Army Counterterrorism Expert Shares His Day at Texas Capitol Jan. 6th Event

While much focus was on the January 6, 2021 events unfolding in Washington D.C., Robert Oberlender, of Natalia, Texas, journaled his trip to the Stop the Steal March at the Lone Star State’s Capitol.

Oberlender, an American Patriot with extensive counterterrorism, training, development advisor, analyst and officer in the U.S. Army, was kind enough to share his January 6th day in Austin with Clever Journeys.

Photos below are courtesy of Oberlender. Robert is our third ever guest contributor.


  1. From my friend in Australia. Below link has discussions that are taking place in rest of world

    1. Police involved at capitol or stood down? ( which is what people that were at capitol are starting to conclude/ chatter)

    2. Italians ran election fraud. Also I believe some Chinese connection through Italy ? Maybe you can track

    Here is story link that discusses both

    There is reason dems are scrambling to get trump removed b4 everything is revealed in the USA

    Also. Sounds like they caught them in Georgia run off. Know exactly how they ran scam. It would not surprise me if republicans actually won house senate and prez on election night

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  2. President Trump will remain our President, Don’t listen to fake news propaganda in the next several weeks and months. There will be many arrest and military tribunals over several stages. Have faith and trust in our President and our military.

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  3. Jack

    I have a few pictures you might like to see. At the rally I was 20 ft from fence / capitol. So I could see much of activity but not detail

    Met a guy at airport who was up on and in the capitol. He told me his story and down loaded his picture files to my phone. I went through them yesterday as I had 4 hours to kill in airport. I took screen shots of some interesting things.

    Also, one of the files he gave to me was video describing the police escort antifa or paid agitators took to capitol.

    If you would like you will need to advise how to forward


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