Masked or Unmasked? We Counted Public Locations For a Month

For the entire month of October, 2021, we counted the number of individuals we saw wearing masks as opposed to those not wearing them in public places.

We traveled in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California during this time period. All Nevada casinos required masks, so we didn’t count those.

In reverse chronological order, here are the results:

🔹Iron Skillet Restaurant on I-93, between Kingman and Wickenburg, AZ. 10/31, Halloween. 4 masked. 26 unmasked.

🔹Claim Jumper Restaurant, Golden Nugget, Laughlin, NV. 10/30. 2 masked. 18 unmasked.

🔹House of Blues, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. 10/29. 8 masked (including staff). 43 unmasked.

🔹Mandalay Bay to Excalibur Tram, Las Vegas, 10/29. 4 on, 8 off.

🔹America Restaurant, NYNY Resort, Las Vegas, 10/28. 3 on. 28 off.

🔹Discount Tire, Kingman AZ, 10/27. 3 masked, 12 unmasked.

🔹5 Guys Burgers, Kingman AZ, 10/27. 4 masked (including 3 behind counter), 15 unmasked.

🔹Circle K, Phoenix, AZ, 10/27. 2 masked. 8 unmasked.

🔹Half Price Books, Phoenix, 10/26. 14 masked. 0 unmasked.

🔹Oink! Restaurant, Phoenix, 10/26. 6 masked (including staff). 31 unmasked.

🔹Red Robin Restaurant, Scottsdale, AZ, 10/25. 8 masked (including staff). 46 unmasked.

🔹Bowlins Trading Post, Picacho Peak, AZ. 10/25. 12 masked (including staff). 39 unmasked.

🔹John Fogerty Concert, Scottsdale’s Talking Stick Casino outdoor event. 10/24. (99% wore masks when playing or walking through the casino as it was strictly enforced). We arbitrarily counted a large sample of the concert goers as there were about 4,000 seating with another 800+ standing in the back. Concert: 43 masked. 424 unmasked.

🔹South West Sonaran Outdoor Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ, 10/23. 18 masked. 92 unmasked. Restaurant: 32 masked (including staff). 0 unmasked.

🔹La Quinta Inn, Tucson,10/23. 9 masked (including staff). 26 unmasked.

🔹La Quinta, Deming, New Mexico, 10/22. 7 masked. 7 unmasked.

🔹La Quinta, Fort Stockton, TX.10/21. 7 masked (including staff). 38 unmasked.

🔹HEB Food/Drugs. Kerrville, Tx 10/20.
11 masked. 63 unmasked.

🔹Home Depot, Boerne, Tx. 10/19. 9 unmasked. 34 masked.

🔹HEB Food/Drugs, Boerne 10/19. 24 masked, 112 unmasked.

🔹Chili’s Restaurant, Boerne 10/17. 11 (including staff) masked. 22 unmasked.

🔹Whataburger San Antonio, Tx. 10/15. 6 masked (including staff). 20 unmasked.

🔹Santikos Palladium Movie Theater: James Bond 10/11. 8 masked. 59 unmasked.

🔹Fritze BBQ, Boerne, Tx 10/7. 4 masked. 16 unmasked.

🔹Mary’s Tacos, Kerrville, Tx 10/5. 7 masked (including staff). 26 unmasked.

🔹Apple Store Patio Restaurant, Medina Tx. 10-2-31. 5 masked 36 unmasked.

274 unmasked. 1,166 unmasked. Out of 1,440: 19% masked. 81% unmasked.


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  1. It’s been a while since I wore a mask around DFW. Whataburger is still squirrely about it and requires one, so I order in the drive through. The employees at our HEB still wear them, but no customers. I think the panic is over and done in Texas.

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  2. The New Hampshire mindset is decidedly slow to change here. A larger amount of people are wearing masks again than not, although the stores are not requiring it! I frequent one small store in Newport, where people don’t wear masks much at all, and the atmosphere is friendly. But Friday I was in Lebanon, just south of Hanover and Dartmouth College, a very Leftist area, where they had one of those huge computerized signs in the middle of the road: MASKS REQUIRED. People there were literally driving around in their cars with masks on again. And these areas are supposed to have all the smart people! Newport is considered slightly redneck, a mill town, only a few smart people, you might say. But more people are wearing masks even here.

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