Nurse Charged With Felony After COVID Patient’s Death

A nurse in Indiana who is accused of removing the oxygen mask from a 72-year-old nursing home patient who died 8 hours later has been charged with practicing medicine without a license, a felony, according to the IndyStar. 

Connie Sneed, a licensed practical nurse, was charged after another nurse at Wedgewood Healthcare Center in Clarksville, Ind., contacted the facility’s director about a Facebook post written by Ms. Sneed.

“I just want y’all to know the hardest thing I’ve ever done in 28 years start a patient on O2 for 4 days 12 LPM. with a non-rebreather mask,” she wrote, describing the treatment of the nursing home resident, according to USA Today. “I asked him on day 4 if he’s tired he said yes I said do you want me to take all this off for you and let you go and fly with the angels and he said yes.”

The post continued: “I took it all off of him I went in the hallway and I cried and I let him go and he passed away … after I left.” 

Ms. Sneed’s actions led to an investigation by the Indiana Department of Health and the state attorney general. 

“We presented our findings to the Clark County Prosecutor and charges were filed as a result,” a spokesperson for the Indiana attorney general told the IndyStar

Ms. Sneed was fired from Wedgewood May 6, about a week after the alleged incident. The facility’s executive director determined she didn’t obtain a physician’s order to administer oxygen nor to later remove the patient’s oxygen supply, according to the IndyStar. 

If convicted, Ms. Sneed faces a maximum of six years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. 


  1. I must comment. She gave him oxygen on her own free will without a doctors orders. Then takes it away and the man dies. Is she at fault other than engaging in this mans process of death? Did she in fact kill him when the oxygen was not prescribed? Did the oxygen harm him more than help him? Such a weird set of circumstances.

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