein that was settled in May 2017. It was on the eve of the trial set up by Virginia Giuffre, a woman who claimed to have been Jeffrey Epstein’s teenage “sex slave.” She sued Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend and ringleader, for defamation.

The key to this was that other court documents had been published indicating Giuffre made allegations of sexual abuse against “numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well‐known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.”

Painting from Epstein’s NY townhouse

In God We Trust

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


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NY Congresswoman Tenney Calls on DOJ to Investigate and Retain 2020-22 Election Records

just six of 100 of the most heavily populated counties… were able to provide their actual voter files from the 2020 election.

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (NY-22), co-chair of the Election Integrity Caucus in Congress, today released the following statement regarding the release of the America First Policy Institute’s (AFPI) research report titled, National Review of Retaining Election Records from the 2020 Election.

“Today’s report from AFPI exposes massive problems in our election system. In some jurisdictions, the difference between the number of voters recorded and the number of ballots cast was as high as 8.8 percent in the 2020 election. However, because counties across the country failed to retain key election documents, we are unable to understand why there is such a discrepancy. The Civil Rights Act of 1960 requires counties to retain election documents for 22 months, and their failure to do so is a clear violation of federal law that undermines faith in the democratic process,” said Congresswoman Tenney. “When it comes to counting votes and accessing election information, the American people deserve absolute transparency and total precision. That’s why I am calling on the Department of Justice to launch an immediate inquiry into compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1960’s records retention requirements. The DOJ must also demand the preservation of these records for the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.”

After an election is conducted, the public and elected officials should be able to verify that the number of votes is consistent with the number of voters. However, a groundbreaking report released today by AFPI found that many officials responsible for carrying out elections were unable to provide such basic information to verify this was the case. The Civil Rights Act of 1960 requires the retention and preservation of “all records and papers, which come into his possession relating to any application, registration, payment of poll tax, or other act requisite to vote in such election,” for a period of 22 months.

AFPI’s report makes clear that despite the records retention requirement under the Civil Rights Act, many of the most populous jurisdictions across the country are not complying with it. In fact, just six of 100 of the most heavily populated counties that were contacted by AFPI for information were able to provide their actual voter files from the 2020 election. Some counties failed to retain the records while others did not possess timestamped records dating back to the 2020 election and had likely already updated their voter files.

Further, those six jurisdictions that did provide these records demonstrated an average difference between the number of voters and the number of votes cast of 2.89%. Cobb County, Georgia had a discrepancy as high as 8.8%. The number of voters in an election should typically match the number of ballots cast, making these discrepancies deeply concerning. The discrepancies in these jurisdictions indicate that ballots were counted multiple times, were not counted at all, or that counties did not have accurate lists of who actually voted.

In God We Trust

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


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Why Did FBI Treat Foreign Suspects of 9-11 World Trade Center Attacks Far Better Than Jan. 6, 21 Capitol Protestors?

Suspects in the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers were given more consideration and leniency than the patriotic Americans protesting against the stolen 2020 Election at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

As of this writing, over 20 months later, about 850 people have been charged with federal crimes for their conduct on Jan. 6. More than 350 of them have pleaded guilty, mostly to misdemeanor offenses, and more than 230 have been sentenced.

Jan 6 Operative?

What are the odds these police officers, involved in the Jan. 6 breech, would soon commit suicide?

🔹Howard Liebengood, January 2021

🔹Jeffrey Smith, January 2021

🔹Kyle DeFreytag, July 10th, 2021

🔹Gunther Hashida, July 29, 2021.

🔹Brian Sicknick, although not officially deemed a suicide, died of “natural causes” on Jan. 7, 2021.

On September 11, 2001 at approximately 8:45 a.m., a hijacked American Airlines passenger jet crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. A second plane crashed into the second  tower around its 60th floor about 18 minutes later.

As chaos ensued and explosions erupted in Lower Manhattan, a third plane circled around Washington,  D.C., before it reportedly sliced into the west side of the Pentagon at 9:45 am.

A fourth plane, believed to be headed for the White House or the Capitol, never made it to its destination due to the bravery of the passengers aboard the United Airlines Flight 93 who fought back against the hijackers as the plane crashed into an empty field empty in southwestern Pennsylvania.

On that day, nearly 3,000 people from 93 different nations were killed as a direct result of those attacks:

🔹roughly 2,753 in New York

🔹184 at the Pentagon

🔹40 on UA Flight 93.

Thousands more were injured at Ground Zero, but as the country memorializes the day many years later, the death toll continues to rise each year from sickness and injuries obtained in the aftermath. Also,  343 FDNY firefighters were killed and over 200 have since died due to related illnesses or injuries.

Instantly, numerous complaints were received by the FBI in Newark regarding individuals who had been observed celebrating following the initial crash of an aircraft into the Twin Towers.

In contrast, two of the peaceful marchers, Ashley Babbitt and Roseanne Boylan were killed by Capitol Police in Jan. 2021.

Today, with what we know about the FBI (remember their raid on Donald Trump’s home in Florida) and documents now deemed the “Dancing Israelis,” it’s becoming a more mainstream thought that their World Trade Center investigations concluded in politically motivated decisons rather than evidence-based.

We now know that the FBI’s NS-2C Unit of its “National Security Division” based at FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C., ordered FBI office in Newark to cease their investigation of the Dancing Israelis.

In total, officials arrested, detained and questioned hundreds of people on vague suspicions of ties to the Sept. 11 terrorism. One such case remaind especially mysterious.

Initial news reports indicated the five dancing Israelis were “apparently Jewish, working in the United States on temporary visas” and “offered no explanation for the detentions, estimated to be as many as 60 in number, and some of them have begun speaking out in protest and asking courts to end their detention.”

While most were charged with immigration violations, they were soon deported.

The media narrative suddenly changed and reports turned to “Based on what the Israelis say about the questions they have been asked, federal officials appear to believe they are either Muslim extremists hiding behind false Israeli identities or spies working for the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency.”

Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israeli embassy in Washington, said the FBI had not contacted Israel about spying allegations, and that “not a single one has been charged with intelligence violations. It has all been visa violations.”

The New York Times, a regular propaganda tool for the FBI and Deep State, ran with a slant from
Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the 5 Israeli Dancers saying while their behavior may have been offensive, it was not criminal “and they were being treated as if it was.”

The five suspects were soon deported. The FBI offered no explanation for the arrests, even to immigration judges. By November, when the INS asked that bail be denied to 11 Israelis, a judge rejected the request, saying the government had been less than forthcoming with evidence.

“Although the (INS) alleges that these cases are ‘special,’ it has failed to present any credible evidence of the basis for this finding,” Judge Elizabeth Hacker wrote. “The service has failed to submit any evidence of terrorist activity or of a threat to national security.”

Some documents were partly declassified in 2005 but many parts were blanked out and classified. They are scheduled to be released in their entirety sometime between 2030 or 2035.

Based on the released material of 2005, the information provided the five Israelis had foreknowledge of the attacks on the Twin Towers. They took 76 photographs. They had maps with “certain highlighted places.”

Later and suddenly, although it was admitted that there were “tie-ins”, the “evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11” became “classified”. If there was no evidence to link them, there would be no evidence to classify. Other items listed include passports, a flight coupon and itinerary, black organizers, pocket notebooks, and “fabric sample (explosive residue)”.

The 5 Israelis had two cameras, a Canon EOS SLR and a Pentax P550 on September 11, 2001 on them. Witnesses indicated they were “in place documenting the attacks. They were celebrating. They knew when and where to set up their cameras for the perfect angle to document the event.”

According to reports, “East Rutherford officers stopped the van after the FBI’s Newark Field Office broadcast an alert asking surrounding police departments to look for a white Chevrolet van, police said.”

“We got an alert to be on the lookout for a white Chevrolet van with New Jersey registration and writing on the side,” said Bergen County Police Chief John Schmidig. “Three individuals were seen celebrating in Liberty State Park after the impact. They said three people were jumping up and down.”

From the declassified reports:

The East Rutherford officers summoned the county police bomb squad, New Jersey state troopers, and FBI agents, who waited alongside the van as prosecutors from the U.S. Attorney’s Office tried to obtain a warrant to search the van late Tuesday, Schmidig said.

By 10 p.m., members of the bomb squad were picking through the van and X-raying packages found inside, Schmidig said.

Sources said the FBI alert, known as a BOLO or “Be On Lookout,” was sent out at 3:31 p.m. It read:

“Vehicle possibly related to New York terrorist attack. White, 2000 Chevrolet vanwith ‘Urban Moving Systems’ sign on back seen at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ,at the time of first impact of jetliner into World Trade Center.

“Three individuals with van were seen celebrating after initial impact and subsequent explosion. FBI Newark Field Office requests that, if the van is located, hold for prints and detain individuals.”

These reports were issued by various media:

Within two weeks of the attacks, the FBI’s National Security NS-2C unit had made it clear to special agents that any investigation incriminating Israel must be abandoned.

More from the declassified documents:

“Israeli dual citizen, Michael Chertoff sent the Israeli Mossad agents back to Israel where they received a hero’s welcome. During a television interview they said that they were there to document the event. Israeli art students with Austrian passports had 24 hour access to the towers for months before the demolition. They are shown with hanging harnesses that would give them access to the buildings floors through the elevator shafts. They are surrounded by boxes labeled BB18… fuse holders. The name of their art group is the same name as a powerful explosive that is triggered by fuses invented by Nobel, Gelatin.”

On June 21, 2002, ABC News reported that Israeli and U.S. government officials worked out a deal to get the detainees back home to Israel.

Actual Information Acquired by FISA Process Revealed

A note pad belonging to Omer Marmari contained two sets of numbers. Investigation revealed the overseas telephone number was coincidentally subscribed to by an individual in South America with authentic ties to Islamic militants in the middle east [blank]. This number was later indentified as a legitimate bank account belonging to a friend of Marmari’s who lent him two hundred dollars ($200).

The second telephone number once authenticated was according to FBI New York, associated with an [blank]. [Blank] advised this phone number belonged to an individual named [blank] a hashish dealer in the New York metro area.

Why were the Israelis sent back home but Jan. 6 American citizens, some without due process of law, remain imprisoned?

In God We Trust

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


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Woke Retailer’s CFO Jumps From His 18th Floor NY Apartment

Warning: This article deals with suicide. If you or someone you know may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) any time day or night. Crisis Text Line also provides free, 24/7, confidential support via text message to people in crisis when they dial 741741.

Alexandra Cardenas-Arnal told New York Police investigators that her husband jumped out a window from their 18th floor luxury apartment last week. She had been married to 52-year-old Gustavo Arnal for 28 years. They shared two daughters.

Arnal was the chief financial officer of Bed, Bath & Beyond. Under his leadership the company announced in early 2021 they were canceling the MyPillow line of products. It proved to be an unpopular move as over half of their customer base leaned patriotic with conservative values.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirmed that the retailer had canceled his product line at the same time as was involved with revealing actual evidence on behalf of America on issues related to 2020 election fraud.

Bed, Bath & Beyond was at that point the largest national retailer that stocked Lindell’s famous pillow and bed products. Lindell took the decision in stride as he received significant support from American influencers.

BBB joined other liberal companies who went woke by instantly alienating themselves to at least half of their customer base. The timing was terrible as brick and mortar retailers were struggling to stay afloat after Joe Biden walked into the White House and the pandemic caused an unprecedented rise in online shopping.

🔹Their chief executive officer Mark Tritton, was ousted in June and replaced by board member Sue Gove. 

Arnal was facing a $1.2 billion “pump-and-dump” stock-fraud suit along with another liberal activist, Chewy.com founder Ryan Cohen and others accused of artificially inflating the BB&B’s share price.

Arnal and Cohen

New York Police Department officers were notified of an unconscious person near the building around 12:30 p.m. Friday. Later identified as Arnal, he died due to “multiple” blunt force trauma and his death was ruled as a suicide by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office.

The Arnals rented their three-bedroom apartment in the skyscraper — nicknamed the “Jenga building” because of its unique design — for nearly $18,500 a month.

The company released a statement acknowledging Arnal’s death on Sunday, September 4.

“The entire Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. organization is profoundly saddened by this shocking loss,” the statement reads.

“I wish to extend our sincerest condolences to Gustavo’s family. Gustavo will be remembered by all he worked with for his leadership, talent and stewardship of our Company,” said Harriet Edelman, Independent Chair of the Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Board of Directors.

🔹The lawsuit came after Bed Bath and Beyond’s stock suddenly increased more than 350% from July 25 to August 17.

🔹In July, Arnal sold about 42,000 shares in the retailer for about $1 million, according to MarketBeat.com. 

🔹The suit was filed in United States District Court for the District of Columbia on August 23.

🔹The company then announced on Aug. 31 it was reducing its workforce by 20% and closing around 150 stores nationwide.

🔹The company told investors on a call on Wednesday that it would shift away from own-brands and start offering more labels and that it had secured loans from JPMorgan and Sixth Street Partners. 


Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Gustavo Arnal (left), investor and GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen (right)
Bed Bath & Beyond CFO Gustavo Arnal (left), investor and GameStop Chairman Ryan Cohen (right) 

🔹The suit indicates Cohen and Arnal provided “materially false statements regarding the financial condition and holding situation” of Bed Bath & Beyond for their financial benefit.

🔹The lead plaintiff is investor Pengcheng Si.

“The defendants, knowing that the information they disclosed was false, took advantage of the inflated stock price and used fraudulent and misleading SEC filings to sell all their [Bed Bath & Beyond] shares and options at artificially inflated prices to unsuspecting and innocent public investors and then retained control of the profits,” the suit states. 

The retailer’s shares have become a “meme stock” like GameStop and fluctuated considerably in recent months.

As Arnal did on August 18, Cohen also sold shares of the company. His stake was 9.8%  through his firm, RC Ventures. This caused shares to plummet.

The lawsuit claims Cohen — who is also the co-founder of Chewy and chairman of GameStop — approached the CFO about his “pump and dump” scheme in March 2022, and “convinced Gustavo that their plan would be a mutually beneficial one.”

“Under this arrangement, defendants would profit handsomely from the rise in price and could coordinate their selling of shares to optimize their returns,” the lawsuit states. 

Arnal allegedly worked with JPMorgan, which is listed as a defendant in the suit on claims the bank “aided and abetted” the plan by “enabling Cohen to use JPM’s accounts to effectuate such transactions and otherwise launder the proceeds of their criminal conduct.”

The lawsuit further notes Cohen’s involvement in similar plans, such as elevating GameStop to “meme stock” status.

“Cohen has historically employed pump and dump schemes to raise much needed capital and has ignited several meme stocks to jaw-dropping heights,” the lawsuit states. 

In God We Trust

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.


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How Did You Miss THESE Headlines?

Perhaps, the question should be WHY did you not know about this news? Could it be because corporate news overlords didn’t want you to know?


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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Politics, Immigration and Crime Causes Historical Population Losses in Democrat States

New York city lost over 25,000 people a month between 2020 and 2021 due to dirty politics, strict and questionable COVID mandates and soaring crime. Official counts indicate a total of 305,465 citizens left.

Other Democrat controlled cities experienced similar population losses for that time period:

🔹Los Angeles (-40,537);

🔹Chicago, Illinois (-45,175);

🔹San Jose, California (-27,419);

🔹Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (-24,754);

🔹Dallas, Texas (-14,777);

🔹Houston, Texas (-11,777);

🔹Indianapolis, Indiana (-5,343)

🔹San Diego, California (-3,783);

🔹Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco lost roughly 6.3% of its population in 2021, the highest-percentage loss of any U.S. city.

Illegal immigration appears to be another cause of citizens leaving.

“While only 4% of all cities and towns had a population of 50,000 or more in 2021, collectively they contained 129.3 million people — nearly 39% of the U.S. population,” said Crystal Delbé, a statistician in the Population Division at the Census Bureau. “On the other hand, of the 19,494 incorporated places in the United States, more than 75% had fewer than 5,000 people.”

Fastest Growing by Percentage

Arizona, Texas, Florida and Idaho all had several places among the 15 fastest-growing cities or towns:

🔹Georgetown, Texas, had the largest growth from July 2020 to July 2021, increasing by 10.5%, a rate of growth which would double the population in less than seven years.

🔹 Leander, Texas (10.1%);

🔹Queen Creek Town, Arizona (8.9%);

🔹Buckeye, Arizona (8.6%);

🔹New Braunfels, Texas (8.3%).

🔹Fort Myers, Florida (6.8%),

🔹Casa Grande, Arizona (6.2%);

🔹Maricopa, Arizona (6.1%);

🔹North Port, Florida (5.5%);

🔹Spring Hill, Tennessee (5.4%);

🔹Goodyear, Arizona (5.4%); an

🔹Port St. Lucie, Florida (5.2%).

🔹Rounding out the list were three suburbs of Boise, Idaho: Meridian (5.2%), Caldwell (5.2%) and Nampa (5.0%).

Population Count Growth by People

🔹San Antonio, Texas, topped the list of the largest numeric gainers with an increase of 13,626 people between 2020 and 2021.

🔹Phoenix, Arizona (13,224);

🔹Fort Worth, Texas (12,916);

🔹Port St. Lucie, Florida (10,771);

🔹North Las Vegas, Nevada (9,917);

🔹Cape Coral, Florida (8,220);

🔹Buckeye, Arizona (8,001);

🔹Frisco, Texas (7,933);

🔹New Braunfels, Texas (7,538);

🔹Georgetown, Texas (7,193);

🔹Meridian, Idaho (6,234);

🔹Leander, Texas (6,159);

🔹Fort Meyers, Florida (5,891);

🔹Denton, Texas (5,844);

🔹McKinney, Texas (5,568).

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Rudy Giuliani Talks About September 11, His Cancer and Prayer

Rudolph Giuliani is best known for being mayor of New York during the September 11, 2001 attack. In 2008, Jack Dennis had the opportunity to meet Giuliani in San Antonio, Texas.

The American leader expressed his thoughts on his personal change, compassion, hope and faith during the disaster.

“Most people are surprised to know that I changed more from having prostate cancer than from September 11,” Giuliani stated, backstage at the Alamodome, where he was to give a speech later. “Dealing with the cancer forced me to gain the wisdom about the importance of life and the lack of control we have over death.”

“I needed the confidence and character I gained from coping with the cancer to prepare me to deal with, and even survive, the trials of September 11,” the former mayor said.

Giuliani found himself surrounded by firefighters, police officers and emergency workers on that fateful day in 2001. The worst attack on American soil became the most successful rescue operation in our country’s history under his leadership.

That evening, as Giuliani prepared for bed, he found solace in the words of Winston Churchill and “realized that courage doesn’t simply materialize out of thin air.”

Giuliani attended hundreds of funerals and visited Ground Zero daily.

“I grew physically and emotionally exhausted,” he recalled. “When I saw the families of the victims, I was revived knowing if they can do this, I can do it.”

“Courage begins years before, sometimes in our early childhood, as we develop our character,” he spoke. “Every choice we make in life can strengthen or weaken our character.”

Here are highlights of Mr. Giuliani’s views.

“When I was in my teens, I seriously planned to become either a priest or a doctor as I have always been faithful and enthusiastic about my faith in God and helping others. Religion was a favorite topic I enjoyed talking with my teachers about. Prayer and faith in God provided me with the strength I could not acquire from any other source. When things are tough, it’s always a good idea to pray for the guidance and strength necessary to get us through.”

“Most of my time as mayor was spent under the maxim that it’s better to be respected than to be loved. September 11 unlocked compassion in me that I typically reserved for my family and very close friends. I discovered that revealing your love and compassion does not weaken leadership. It makes it stronger.”

“Allowing doubt, fear and worry to overtake us is an inevitable path to failure. I could not afford failure after September 11. It was very necessary to reach inside and push the doubts away, and even out, of my thinking.”

“I’ve spent much of my reading on learning about how great leaders that I admired grew up and forged the character each had to deal with different substantial challenges. Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt came to mind. ‘Then only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’”

“Love can spark deep moments of profound goodness. When I saw the love of our heroes in New York who looked beyond their own safety or what was best for themselves and focus on the lives and safety of others, I learned that love can help us push aside differences to share our humanity and those things that we have in common.”

“I prayed with these brave men and women. I became very close and was able to learn from these firefighters, police officers and emergency responders, not to mention ordinary every day civilians. At the root of all of this, it was love, and not so much the sense of duty, that caused those firefighters to run into the flaming towers to save those he or she had never met. Love can so powerful it can help us be kind to even those who are cruel to us.”

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

It Takes Village Idiots to Ruin American Cities

Democrat’s ‘Model City’ in Shambles

It takes a village of Democratic idiots to promote devastated communities as model cities. When their corrupt policies fail, they blame these violent and impoverished hellholes on “systemic racism”.

Good or bad, Malik Evans took over the office of mayor in Rochester, New York on January 1, 2022. Incumbent mayor Lovely Warren was voted out after numerous controversies that led the once thriving city to a destiny of high crime, poverty, homelessness and other such Democrat hallmarks.

On April 25, 2022, Warren’s husband pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine from his arrest at their home last year. Timothy Granison now faces a possible sentence of 5 to 40 years in prison and a fine of $5 million.

Today, gas prices in Rochester average $4.30 a gallon, up from the $3.29 citizens paid by Joe Biden’s fourth month in office. When President Donald J. Trump left office, they enjoyed $2.12 gallon.

1 in 25 Chance of Being a Crime Victim

“With a crime rate of 41 per one thousand residents, Rochester has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities,” reports the NeighborhoodScout. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 25. Within New York, more than 98% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Rochester.”

There is a 1 in 125 chance of being a victim of a violent crime within the city with an extremely high (compared to the nation) murder rate. It’s not getting any better. Last year they suffered through a 56 percent increase in murder. 2022 is not looking so good either.

Rochester murder per 100,000 population

Welcome to the future. With Democrats in charge, this is typical. (If you live in Rochester, your chances of having your car stolen is one in 230!) Their fraudulent and illegal elections, immigrant policies and mafia-like control, consistently lead to corruption at the highest levels.

Ultimate Village Idiots

With now over 1 million illegal aliens encouraged by the Biden-Obama-Harris Administration to breach our borders, the nation is turning into a Rochester, a Los Angeles, a San Francisco, a Baltimore, or a Chicago.

Like in many other large American cities, traditionally the local government has been completely dominated by the Democratic Party.  

Once the 32nd largest city in the country. Rochester is at number 114 and falling. Its population shrank 6.5% since 2000. The poverty rate is at 33% and the only thing going up is STDs with gonorrhea up 78% and chlamydia rates placing second in the state.

While Democrats spotlight Rochester as the model for America, barely a week goes by without someone in the media, who has never been to Rochester and wouldn’t go there at gunpoint, describe it as the first city to conduct some socialist experiment.

Last year, the media heavily promoted then Mayor Warren’s push to use drug revenue for racial reparations and basic income. In typical Democrat fashion, the last thing the city–with open air heroin markets–needed was the government handing out free money financed by drug sales.

Of course, the New York Times chimed in, touting Rochester’s war on highways under the headline, “Can Removing Highways Fix America’s Cities?”

According to not only the Times, but mockingbird media across America, Rochester continuously does something excitingly progressive like defunding the police or being designated by ex-Governor Cuomo and now Gov. Kathy Hochol as a “model EV city” and setting up electric car charging stations across a city with few electric cars and a plague of deadly carjackings.

The cheapest Rivian (Biden’s and George Soros’ favorite) electric truck price is $77,000. That’s over two times the average household income in Rochester.

Prior to being designated Cuomo’s model city for charging the electric cars it doesn’t have, Rochester was his pick as a “model city” to fight global warming by building 10 miles of bike routes.

Those routes now offer Rochester’s bike thieves different options for making their getaway after over 100 bikes were stolen from a neighborhood biking program giving away free bikes.

“I just want to ensure that the people that did this know I love them and that our program is open to them,” then Mayor Lovely Warren assured the thieves. “We’re just extremely sorry that life’s circumstances led them to a place in which they had to make a decision like this to rob a free neighborhood program of bicycles.”


The free bikes program shut down within a year.

Fresh off the efforts to make Rochester into a model city for electric cars and bikes, Warren, Evans and the rest of the Democrat controlled council embarked on a social justice spree of police defunding and reparations.

In 2020, Rochester police tried to restrain Daniel Prude, a career criminal who had been arrested 37 times and convicted 9 times,who had taken PCP and was wandering the streets. Prude shouted, “Give me that gun”. Police tried to restrain him by hooding him and he died.

One observer described the aftermath as “morbidly obese white socialists showed up naked in white hoods and sat on the steps of City Hall with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on their on their bottoms to protest a black mayor.”

“Not even the most dedicated white supremacist could have come up with anything more racist.”

Warren, Evans, and the Rochester City Council defunded the police, cutting millions from law enforcement in a city with hundreds of shootings. Police Chief La’Ron Singletary warned this would hurt the black community, but the media cheered Warren’s move. A BLM organizer insisted that, “police make neighborhoods more dangerous.”

“Murder, Carjackings, Violent Crime Surge in Rochester NY. Why?” a Democrat Chronicle article asked.


It was a mystery no one could solve. Especially the police who weren’t allowed to solve crimes.

As murders rose 56% and shootings shot up 90%, Rochester decided to offer iPads in exchange for “working handguns and assault rifles”. No questions asked. A week after the “largest gun buyback in Rochester history”, four people were shot in just one day.

Five months after announcing that she wanted to reimagine the police, Warren was indicted on campaign fraud charges. Then her husband, Granison, was busted in the takedown of a drug ring and a semi-automatic rifle was found in their home. Warren, who had allied with Bloomberg’s Everytown gun control group, claimed that she knew nothing about the weapon.

It couldn’t have been too shocking since her husband, was previously convicted of armed robbery.

Warren, of course used the Democrat’s favorite mantra and blamed it on racism. “Things are not that different from the 1860s and 1950s,” she insinuated. It’s just like the 1860s in Rochester under its black female mayor, black female police chief, and 60% black city council with only two white members.

Warren then doubled down on racial reparations and police defunding.

It’s important to “invest in the people, in the neighborhoods that suffered from the criminalization of marijuana,” she had claimed earlier.

Rochester isn’t suffering from excessive criminalization, but decriminalization. And the last thing a city overrun with drugs needs is more drugs, or police defunding, EV chargers, demolishing highways, or any of the other “progressive” gimmicks that Democrats keep jumping on.

The media is right. Rochester is a model. And a cautionary tale.

The former booming industrial city is a model for what the Democrats want to do to America, gutting industrial bases, replacing work with welfare, and then using black people as lab rats for radical social experiments like drug legalization and police defunding with deadly results.

Being a “model city” now means having every toxic leftist policy idea tested on you.

Democrats have failed at the most basic elements of governance in Rochester. And yet they keep rolling out exciting new ideas to fight global warming or transform society when they can’t even handle their existing responsibilities.

Evans raised over $175,000, twice as much as Warren, in campaign money thanks to donations from organized labor including the local teachers union.

Where does this leave Democrat model city Rochester? Let us count the ways:

🔹4th poorest city in the country.

🔹Top 5 dirtiest city in America.

🔹Worst rated schools in the state.

🔹Lowest literacy rated in New York.

🔹Graduation rate consistently between 40 and 50 percent.

🔹75% of Rochester’s children are being raised by single parents.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Building Costs for LA and San Francisco Hospitals Most Expensive in US

Los Angeles and San Francisco were the most expensive U.S. cities for the construction of general hospitals in the fourth quarter of 2021, a recent Statista report revealed.

Top 12 Cities Include Los Angeles Costs at Over $772 Per Square Foot, San Francisco is $707+

Building costs vary based on such factors as site conditions, climatic conditions and market conditions.

Below are the dozen most expensive cities in the U.S. for the construction of general hospitals and the average cost per square foot. A tie at No. 6 results in a numerical listing of 11:

1. Los Angeles: $772.5 per square foot

2. San Francisco: $707.5 per square foot

3. New York: $700 per square foot

4. Honolulu: $637.5 per square foot

5. Washington, D.C.: $632.5 per square foot

6. Chicago: $550 per square foot (tie)

6. Boston: $550 per square foot (tie)

7. Portland: $542.5 per square foot

8. Seattle: $540 per square foot

9. Denver: $520 per square foot

10. Phoenix: $502.5 per square foot

11. Las Vegas: $437.5 per square foot


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

Thousands of US Flights Cancelled

Angry passenger in New York gets put in his place.

By 8 a.m. (CST) Monday, April 4, 2022, 2,134 airline flights were cancelled across, into and outbound the United States.

This followed carriers canceling more than 3,500 U.S. flights over the weekend due to employee absenteeism, storms in Florida and technology issues.

Close to 2,000 flights within, into, or out of the U.S. were canceled Saturday and a further 1,659 Sunday, according to flight tracking website FlightAware.

By morning, Monday, 4,314 flights were delayed.

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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.
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The Horrific True Story of ‘The Dating Game Serial Killer’

“Not all serial killers are alike,” my father, Walter Dennis, a homicide detective on the San Antonio Police Department, told me. “There are many different types of serial killers, because behavior reflects personality, and not all serial killers kill the same, act the same, or are the same.”

Dad was good about teaching me such things and it helped immensely when years later I became a private investigator. Sometimes, if he was on duty, he would come check on me while I was performing surveillance for a case.

“Dad, what homicide cases bother you the most?” I asked one slow stormy night while we were listening to the police radio in his car.

“Besides children, I’d say serial killers bother me most,” he replied. “That Dating Game Killer was intriguing. Never could figure how they let him be on that show as a contestant.”

Dad was talking about Rodney Alcala, who was born as Rodrigo Jacques Alcala-Buquor in San Antonio on August 23, 1943. He moved to Mexico with his family when he was about 8 years old. His father abandoned them while they were in Mexico. Alcala, his siblings and mother later relocated to Los Angeles.

Here is a brief rundown of some of his known crimes and murders:


In Hollywood, California Alcala was a 25-year-old UCLA student when he lured 8-year-old Tali Shapiro into his car. At first Shapiro responded with “I don’t talk to strangers.”

Alcala said that he knew her parents. Later, Shapiro said that “I really didn’t want to get into the car but I was raised to respect my elders,” and so she got into the car. Alcala drove her to his apartment and proceeded to rape and beat her with an iron bar.

Fortunately, a motorist had seen Alcala pick Shapiro up, and after following them, had called the police. When police arrived, they found Shapiro “in a large puddle of blood and not breathing.” They began to search for Alcala in the apartment, but when one of the officers realized that Shapiro was still alive and struggling to breathe, all their focus turned onto her, and Alcala managed to escape. He moved to the East Coast.

He attended New York University from 1968 to 1971, working as a security guard to pay for his tuition.


Prior to his security guard work, Alcala found employment in the summer of 1969 as an arts counselor at a summer camp in Georges Mills, N.H. The director was so impressed with Alcala and how he “confidently demonstrated techniques of filmmaking and photography to the eager young campers,” that Alcala was invited to return the following year.


Alcala worked at Georges Mills again in the summer of 1970.


After graduating from NYU in June 1971, he returned for a third summer at Georges Mills after murdering 23-year-old Cornelia Michel Crilley. The case remained unsolved until 2011, when evidence linked Alcala to the murder.

In 1971 he was included on the FBI’s Most Wanted list when some girls at an arts camp recognized their counselor, who was using the name John Berger. They told the camp’s dean and Alcala was soon arrested, though he was able to plead to the lesser charge of child molestation and served just 34 months.

Note: It is often reported that Alcala studied film under Roman Polanski at NYU, but this highly unlikely since by 1968, Polanski had moved to Hollywood, Calif.


After spending three years behind bars, he soon spent another two years in prison for assaulting a 13-year-old girl. But authorities had regrettably allowed Alcala to travel to New York to “visit relatives.” Investigators now believe that within seven days of his arrival there, he killed a college student named Elaine Hover who was the daughter of a popular Hollywood nightclub owner and goddaughter of both Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin.



By now a legally registered sex offender, Alcala was hired to be a typesetter for The Los Angeles Times  in September 1977.

He brutally killed Ellen Hover from New York and Christine Thornton went missing during a road trip that year, her remains only discovered outside of Granger, Wyoming five years later by a rancher.



California police questioned Alcala in March 1978 as a potential suspect in the Hillside Strangler killings, another set of serial murders that occurred in California in the 1970s. Alcala was cleared of those crimes, and police did not realize they had actually spoken with a another serial killer.

Just four months later, on Wednesday, September 13, 1978, Jim Lange, the host of a popular television program, The Dating Game, introduced Alcala as “Bachelor Number One.” He was a contestant vying against two other men, all hidden behind a wall, for a date with bachelorette Cheryl Bradshaw.

Lange described Contestant #1 as “a successful photographer, who got his start when his father found him in the darkroom at the age of 13, fully developed.”

When asked by Cheryl Bradshaw to describe what kind of meal he’d be, Alcala replied, “I’m called ‘The Banana’ and I look really good… Peel me.”

Bradshaw selected the man who would be known as “The Dating Game Killer.”

After their segment was completed, the two went backstage until they were called out at the end of the program to blow a farewell kiss to the audience.

When Acala offered her a date playing tennis and visiting Magic Mountain that she’d “never forget”, Bradshaw felt creeped out.

“I started to feel ill,” she explained years later. “He was acting really creepy. I turned down his offer. I didn’t want to see him again.”


On June 20, 1979, 12-year-old Robin Samsoe disappeared from Huntington Beach, California on her way to ballet class. Her friends said that a stranger approached them on the beach and asked if they’d want to do a photoshoot. They declined and Samsoe left, borrowing a friend’s bike to hurriedly get to ballet. At some point between the beach and class, Samsoe disappeared. Nearly 12 days later, a park ranger found her animal-ravaged bones in a forested area near the Pasadena foothills of the Sierra Madre.

Upon questioning Samsoe’s friends, a police sketch artist drew up a composite and Alcala’s former parole officer recognized the face. Between the sketch, Alcala’s criminal past, and the discovery of Samsoe’s earrings in Alcala’s Seattle storage locker, police felt confident he was the beast they were looking for.

Soon, after his arrest, investigators discovered hundreds of photographs in a Seattle storage locker that was rented by Alcala. Some of these pictures were eventually helpful with identifying victims.


One of the killer’s means for luring victims was telling them he wanted to photograph them.

Huntington Police decided to release the photos they found at the Seattle rented storage unit in 1979 to the public. Hopefully this could help identify the people pictured in an effort to identify more victims. It worked in the case of Christine Thornton, whose sister, Kathy had never stopped looking for her. She identified her sister in one of the photographs Alcala had kept in Seattle storage.

Alcala was ultimately charged with the killing, but prosecutors declined to extradite him from death row in California to stand trial in Wyoming. 

It took several years, but Rodney Alcala was finally convicted of killing Samsoe and four other women women — 18-year-old Jill Barcomb and 27-year-old Georgia Wixted, both in 1977; 32-year-old Charlotte Lamb in 1978; and 21-year-old Jill Parenteau in 1979. He was sentenced to death row in 2010.

Alcala repeatedly appealed his death sentences. During his third trial, he acted as his own defense attorney, he “laughed and talked throughout.” He began asking himself questions in a deep voice and referring to himself as ‘Mr. Alcala’ before answering in his natural tone.

Part of the case against him was a pair of gold earrings linked to Samsoe that had been found in his Seattle storage locker. Alcala played clips from The Dating Game that he said proved he was already wearing gold earrings in 1978.

During his sentencing, he decided to play “Alice’s Restaurant,” by Arlo Guthrie, for the courtroom, with the lyrics: “Eat dead, burnt bodies. I mean kill, kill, kill, kill!”

The jury found Alcala guilty of first-degree murder and he received the death penalty. However, the California Supreme court overturned this verdict due to the jury being prejudiced, they felt, by learning of Alcala’s past sex crimes. It took six years to put him back on trial.


Alcala was convicted by New York courts of the brutal murders of two more women, Cornelia Crilley in 1971 and Ellen Jane Hover in 1977. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in 2013.


Alcala’s execution in California had been postponed indefinitely due to a moratorium on the death penalty instituted by the state in 2019.


Alcala, 77, died of natural causes at 1:43 a.m. Saturday July 23, 2021 at a hospital in the community near Corcoran State Prison, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a statement.

While Alcala was convicted of seven murders, he is believed to have killed anywhere from 50 to 140 women according to the Star Tribune and The East Bay Times. At least one more of those has been identified.

His “signatures” were beating, biting, raping, and strangling (often choking victims until the point of unconsciousness), then once they came to, he’d start the process over again.

When the Huntington Beach Police Department released the cache of photos taken by Alcala in 2010, there intent has been to identify the individuals in them to determine whether they may have been victimized by him.

Some people were alive and came forward. The photos aided in identifying Christine Thornton as one of Alcala’s victims.

If you have information about the identities of the people in the photographs, please contact the Huntington Beach Police Department at (714) 536-5947. Below are some of those photos. To see additional pictures of this cache, CLICK HERE.


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.

COVID-19 Mandate News for Intelligent Patriots and Not-So-Smart Media

Positive News For Mandate Haters: Canada, UK, Colorado, New York, Florida and More

By Tuesday night Freedom March Canadian Truckers raised right at $10 million for food, fuel and provisions . According to several news sources, they have accumulated more funds from donations than the major federal political parties of Canada raised during the last quarter of 2021.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s reigning Liberal Party of Canada received in $3.7 million during the last quarter of 2021, according to public records with Elections Canada. 

On Monday, Trudeau gave a video speech from his secret exile location to indicate:

🔹After being triple-jabbed, he has tested positive for Covid, so he needs to quarantine. He’s not afraid, but doing it for the safety of others.

🔹He said that although citizens have a “right to make their voice heard,” they are not allowed to “shut down our democracy or annoy their fellow citizens.”

🔹He indicated he will not succumb to racists or anyone who disrespect veterans. We could not find anyone who understands the veteran point, because many of the truckers are veterans. 

Trudeau’s stance is inconsistent with his stance and treatment of previous protesters such as Black Lives Matter.

Supporters continue to pass out food to truckers.

The truckers, parked around the Parliament capitol for six days, intend to remain awhile.

Media Heavy on Propaganda

Media, especially the Canadian Broadcasting Company, are issuing propaganda reports that the trucker’s convoy and protest are part of a Russian misinformation campaign. Americans know all too well about media and their “Russia-Russia-Russia” tactics.

Reuters former CEO James Smith–now the current Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the corporate arm of the company–also sits as a board member at Pfizer. Rueter actually published a story Monday headlined, “Ivermectin shows ‘antiviral effect’ against COVID, Japanese company says.”

According to Reuters, a publicly-traded Kowa, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, reported have they have been working with Tokyo’s Kitasato University to test the Ivermectin anti-parasite drug against common Covid variants, and were seeing positive results in their clinical study.

The question in mind for intelligent patriots around the world who already know, is why Reuters is just now publishing an article when for months numerous testing confirmed Ivermectin works globally?

UK Cancels Mandate

The United Kingdom announced Monday that, as scores of other countries have, is canceling its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. UK’s mandates on nurses and medical staff has caused serious work shortages.

Britain’s Health Secretary Sajid Javid said they were canceling the mandate for safety and Omicron reasons. Javid announced he is troubled that the vaccine mandate will “endanger patients” because of the loss of key healthcare personnel from an already understaffed health service.


Prior to Javid’s announcement, healthcare workers had until February 3 to get their first vaccination or be terminated.

“While vaccination remains our very best line of defence, I believe it is no longer proportionate to require vaccination as a condition of employment by statute,” Javid said in an address to Parliament. “I will launch a consultation on ending vaccination as condition of employment in health and all social care settings. Subject to the response and the will of this house, the government will revoke these regulations.”

Fewer States Have Mandates

Big blow for NY Gov. Kathy Hochul.

When the New York Supreme Court striked down the state’s COVID-19 mask mandate last week the writing was on the wall. As of today, there are only 11 states left across the United States with widespread masking requirements.

🔹Eight states—California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington—require most people to wear masks in indoor settings regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

🔹Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico also have similar orders in place.

🔹Connecticut has an indoor mask mandate that applies only to those who have not been vaccinated.

🔹Rhode Island requires masking for everyone at indoor venues with a capacity of 250 people or more. Masking is also required in smaller venues unless those venues implement a vaccine requirement.

Is Colorado COVID Cancelled?

Last week, the Colorado State Health Department said its vaccination requirement for large, indoor events will end.

Liberal Denver announced the retirement of its mask mandate and vaccine passport rules for local businesses, beginning Friday. The Mile-High city will maintain mask mandates at schools and day cares.

The Tri-County Health Department on Monday went a step further than Denver by ending mask requirements for schools in Adams and Arapahoe county as well.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock called it a “pivot point in this battle” against COVID-19, but said the virus will just be something “we’re going to have to manage and learn to live with.”

“Beginning Friday, people will no longer be required under the public health order to wear a mask or show proof of vaccination for entry into a place of business in Denver,” Hancock said.

Florida Senate Sanity

The Florida Senate passed SB 620, the “Local Business Protection Act” last week and most Floridians are counting on the state House to do the same.

If enacted, local businesses can sue local governments if they pass any regulations reducing business profits by more than 15%.

It offers various protections to local governments, such as limiting the recovery of lost profits to only 7 years, and giving local governments a three-month window to “undo” the regulation after being notified of a claim.

The University of Florida issued a campus wide letter last week announcing that “as the COVID-19 pandemic transitions to an endemic and the omicron surge rapidly declines,” they will begin “treating COVID as we do other contagious illnesses such as the flu.”


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From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.