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No Power in Freeze Angers Even the Indoctrinated Citizens to Question San Antonio Mayor’s Socialist Agenda

Within weeks of becoming mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Ron Nirenberg proved he was no better than other socialistic leaders in America’s most dangerous and liberal controlled cities.


Nirenberg’s first big act was to buy $17,000 curtains for his City Hall office.

His second act was to adopt the Paris Accords. He was returning the favor to George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party (via Pelosi and the Democratic Party) for there financial support to his campaign.

China will not to have to pay into the treaty until 2030 (if they even decide then if they will at all), while the United States, under Biden will pay 25% of the funds of countries participating.

With President Donald J. Trump, America was enjoying the cleanest air in most of our lifetimes. China? The worst in history.

When the China Virus hit the U.S. Nirenberg and cohart Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolfe were among the second group of leaders attempting to emulate their heroes in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle with lockdowns, mandates and other job and business killers. Heck, more recently, they’ve stooped so low that they are trying to copy Austin.


The recent single digit temperatures and rolling electrical blackouts have angered so many citizens, even some of Nirenberg’s base are questioning his motives.

“He’s had years to do something good and deliver on his promises but he showed us he is only in it for his own good and for his political friends,” said Jaime Cortez, from San Antonio’s near South Side. “His political machine is rusting. We will not vote for him again.”

One commentary floating around the city calls him “small thinking ron” because he has a known pattern of deflecting the blame of the problems he causes on others.

In regard to the power outages, citizens of all political persuasions say he owns the energy outages disaster.

“Mayor Ron Nirenberg said he would oppose building more natural gas and coal plants.”

Taking his cue from the liberal playbook of Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nirenberg told local media, “There are alternatives to us for large-scale generation.”

“San Antonio municipal utility CPS Energy wants to replace aging fossil-fueled generation with more gigawatt of solar, energy storage and flexible capacity, and it’s asking for ideas on how to get there,” Nirenberg said.

The Deely Power Plant, south of San Antonio, could keep the lights and heaters running in 168,000 homes on a record cold day.

The US Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that power plants such as Deely did not have to prematurely close. On December 31, 2018, made Pelosi and AOC especially proud as “small thinking ron” Nirenberg shut the Deely Plant down.

Power grids used to be built for worse case scenarios, not the best.

Power grids for many years were designed and constructed for reliability and cost. AOC, Harris, Pelosi and Nirenberg don’t care about energy reliability. He cared about finding his campaign and keeping his political operatives happy.

Customers aren’t having much luck with energy outages, but there is plenty of propaganda about COVID in the CPS Energy website.

Meanwhile, CPS Energy has spent more time the past year informing their customers about Nirenberg-Wolff’s COVID updates than energy plans.

A serious warning San Antonio–you get what you vote far. Next time, stay warm and safe.

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