Bumbling Biden Spends First Days of 2022 Beached in Delaware

Afraid of getting COVID on the beach?

Joe Biden and mainstream media promised America that he would personally “shut down the virus” and critized then President Trump for allegedly not using the federal government aggressively enough in his pandemic response.

Now, White House Resident Biden has abolished his original promises and on Wednesday, instead of admitting defeat, simply announced that there is “no federal solution” to combating the virus.

Moments later, he slogged his way across a sloppy White House South Lawn to a helicopter waiting to take him to back again to his Delaware beach house.

Afraid of getting COVID on the lawn?

It’s obvious to most everyone except the mainstream media that Biden’s COVID-19 strategy is a disaster.

The evidence is his administration’s failing record.

In a July 2020 tweet, Biden’s handlers directed him to call for a “coordinated national response from the federal government.”

There is a video montage of Biden promising nearly a dozen times that he would “shut down the virus.”

Biden Chief of Staff Ronald Klain received some heat for a tweet from December of 2020 where he criticized the Trump administration for empowering states in their response efforts, saying “we have a national government for a reason.”

Knowledgeable Americans know that it was the Trump administration’s strategy of a federally-coordinated and state-executed response that was working against the pandemic…until Biden’s regime came into office.

“Joe Biden was handed every tool he could’ve asked for,” one conservative commentary reads. “3 vaccines, 5+ lifesaving therapeutics, vast quantities of medical and personal protective equipment, a full array of testing options for COVID… as well as a full year of data, study, and scientific knowledge. Yet despite all of this, Biden has failed so badly that more people died in 2021 than died in all of 2020.”

Biden’s administration has failed on key issues that the Trump White House prioritized to create a whole-of-government response to the virus:

🔹Therapeutics. Because of Biden administration ineptness, they practically ignored (there are now widespread shortages of monoclonal antibodies, one of the most effective treatments for seriously ill patients); the politicization of the vaccine.

🔹 Biden began by “foment[ing] skepticism about the vaccine” during the 2020 campaign.

🔹Biden has abandoned and failed to hold China accountable for its actions in the spread of the virus.

🔹Biden failed on the border, welcoming illegal aliens from around the world into the United States due to his halting the Wall construction and a deliberate failure to shut down the border. He allowed hundreds of thousands of potentially COVID-positive individuals into the country illegally.

‘Bidenville’ Texas, Population 12,466 illegal aliens.

As 2022 begins,

🔹schools are once again closing.

🔹thousands of flights were delayed or canceled during the holidays.

🔹Biden and company have sowed confusion and panic among the public.

Trump said it best, the “rules and messages (are) changing at a dizzying pace.”

What President Trump did during the 2020 pandemic is a sharp contrast to the chaos Biden has presented.

🔹Trump recognized that states and localities were best equipped to implement policies tailored to their populations.

🔹Trumph understood the need for robust coordination and leadership at the federal level. His administration launched initiatives like Project Airbridge, which “led to the distribution of over a billion pieces of essential medical equipment,” as well as the expedited resupply of America’s strategic national stockpile.

🔹Trump used the Defense Production Act for the manufacture of equipment needed by hospitals.

🔹Trump’s team moved into action to create “the world’s leading testing system. ”

New Jersey home of lady who refuses to take her signs down because Biden might see them.

Only the most die hard viewers and readers of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post and other mainstream media don’t realize Joe Biden is lost. Not only is he baffled on COVID-19, he is staggering through the self imposed complexities that are seriously harming America.

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