Top States For COVID Booster Shots Coincidentally Are Among Highest Levels of Vaccine Deaths Per Capita

By mid-July 2021, media was suspiciously omitting or downplaying the fact that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines reported to the government’s database outnumbered the official count of deaths due to the virus.

The government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, contains voluntary, unverified reports of adverse events following immunization with U.S.-licensed vaccines. But it’s common knowledge in the health industry that only between 1% and 10% of the adverse events that occur are reported to VAERS.

One doctor told me that in some states “you can trust their numbers about as much as you can trust their elections. It’s easy to guess which states those are.”

State Rankings

Here are the states ranked by the percentage of their fully vaccinated residents who have received a booster and the Top 10 Most and Top 10 Least in number of daily cases (in 7 day increments when reported properly) of what VAERS states is COVID-19.

Notes: The list includes ties. States with “🔹” indicates they are notoriously late in reporting to Johns Hopkins University data base. “🔹🔹” denotes the state is at least two weeks late in submitting their counts. Check individual state database for their most up to date counts.

1. Vermont: 48.3 percent fully vaccinated

Vermont: 95%
New Daily Cases: 1470
Tests per 100k: 60.7

2.🔹 Minnesota: 44.5 percent

3. Wisconsin: 42.7 percent

Wisconsin: 44.7%
New Daily Cases: 5550
Tests per 100k: 131.4

4. Iowa: 42.3 percent  

5. Maine: 42.2 percent 

6. Rhode Island: 40.1 percent

7. Michigan: 40 percent

Michigan: 20.1%
New Daily Cases: 35414
Tests per 100k: 384

8. Montana: 38.9 percent

9. Colorado: 39.6 percent

Colorado: 47.6%
New Daily Cases: 10153
Tests per 100k: 146.2

10. Ohio: 38.6 percent

Ohio: 24.8%
New Daily Cases: 8092
Tests per 100k: 361.3

      Oregon: 38.6 percent

Oregon: 7.8%
New Daily Cases: 3575
Tests per 100k: 441

12. Nebraska: 38.1 percent

13. New Mexico: 38 percent

14. Idaho: 37.5 percent

15. Illinois: 37.4 percent

16. Massachusetts: 37.1 percent

17. Connecticut: 37 percent

18. West Virginia: 36.5 percent 

19. 🔹🔹Washington: 36.4 percent 

20. Maryland: 36.2 percent 

21. North Dakota: 35.6 percent 

      Virginia: 35.6 percent 

23. Wyoming: 34.9 percent

Wyoming: 3.7%
New Daily Cases: 382
Tests per 100k: 279.9

24. Kentucky: 34.6 percent

25. Indiana: 34.1 percent

26. Tennessee: 33.8 percent

27.🔹 Delaware: 33.4 percent

28. Alaska: 33.3 percent

29.  South Dakota: 33.1 percent 

30. Missouri: 32.7 percent

31. 🔹New Jersey: 32.5 percent 

32. 🔹🔹California: 32 percent 

      Kansas: 32 percent

34. 🔹🔹New York: 31.2 percent 

35. Pennsylvania: 30.8 percent 

36. South Carolina: 30.5 percent

37. Florida: 29.9 percent 

38. Louisiana: 29.7 percent 

39. Arkansas: 29.5 percent

40. Arizona: 29.4 percent 

Arizona: 20.9%
New Daily Cases: 7641
Tests per 100k: 201

41. Oklahoma: 29.1 percent

Oklahoma: 20.7%
New Daily Cases: 3380
Tests per 100k: 119.9

42. Utah: 28.2 percent

Utah: 11.3%
New Daily Cases: 4607
Tests per 100k: 266.1

43. Nevada: 28.1 percent 

Nevada: 34.7%
New Daily Cases: 4099
Tests per 100k: 98.1

44. Texas: 27.1 percent 

Texas: 18.3%
New Daily Cases: 58997
Tests per 100k: 263

45. Alabama: 26.4 percent  

Alabama: 13.8%
New Daily Cases: 1679
Tests per 100k: 191.4

46. Georgia: 25.5 percent

Georgia: 22.5%
New Daily Cases: 26279
Tests per 100k: 352.9

47. Mississippi: 24.8 percent

Mississippi: 14.2%
New Daily Cases: 7058
Tests per 100k: 157.4

48. North Carolina: 19.7 percent

North Carolina: 10.2%
New Daily Cases: 0
Tests per 100k: 79.9

49. Hawaii: 17.8 percent

Hawaii: 11.2%
New Daily Cases: 3589
Tests per 100k: 736.1

50. New Hampshire: 12.8 percent

New Hampshire: 18.3%
New Daily Cases: 4483
Tests per 100k: 450.1

Special Notes

States Notoriously Late in Reporting With Prolonged Lags:

District of Columbia: 81.3%
New Daily Cases: 9200
Tests per 100k: 445.1

New York: 12.4%
New Daily Cases: 26737
Tests per 100k: 1455

California: 5.5%
New Daily Cases: 0
Tests per 100k: 358.4

Washington: N/A
New Daily Cases: 0
Tests per 100k: 0

Gov. Kristi Noem’s stance on the pandemic has consistently been to provide citizens information and let them make their own decisions.

South Dakota: 0.2%
New Daily Cases: 509
Tests per 100k: 284.2

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7 thoughts on “Top States For COVID Booster Shots Coincidentally Are Among Highest Levels of Vaccine Deaths Per Capita

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    To all of those who partake in the gene editing injection:
    Matthew 23:38: “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.”
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    1. But Idaho is higher and we’re less vaccinated than either state. I see the numbers as all over the place so that there is no correlation at all which still means the vaxx doesn’t work

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