Signs of Greatness Are All Around If You Look For Them

A comment on one of our Cleverjourneys articles, coupled with a serendipitous drive by a church, reminded me of something my Great Grandmother would often say.

“I pray every day for our country and our President, but I’m so sad and discouraged by all the evil. I keep looking for a sign,” was the reader’s comment.

Anytime I hear someone say “I’m looking for a sign” or “There’s your sign,” by default I think of Grandma Morgan.

Born Margaret Deliatha Ralph, just five days after Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, great grandma was a Chickasaw-Choctaw Native American. She married James A. Morgan, a cowboy who herded livestock in cattle drives from Mexico to Kansas and Missouri in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

For awhile, when I was about five through seven, she would visit and we shared the same bedroom. She would teach me Native American lore, language and customs.

Grandma Morgan emphasized that God and Jesus Christ were definitely in line with her childhood teachings. Although she couldn’t read small print (she was in her late 90s), my mother or father would read a few Bible versus to her each evening.

Of all these things she tried to teach me, the lesson I eventually comprehended was “Always look for the signs. They are all around you.”

“Red birds mean good luck,” she would say. “But big black crows will eat your corn. They are not so good.”

I’d laugh and think about the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

She died in 1965, a month shy of her 100th birthday. Over 55 years later, I realize her influence and wisdom continues to impact my life.

The year of 2020, has been a remarkable one of pandemic and evil politics. Dodie and I decided to simplify our lives in April. We don’t watch TV and stay far away from mainstream news media.

We moved to the beautiful Texas Hill Country and now live in a simple, small house near a pristine river flowing between Bandera and Kerrville.

With a combination of our desire to NOT conform to news media falsehoods, politically mandated restrictions and political correctness–coupled with the need to seek truth, defy negativity and live with peace–we did three things:

1. Traveled for over a month in 15 states and to Washington D.C. (July 4th) to experience the real America and learn what people really thought. Some of the most decent humans we know are fellow travelers, RVers and Bikers.

2. Simplified, decluttered and healed.

3. Started this CleverJourneys blog to share truths, fun and wisdom.

Along the way we saw many redbirds, but the most obvious signs were those in front of our nation’s churches. We hope you enjoy some of these witty signs of our times.

10 thoughts on “Signs of Greatness Are All Around If You Look For Them

  1. Decluttering and purging your soul from the news media is harder than one can imagine. My wife and I moved from a fancy-assed cliquish gated community to a small house in a country area outside of Granbury and we are attempting to do the same. Once I wean myself from all news, which is a painful process, I hope to regain my spiritual and creative side before my expiration date comes around. Good blog, keep it up.

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    1. Go for it Phil. I went cold turkey about 2 1/2 years ago & never looked back. No regrets. There are plenty of online sources to get truthful news…The key is to use that time for REAL priorities, simplifying & doing things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s all about life experiences, not things.

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  2. Recently found clever journeys. So informative on the election fraud. I’m now going back and reading all you have posted on other topics. Church signs are great .Had to a picture of some for my friends to see.
    Happy anniversary. So glad you found love at our age.
    May the FORCE be with you!

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