Freedom of Expression Soars Into President’s Day Week 2021

Making the rounds in social media are these popular memes and comments. We’ve noticed even liberals sharing and liking some of them. Feel free to exercise your freedom of expression and share.

In 2021, we’ve already had over 45,000 moderate to severe injuries reported in just over 30 days.

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  1. What about a solidarity maga day. Every 6 th of the month.

    Maga hats flags American flags on cars and homes. And flash everyone the maga thumbs up sign all day.

    We will never forget

    Let all know we are in this together

    Election fraud
    American solidarity
    Free speech

    Stand United fir all to see we are all in this together and we understand the truth

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  2. Can anyone locate a story on Biden’s finances from Forbes. It appears Forbes has rekey it down sometime after the Chinese purchased Forbes

    ‘As he completed his vice presidency His reported wealth early 2017 was a -$417,000 And 2 multi million dollar homes. Within 23 months his net worth was 15 million plus 4 multi million dollar homes’

    This was reported in Forbes. I checked today for the article and could not locate. Forbes is now owned by the Chinese and article is gone??? Not in line?

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