Texas Doctor Warns Vaccines More Dangerous Than COVID Itself

Dr. Steve Hotze, a physician in Houston, Texas aired his concerns over the mRNA technology used to make the Pfizer and Moderna Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. 

“This so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ does not provide the individuals who receive the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19, nor does it prevent the transmission of this disease,” Dr. Hotze said in February.

“It does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. That is why it is a deceptive trade practice, under 15 U.S. Code, Section 41 of the Federal Trade Commission, for pharmaceutical companies who are producing this experimental gene therapy, to claim that this is a vaccine.”

“These pharmaceutical companies are lying to the public,” Hotze continued. “The government health bureaucrats are also lying to the public, by calling this treatment a vaccine. This COVID-19 experimental gene therapy is only designed to minimize your symptoms if you were to be infected with the COVID-19 virus.”

“Let me reemphasize that this COVID-19 experimental gene therapy does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. It does not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the disease. By referring to this therapy as a ‘vaccine,’ the pharmaceutical companies are attempting to shield themselves, because vaccine injuries or deaths are exempted by law from any product liability lawsuits.”

On March 15, Dr. Hotze emphasized again on a posted Rumble that the first two jabs made available to the Americans don’t really provide immunity against COVID-19.

Hotze’s unveiling help us understand why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned the public that it’s still possible for vaccinated people to get and spread SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Pfizer and Moderna got their emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA in December to become the first two COVID-19 vaccines rolled out in the United States. An EUA does not equate to an FDA approval.

EUAs for the Pfizer, Moderna, and now Janssen jabs explicitly allow the FDA to authorize the use of “unapproved medical products.” 

Dr. Hotze indicated that the mRNA vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna were actually gene therapy drugs designed to minimize symptoms if a person becomes infected with the disease.

By law, pharmaceutical companies are not liable for vaccine-related injuries or deaths

These unapproved “vaccines” — which were authorized for use without any long-term data nor published animal studies — do not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine.

Prior to 2020, mRNA gene therapy was never tested in humans, “because of its failure in previous animal studies.”

These “vaccines,” which are “manufactured using cells derived from human babies that were aborted in the 1970s, should more accurately be called an experimental gene therapy,” he said. “They are an untested, unproven experimental gene therapy that poses a much greater danger to your health than COVID-19 itself.

“Moderna is a pharmaceutical and biotech company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded in 2010 as ModeRNA Therapeutics. It has been developing experimental gene therapy using synthetic mRNA for the treatment of various diseases including COVID-19.

Moderna has never successfully developed a product for treatment of any disease prior to this. An experimental gene therapy using synthetic mRNA to treat an infectious disease has never been attempted in humans, because of its failure in previous animal studies.

3 thoughts on “Texas Doctor Warns Vaccines More Dangerous Than COVID Itself

  1. I have no interest in taking any of the vaccines. There are too many horrible side effects and death, which is the worse side-effect so far. I went through the 1950s as a kid and didn’t get polio, which was rampant in Fort Worth. I’ve had the flu once in my life, and I may have already had the China Flu about 5 months ago. I felt puny for 5 days or so, listless, bored, couldn’t watch another news show or Netflix, couldn’t taste anything good, couldn’t smell anything good, although my wife made me shower after a few days. Granbury say’s the J and J vaccine will be here this week so come on down to the square and have a glass of Pinot Nior and get a jab, it’s on the house.

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  2. ALL of these ‘vaccines’ were pushed out way too soon. Because the manufacturers were too greedy to do appropriate, extensive, long term human trials, the FDA cannot APPROVE them for safe use in humans. This means they are using the uninformed citizens of the world as test subjects/guinea pigs to reveal the long term effects on human beings. Even if you aren’t injured or killed right after taking the shot(s), chances are it will catch up with you months or years down the line.
    Why are you insisting on receiving these experimental gene therapy injections if they 1. Don’t provide immunity, 2. Don’t prevent transmission of the disease, and 3. Do more harm than good??

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  3. It’s getting clearer and clearer. These companies and the FDA saw their chance, with the country scared and the President pushing for a vaccine, to make a buck, get world full of guinea pigs to try genetic experimentation on, and they so far have gotten exactly what they want. The PR has done it’s work well, and it’s up to us to wake up as many people as we can. We will make a difference! Thank you for these articles, they keep me supplied with information so I can open my mouth!

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