How Our Sleep Choices Intrude With Living

Disturbing research continues to confirm how our work can affect our health in negative ways.

More Americans are suffering the consequences of stress, insomnia and overwork from our jobs. 

The blame goes primarily on each individual and not as much as the employer, as so many of us would like to believe.

For example:

A Pew Research Center study found that over 50% of workers check their work email on the weekends and 34% of them check email on vacation.

A Harvard Medical School study found that 23% of employed people experience insomnia and many more are struggling from a lack of rest.

Sleep deprivation is costing American companies over $63 billion in lost productivity annually.

It is not just sleep that is enhancing these health issues. A study by Manpower Group revealed that over 35% of people eat lunch at their desk every day and most employees never take enough breaks to renew their energy.

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