How to SAVE AMERICA: Turn Off News

They Can’t Control You If You Control Them

Patriotic Americans are turning off mainstream media in record breaking numbers. Why give them support and power for deceiving us?

Their viewership is sinking. Advertisers are abandoning ship. It’s working.

Towards the end of 2020, a monumental poll like no other in history revealed Americans’ trust in media is gone!

What 20,000 citizens revealed to the Knight Foundation and Gallup was earth shattering to the news industry. The political events surrounding the handoff of power in federal government and pandemic reports are the primary reasons the bottom hasn’t dropped out for them.

All the Big Tech, Big Pharma and social media propaganda and deception in the world cannot save them from self-destruction and dishonest dissemination of their news.

If you turn them off, they have no power.

Their partisanship in news reporting is obvious to a record breaking 86% of Americans who believe they are dishing out constant servings of a very biased and corrupt political agenda. In 2007, that figure was high at 62%.

While universal trust in the media has been gradually eroding over the decades, a sheer drop in faith and questions about what motivates the mainstream media can be traced to the last years of the Obama presidency. Obamacare promises, Deep State growth, Benghazi lies, billions of cash dollars secretly shipped out to foreign enemies and nonsense like 33,000 missing Hillary emails has been their iceberg.

After 5 years of media destruction against popular President Donald J. Trump, the public has had enough. The solution is simple: TURN THEM OFF.

This latest Gallup poll is the most devastating indictment of the media in polling history.  More highlights:

1). 82% believe news outlets are either deliberately “misrepresenting the facts” or are “making them up entirely”.

2). 79% say media outlets are attempting to persuade people to adopt a certain opinion about an issue or an individual.

3.) 86% of Americans have witnessed either a fair to great deal of bias in news reporting. 

4.) 78% feel that their bias is reflected in the spread of fake news which “is a major problem” that exceeds all other in the mainstream media environment.

5.) 86% have witnessed a fair to great deal of bias in news reporting; while in 2012, figure was high at 67%.

American media has sunk to the lowest levels of trust in history.  With over 44,000 people employed as news analysts, reporters and journalists, there is essentially no diversity of thought or political philosophy left among them.

They consort among themselves to the point of dismissal of truth, distortion of facts, and exclusion of the populace. These like-minded prima donnas and conceits actually believe themselves to be far too superior over the various herds of America. 

In actuality, 86% of us have seen their version of the “news” as overtly dishonest. They are solidly aligned with radical Marxist-Socialism.

Now at 86%, it is grossly evident to an increasingly growing number of Americans that the mainstream media is determined to deliberately create unfounded fear and anxiety about coronavirus and obedience to them.

The problem with their fallacy is that we have the power to turn them off…and we are.

Which life do you choose? Or do you let them choose it for you



  1. Since the stolen election, I haven’t watched the news, local or national. I refuse to do so. They are all biased liars in my opinion. They don’t report on truthful happenings, only things to further the ruination of our Nation. MHO

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  2. I’ve done the same thing Dee Hitzfelder has done. After our election was stolen, I was DONE with the news. I get my news from Parler, Rumble, and Bitchute personalities like Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, Will Johnson, David Harris, Candace Owens, etc. I don’t even watch the weather reports anymore. I get my local weather right from my cellphone. 🙂

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  3. Kind of a “need to know”, though, what they are doing. When in a war, it’s best to know what the enemy is up to. We don’t have to allow them to control our lives – but we do need to know what they’re doing/saying so we can take countermeasures, know what I mean?


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