Media is Wrong, Americans Are Right

Sunday night, on his fifth rally of the day, President Donald J. Trump said this about Joe Biden:

“25 years ago he was not considered smart. Now he’s considered half of that.”

The enthusiastic crowd of thousands cheered.

“Wow! Not too loud. We don’t want to wake Sleepy Joe up.” 

In conservative Wyoming, businesses are not boarding up. Instead patriotic Americans are peacefully out in force to be heard (with lines around the courthouse block, above). Meanwhile, in liberal cities, businesses are forced batten down the hatches because of Election Day.

Based on the freshest data through most of the evening and Monday morning, I can conclude the media is wrong and most Americans are right.

Here are my final projections for Tuesday’s outcome in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump will win by at least 314 Electoral Votes.

I came very close to placing Nevada in the leaning for Trump category. In my heart of hearts, I believe he will take Nevada, but I’m just too concerned about the corruption in Clark County (Las Vegas) when it comes to voter fraud.

With any state, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey especially, Trump has to have enough votes Tuesday to overcome the cheats. Trump said Sunday, they will have lawyers ready.

Eric Holder, the Obama-Soros-Biden Attorney General, is helping head up the 650+ attorneys scattered across the country ready to overburden the courts with Democrat motions.

Some analysis suggests New Mexico is close enough to be a toss up. I’m thinking if it was that close, Trump would have held a rally there. Plus, I don’t know anything about the ground game and support in that state. They are historically Democrat.


Maricopa County as of Sunday afternoon shows the Combined Early Vote:

Republicans: 623,820 (+46,199)
Democrats: 577,621
⚪️Other: 434,824


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 49%
Biden  45%

Today there are 300k+ more Republicans in Florida today than in 2016. Without those, he was still able to beat Hillary. As of Sunday night, about 560k Florida Republicans have not voted. Of that group, 276k are super voters (they always vote).

Democrats only have about 104k super voters left for Tuesday.

Miami Herald endorsed Trump.

Opa-locka Rally:
14,254 signups
23.9% did not vote in 2016

Media interpretation vs America


Rome Rally:
42,067 signups
31.4% NOT Republican


Dubuque Rally:
62.2% have not voted yet in 2020


Trump 48%
Biden  46%


Macomb, Michigan Trump rally:
11,194 signups
48.2% NOT Republican
32.2% didn’t vote in 2016
74.1% have yet voted in 2020


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 48%
Biden  46%


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 47%
Biden  43%

Biden only garnered 8% of the Democratic vote in the New Hampshire primary this year. Trump received 85% of the Republican vote in their primary in this state.


Hickory Rally:
22,166 signups
32.0% not Republican


President Trump will be holding an Election Eve rally in Biden’s hometown of Scranton.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 45,000 votes in 2016. 

The counties to watch are Luzerne, Lackawanna, Erie and North Hampton.

Trump 49% (+2)
Biden 47%
Jorgensen 1%

Postal Inspectors in Butler and Westmoreland Counties are trying to determine why only half of the requested ballots mailed out have returned. This is very unusual for more than 25,000 to be missing in these heavily Trump counties.


Texas is not even purple except in liberal run cities. Houston and Harris County are notoriously corrupt.

Bexar County (San Antonio) will stay blue because the liberal machine will manufacture more votes as needed. But this election is different in that an increase in court battles have been fought and more fraudsters have been–or will be-arrested.

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