Quick Rundown of Major State Elections for Nov. 2021

 With 31 days until the Nov. 2 general election, some voter registration deadlines are approaching. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of those deadlines.

Texas: the voter registration deadline is Monday, Oct. 4Voters can check their registration status here.

  • Ballot measures: Voters in Texas will decide eight statewide ballot measures at the general election. All eight measures are constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by the Texas State Legislature.

Virginiathe voter registration deadline is Oct. 11.Voters can check their registration status here.

  • State executives: Three state executive offices are on the statewide ballot this year: governorlieutenant governor, and attorney general. Democrats currently hold all three positions but only one incumbent—Atty. Gen. Mark Herring (D)—is seeking re-election, leaving the other two offices open. 
  • State legislative: All 100 seats of the Virginia House of Delegates are also up for election making this the first election cycle since 1999 with Democrats defending a majority in the chamber. 

New Jerseythe voter registration deadline is Oct. 12Voters can check their registration status here.

  • State executive: Voters will cast their ballots for governor and lieutenant governor as incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy (D) faces former state Assm. Jack Ciattarelli (R) and three others. In New Jersey, the outcome of the gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election defines the rest of the executive branch: the offices—elected on a joint ticket—are the only directly-elected executive officials in the state, with the remainder being appointed by the governor. 
  • State legislative: All state legislative seats in the state Senate and General Assembly are also up for election. Democrats currently hold majorities in both chambers. 
  • Ballot measures: Voters will also decide two statewide ballot measures, both of which are constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by the legislature. 

Pennsylvania: the voter registration deadline is Oct. 18Voters can check their registration status here.

  • State courts: Pennsylvanians will elect a new state supreme court justice. Justice Thomas Saylor (R) could not seek re-election due to reaching the mandatory retirement age of 75. Voters will decide his replacement between Maria McLaughlin (D), a judge of the Pennsylvania Superior Court, and Kevin Brobson (R), a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge. In addition to the supreme court election, seven positions on the state’s intermediate appellate courts are also up for election. Three of those are partisan elections while the other four are retention elections.
  • Ballot measures: Voters will also decide four statewide ballot measures, three of which are constitutional amendments placed on the ballot by the legislature. The fourth measure is a legislatively referred state statute.

Washingtonthe voter registration deadline is Oct. 25. Voters can check their registration status here.


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He Really Needs to Be Impeached Now

We know the ONLY way Joe Biden could ever be a resident of the White House is by MASSIVE cheating.

We also know he needs to go!


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Notorious American Crime Chronicles: John List, ‘Boogeyman of Westfield’

This article begins a new CleverJourneys ongoing series exploring American history from a perspective that burrows deep into criminal profiles, the penal system, victim’s stories, crime prevention, forensic science, law enforcement and our justice system.

My father, Walter Dennis, was a police officer and homicide detective for the San Antonio Police Department from the late 1950s through the mid-1970s. Later he was a U.S. Marshal and worked on the assassination of federal Judge John Woods.

Dad would often take me to the locations of some of his cases. He’d explain what happened, pointing me to the clues, structures and surroundings of the crime scenes.

It’s no wonder I later became the youngest licensed private investigator in Texas in 1976, and worked on many crime cases.

This led to my bucketlist of crime scenes.

🔹Some of the sites I’ve checked out include assassination locations such as Dealey Plaza, Ford Theater, and Ambassador Hotel (JFK, Lincoln and RFK).

🔹Horror houses I’ve visited include Amityville, Sharon Tate (Manson murders), Nicole Brown Simpson (Bundy Drive), Erik and Lyle Melendez (parents murders), Phil Spector (murder of Lana Clarkson), Bugsy Siegel, Phil Hartman, and Dorothy Stratten.

🔹Death locations include Vitello’s Italian Restaurant (Bonnie Lee Baker, Robert Blake), Sam Cooke, Selena, Marvin Gaye, Sal Mineo, Rebecca Schaeffer, and William Frawley.

🔹Historical locations like the OK Corral in Tombstone, Colorado’s Woodland Park RV Park (arrest site of “Texas 7” escapees), Killeen Luby’s (massacre site on October 16, 1991, by George Hennard) and ‘The Butcher of Elmendorf’ Joe Ball site (killed women, fed bodies to his alligators) are just some of a long list I’ve checked off.

🔹More recently, Dodie and I visited the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas and the ambush site of Bonnie and Clyde.

This series will feature a gambit of crime stories, from greed-driven pirates to today’s white-collar and political criminals. We will begin with John List. I examined the FBI bust used to help identify the killer.

John List

Breeze Knoll was a 19 bedroom Victorian style mansion at 431 Hillside Avenue in Westfield, New Jersey.

Beginning in autumn 1971, neighbors began noticing the house had all of its lights on day and night for at least a month. One by one, the lights had slowly been burning out. Police were called and learned the residents of the mansion were the List family, a reclusive and unsocial family.

The List’s had sent out notes to the children’s school saying they were in North Carolina visiting family. But as those lights began to blow, the neighbors became suspicious, and finally, on December 7, the police were called to investigate. What they found was a scene of macabre deliberation and sacrifice.

Later they would discover the owner, John List, murdered his wife, mother and 3 children on November 9, 1971 in his Westfield New Jersey home, then disappeared.

(Left to right) John, Patricia, Helen, John Jr and Frederick List.

The murders were so meticulously planned that a month passed before anyone suspected the mass murder.

John’s wife, Helen, 46, sat at their kitchen table, drinking her morning coffee in the house that, in all truth, the List’s could not afford. The children had gone off to school, leaving the adults to their daily routine.

John had lost his job (as he usually did) and had been spending his days sitting at the train station, pretending to be going off to work. This day, he did not go to the train station.

He left a note on the front door for the milkman, stopping deliveries to the house. He then walked up behind his wife, pressed a 9mm German made Steyr automatic pistol to the side of her face and shot her in the head.

Leaving her body where it sat at the table, John then went to the upstairs apartment his mother, Alma, 84, lived in. She was standing in her kitchenette making breakfast; when John entered the room she turned to her son and said: “What was that noise?”.

He said nothing. Instead, he shot her just above the left eye. Her knees broke as her already deceased corpse fell to the floor.

John then walked back downstairs, dragging his wife into the ballroom of the mansion and wrapped her body in a boy scout sleeping bag.

John first drove to the bank and closed both his own and his mother’s bank accounts, cashing in her remaining bonds.

He then went to the post office to stop mail before returning home to have lunch at the very table he shot his wife at hours before. He would later chuckle during an interview, “I was hungry, that’s just the way it is.”

When Patricia, 16, and Frederick, 13, came home from school he shot both of them in the back of the head.

He then drove to Westfield High and watched his son, John Jr. play in a soccer game. Then the father drove Junior home. John Jr. struggled as his father attempted to shoot the boy, however, he was overpowered and shot multiple times in the face and chest.

The bodies of the children joined their mother placed carefully in sleeping bags in the ballroom. He cut himself out of every family photo in the home, played religious radio music on a loop over the mansions intercom, turned all the lights on and departed in his Chevrolet Impala.

John List assumed a new I.D., remarried, and, eluded justice for 18 years.

List took the name of his college roommate, Bob Clark, moved to Denver, got a job as an accountant, and ran a car pool for shut-in church members.

He lived a normal life until the “America’s Most Wanted” television show recounted the crime in May 1989.

John List Bust (Jack Dennis)

He was sitting on the couch with his wife, Delores Miller, watching the program as the image of a forensic sculpture of his likeness flashed on the screen. He begins sweating, his heart racing as the sculptor’s interpretation of John List is so accurate. He looks to his wife, but she doesn’t notice what he sees and carries on with her night, unaware of her husband’s past.

Two weeks after the broadcast on Fox TV, John List was arrested after a neighbor recognized the description and called the police.

He stood by his new alias until the prosecution matched finger prints at the crime scene to List’s military records.

In his study, John left a confession note addressed to his pastor, Rev. Eugene A. Rehwinkel. 

He wrote in the letter:

“1. I wasn’t earning anywhere near enough to support us. Everything I tried seemed to fall to pieces. True, we could have gone bankrupt and maybe gone on welfare.

2. But that brings me to my next point. Knowing the type of location that one would have to live in, plus the environment for the children, plus the effect on them knowing they were on welfare was just more than I thought they could and should endure.”

The last line of the letter sent a collective gasp through the courtroom during John List’s trials.

“P.S. Mother is in the hallway in the attic – 3rd floor. She was too heavy to move.

– John”

An arson attack (still unsolved) saw Breeze Knoll burned to the ground. It was then discovered that the skylight over the ballroom in which John List made his makeshift morgue, was a Tiffany original. The estimated value of the piece being $100,000 ($600,000 in today’s value), more than enough to cover the List family’s debts.

In 1990, John List was convicted of 5 counts of 1st degree murder and sentenced to 5 terms of life imprisonment.

“The Boogeyman of Westfield” died in prison in 2008 at age 82.


CDC to Begin Reviewing Vaccination Cases as More Young Die

Today, members of CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) began their long awaited three day meeting to review cases of myocarditis reported in adolescents and young adults after receiving experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

🔹Over 800 cases of suspected myocarditis have been reported, of which almost 500 cases are reported in people under the age of 30.

🔹85 cases of suspected myocarditis/pericarditis were reported in teens 16 or 17 years old.

🔹Over 200 cases of suspected myocarditis after a COVID-19 vaccine were reported among young adults ages 18-24. This incidence of myocarditis is higher than expected for this age group.

🔹 As of May 31, 2021, only approximately 9% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses administered were among those aged 16-24, thus why this higher-than-normal rate of possible myocarditis cases may be occurring warrants investigation.

Simone Scott, 19

Simone Scott, a 19-year-old freshman at Northwestern University, died of complications from a heart transplant she underwent after developing what her doctors believe was myocarditis following her second dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine.

Simone Scott

Scott received the second dose on May 1, and on May 11, visited a doctor on campus because she wasn’t feeling well.

On May 16, she texted her father complaining of dizziness and fatigue. He called campus police who, when they checked in on her, had to administer CPR.

After multiple interventions, including hooking Scott to an ECMO machine that mirrors the function of the heart so her own heart could rest, doctors determined she needed a heart replacement. She died June 11.

Scott’s mother told local media, “I still feel like she’s here, even though I know she’s not and it just feels like such a waste.”

Simone’s parents shared that Northwestern University was her top and only choice for college. During the application and admissions process, her parents encouraged her to look at other schools, but Simone insisted that “Northwestern fit her.” 

A double major in broadcast journalism and political science/pre-law, Simone was a reporter and co-anchor for Northwestern News Network, where she built strong bonds during her first year at the University.  

Scott’s  doctors said it appears she suffered from myocarditis.

Justin Harrington, 21

On June 15, a 21-year-old New Jersey student suffered severe heart inflammation after receiving his second dose of Moderna’s COVID vaccine.

Justin Harrington, a student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he was required to get the vaccine in order to attend classes in the fall, experienced flu-like symptoms followed by heart pain within eight to 12 hours of receiving the vaccine.

His father said when he called the dean of NJIT prior to his son getting vaccinated and asked why the school is forcing young people who are at little risk of serious illness from COVID to get the vaccine, the dean replied that unless his son had a valid medical or religious exemption, it was a requirement.

“I am not ‘anti-vax,’” Timothy Harrington, Justin’s father said. “I am ‘anti-forced-vaxxed.’ They’re forcing these kids to get a vaccine even though they’re not affected by COVID or have already had it.”

In an exclusive interview with The Defender, Justin’s father, Timothy Harrington, said his son felt different after the second shot. Every time his heart beat it hurt and he felt pressure,” Harrington said. “Then he developed heart pain down both arms.”

Harrington said his son, who has no underlying medical conditions, did not experience heart pain with his first dose of the vaccine.

Although Justin has since been released from the hospital, he has to wear a heart monitor and take four different medications for six months, has to sleep propped up, can’t exert himself and he’s missing out on one of the most important times of his life, his father said.

As for Justin’s recovery, Harrington said, “He has minor scarring on his heart and doctors hope they caught it early enough that there will be no other issues — but it’s pure conjecture at this point.”

CDC: “Continue Monitoring”

The CDC indicated they are continuing to monitor VAERS and the VSD for cases of myocarditis, which may be occurring more often in males rather than females; more frequently after the second dose rather than the first dose of vaccine; and with symptoms typically appearing within 3 days of the dose of vaccine. The CDC also urges clinicians to consult with cardiologists for patients appearing with symptoms of myocarditis or a heart-related condition for additional testing and treatment.


Miss New Jersey Contestant Eloquently Tells Judges What Is Really Happening in America

A contestant in the Miss New Jersey didn’t win the pageant from the judges’ perspective, but she won the hearts and minds of patriotic Americans. Watch Justine Brooke Murray tell the judges what is really going on in America.

General Mike Flynn wrote on his Telegram post that this contestant “should be next Miss America…this lady is bold, courageous, and brilliant–thank you for expressing what many young Americans are facing from the very institutions that should be teaching and fight for free speech. You have my vote.”

“This was my onstage interview for Miss New Jersey. I didn’t win. I didn’t even place. But I wouldn’t have changed a single word.”

Murray, a Senior at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, majoring in Political Science, is the Founding Chair of Syracuse University’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter and the former Chief of Staff for the New York Federation of College Republicans.

She stood with President Trump at the White House when he signed the Campus Free Speech Executive Order in March 2019. She has appeared as a guest on numerous news shows, including FOX News Digital, OANN, the Joe Pags Show and the Dennis Prager show.

She is an influencer for Prager University and is a 2019-2020 fellow for CAMERA on Campus. She also is the reigning Miss Northern Highlands in the Miss America Organization, and uses her title to further promote free speech on college campuses.

Media is Wrong, Americans Are Right

Sunday night, on his fifth rally of the day, President Donald J. Trump said this about Joe Biden:

“25 years ago he was not considered smart. Now he’s considered half of that.”

The enthusiastic crowd of thousands cheered.

“Wow! Not too loud. We don’t want to wake Sleepy Joe up.” 

In conservative Wyoming, businesses are not boarding up. Instead patriotic Americans are peacefully out in force to be heard (with lines around the courthouse block, above). Meanwhile, in liberal cities, businesses are forced batten down the hatches because of Election Day.

Based on the freshest data through most of the evening and Monday morning, I can conclude the media is wrong and most Americans are right.

Here are my final projections for Tuesday’s outcome in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Trump will win by at least 314 Electoral Votes.

I came very close to placing Nevada in the leaning for Trump category. In my heart of hearts, I believe he will take Nevada, but I’m just too concerned about the corruption in Clark County (Las Vegas) when it comes to voter fraud.

With any state, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey especially, Trump has to have enough votes Tuesday to overcome the cheats. Trump said Sunday, they will have lawyers ready.

Eric Holder, the Obama-Soros-Biden Attorney General, is helping head up the 650+ attorneys scattered across the country ready to overburden the courts with Democrat motions.

Some analysis suggests New Mexico is close enough to be a toss up. I’m thinking if it was that close, Trump would have held a rally there. Plus, I don’t know anything about the ground game and support in that state. They are historically Democrat.


Maricopa County as of Sunday afternoon shows the Combined Early Vote:

Republicans: 623,820 (+46,199)
Democrats: 577,621
⚪️Other: 434,824


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 49%
Biden  45%

Today there are 300k+ more Republicans in Florida today than in 2016. Without those, he was still able to beat Hillary. As of Sunday night, about 560k Florida Republicans have not voted. Of that group, 276k are super voters (they always vote).

Democrats only have about 104k super voters left for Tuesday.

Miami Herald endorsed Trump.

Opa-locka Rally:
14,254 signups
23.9% did not vote in 2016

Media interpretation vs America


Rome Rally:
42,067 signups
31.4% NOT Republican


Dubuque Rally:
62.2% have not voted yet in 2020


Trump 48%
Biden  46%


Macomb, Michigan Trump rally:
11,194 signups
48.2% NOT Republican
32.2% didn’t vote in 2016
74.1% have yet voted in 2020


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 48%
Biden  46%


Democracy Institute State Poll:
Trump 47%
Biden  43%

Biden only garnered 8% of the Democratic vote in the New Hampshire primary this year. Trump received 85% of the Republican vote in their primary in this state.


Hickory Rally:
22,166 signups
32.0% not Republican


President Trump will be holding an Election Eve rally in Biden’s hometown of Scranton.

Trump won Pennsylvania by 45,000 votes in 2016. 

The counties to watch are Luzerne, Lackawanna, Erie and North Hampton.

Trump 49% (+2)
Biden 47%
Jorgensen 1%

Postal Inspectors in Butler and Westmoreland Counties are trying to determine why only half of the requested ballots mailed out have returned. This is very unusual for more than 25,000 to be missing in these heavily Trump counties.


Texas is not even purple except in liberal run cities. Houston and Harris County are notoriously corrupt.

Bexar County (San Antonio) will stay blue because the liberal machine will manufacture more votes as needed. But this election is different in that an increase in court battles have been fought and more fraudsters have been–or will be-arrested.

Polls Wrong Again, Trump Favored to Win

If President Trump, truly a political outsider, wins this election, he will have taken down three of the most powerful political families in America: The Bushes, Clintons, and Bidens. 

COVID didn’t keep them down.

I can’t imagine why the Democrats are virtually hiding Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Biden has only taken six questions from the media in October. Kamala, none.

To think their liberal plan to keep the pandemic going long enough so voters would only cast ballots by mail will go down as one of the most ludicrous campaign strategies in history.

Breaking: We just learned President Trump is bringing Tony Bobulinski to the Nashville debate.

Bobulinski is Hunter Biden’s former business partner who has confirmed the multiple emails damaging to Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton was a much stronger opponent than Joe Biden.

At this point in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary was 3.8% on a composite of polls from Real Clear Politics in “Top Battleground States.”

Today, Joe Biden is 4.1%.

But we all know how that turned out. The fact is, these polls–many controlled and manipulated–can’t tell us who will win. However, early voting is useful for comparing what the polls predicted with actual behavior.

Here are the very latest indicators and facts that are part of the equation to be considered.

Zogby said 36% of blacks approve of the president, as do 37% of Hispanics and 35% of Asians.

Approval among independent voters is also up, to 44%. And “intriguingly,” said Zogby, 23% of Democrats approve of Trump.

This is what polls, all favoring Democrats, predicted before early voting began:

Gallup showed Democrats pounding Republicans 62-28 (34 pt spread).

YouGov said Democrats would beat Republicans 65-40 (25 pt spread).

NPR/Marist feclared a 25 pt spread in favor of Democrats.

Current national numbers indicate  that early voting is much tighter than 2016, which was quite high. Democrats are running 51%, and Republicans are at 38%. This is a 13 point spread, well below the predicted poll margins and in Trump’s favor.

This can certainly change, but for now, Democrats are not getting anywhere close to what the polls predicted.

In 2016, Democrats cast 310,000 more votes than Republicans in the ENTIRE early voting period. That’s less than the exact same spread as of yesterday.

Republicans have won five straight days of early voting so far and are the odds-on favorite to win most among voters who voted in three of the past four elections: 

Republicans have 86% yet to vote while Democrats have 71.9% of their three-quarters voters remaining. This represents a 78,473 voter advantage for Republicans.

The Evangelical Vote

Ralph Reed’s Christian coalition has 22 million voters in swing states and 44 million in all states. They will engage heavily on election day to counteract Democrats tendency to harvest ballots.

30,000+ pray at Trump event.

The 81 percent of the evangelical vote that Trump received four years ago is the least he’ll receive. It’s likely to be closer to 85 percent.

White evangelical enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Trump should see 5 million to 10 million more votes from  white evangelicals who did not vote at all in 2016. Reed claimed that there were 31 million white evangelical votes for Trump four years ago.

Here are my current odds of a Trump victory per states.

95% or better: KS, SC, TX, GA, ID, ND, SD, WY, OK, AR, LA, MS, TN, WV.
80% or better: OH, IA, KS, MO
70% or better: VT, NB
60% or better: NC, AZ.
55% or better: MI, WI, PA.
50% or better: FL, MN.
45%+: NV, NH

20% or better: ME
15% or better: NM
10% or better: OR, CO
2% or less: CA, NY

Trump rallies are historical.

Three polls yesterday showed Biden at a 4-point or less lead nationally. Four points or under is a danger zone for Biden losing the electoral college:

IBD/TIPP: Biden +2.5,
Rasmussen: Biden +3
Harris X: Biden +4

Remember that Hillary lost with a +2.1% popular vote win.

The states I am most concerned about are Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Just under them are Florida and North Carolina. Watch where Trump holds his rallies. They are key.

State observations:


In 2018, Republicans won the early vote but lost the election. Trump visited Prescott and Tucson recently.
Trump will have more votes than he did in 2016.


Texas high school.

You won’t see this on CNN or the New York Times, but you will at Texas High School Football games. This is Midland Greenwood at Sweetwater on October 9, 2020 (Photo by Evan Ren).

Texas early voting and votes by mail dictate Republicans are up 13.7 percent from 2016.

Projected percentages from counties show Trump is favored 54.6% vs. Biden at 43.5%.

Statewide, Democrats are down 15.4 percent. Attorney General and DOJ are on the lookout for voter fraud. Expect some arrests.

Black vote is up .3 percent. Hispanic vote is up .1 percent.

In the important Tarrant County, Republicans are up 4.1 percent and Democrats are down 5.6 percent.

Early vote show Republicans 483,443 (+ 90,913) and Democrats 392,530 according to Florida Division of Elections (10/22 08:29 AM ET).

Trump will be voting this weekend in Florida.

Note that the Democratic  strongholds of Miami-Dade and Broward do not report live results. The most pivotal counties are, Jefferson, Pinellas, Monroe and St. Lucie. They went to Obama in 2008 and 2012, but pivoted dramatically in 2016. Collectively, they voted for Trump by more than 580k votes, and averaged a margin of victory of 11% for Trump.

It’s very interesting that the Republicans are only down 4% in Miami-Dade early voting. I’ve never seen it that close.

I’m most anxious to see final results in South Florida from the Latino votes. Cubans, Venezuelan and others are becoming very strong for Trump.

Early accumaltive tallies don’t tell who people voted for. It reveals which party they identify with:

R 3,422
D 7,242

R 20,659
D 12,157

R 22,173
D 43,158

R 14,438
D 4,557

R 13,324
D 4,898

R 29,352
D 37,507

R 10,166
D 6,789

R 27,184 (40%)
D 28,638 (42%)

R 12,645
D 7,532

R 14,356
D 6,430

R 8,461
D 4,641

R 14,061
D 6,899

R 45,984 (38%)
D 47,790 (39.5)

R 7,461
D 1,926

R 11,765
D 2,918

R 15,404
D 28,115

Palm Beach
R 19,086
D 21,604

R 17,847
D 9,393

R 10,016
D 9,155

R 13,205
D 11,967

R 11,200
D 5,268

R 11,915
D 11,012

St. Johns
R 18,055
D 6,680

R 8,989
D 1,886

R 13,645
D 9,342

Trump 48% (+7)
Biden 41%
Jorgensen 4%

The most accurate poll in the nation in 2016 was the RP/Trafalgar poll. They show President Trump surging ahead in Michigan.Trump 46.7% to
Biden at 44.9%.

Early voting is a toss up, but expect Trump win by at least 85,000 votes. Watch Ramsey and Hennepin counties. If Biden is running at, or below, Hillary’s margin in the Twin Cities, it likely won’t be enough to save him.

Trump only lost Minnesota by 44,000 votes in 2016. There are enough votes in the Iron Range and Southeast Minnesota for Trump to make up that deficit, especially if the turnout in the Twin Cities is down.

Trump will Win.

North Carolina 
Most pundits and polls say this is Biden. I don’t believe so. They are right on pace with 2016, 2018 other recent elections. Trump should win it by at least 2 points.

New Jersey
It surprises me that voter registration trends in South Jersey favor Republicans. They could potentially flip Cumberland, Atlantic, and Burlington Counties. Camden is staying blue.

I don’t believe the polls for one second that Trump a 51% favorite there.

During the non-competitive primary 200,000 Republicans showed up to vote for Trump. That’s 50,000 more voters than all of the Democrats combined who voted in the their June primary for Biden his Democratic challengers.

Trump will win there by double digits.

Right now Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania are very close, but trends in all four look favorable to Trump. Trump only needs to win Pennsylvania or one of the other three to win re-election.

When Barack Obama showed up to stump in Philadelphia Wednesday, the crowd size was lackluster. Media did not report it. 

Obama’s Philly appearance didn’t draw near as many as Democrats planned for.

They are too far gone and will likely remain Blue. I would love to see them be the Wisconsin surprise of 2016 for Trump.

Congressional Committe Members Blast Democratic Governors and Nancy Pelosi’s House in New Pandemic Report

When Nancy Pelosi called Republican House members “Enemies of the State” in August, the statement was true. But she forgot an important fact. The GOP members are ENEMIES of the DEEP STATE.

Republican members of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis had the last say with the factual release of a report Friday.

It totally dispelled the Democrats’ partisan attacks against the Trump Administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Representatives Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan ripped Nancy Pelosi for calling GOP “enemies of the state.”

GOP members highlighted President Trump’s numerous national plans tailored to specific situations that provided operational flexibility and rapid responses to ever changing situations.
“Speaker Pelosi and House Democrat leadership created the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis to legitimize their partisan attacks on the Trump Administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and they failed,” said Republican Whip and Select Subcommittee Ranking Member Steve Scalise (R-La.). 

“The facts clearly show that President Trump’s leadership during this unprecedented pandemic has our country on a path to a full recovery. President Trump followed the science to develop national plans that could be rapidly implemented to address an ever-changing situation.”

Actual recorded and verified quotes of Democrat leaders.

The dedication of President Trump and his entire Administration put America on pace for the fastest development of a safe and effective vaccine in history,” Scalise said. “Under his leadership, we will defeat COVID-19 and fully restore the greatest economy in our country’s history.”

In a Fox News opinion piece today Scalise revealed how Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats tried many times to “obstruct our investigations, select subcommittee Republicans established several key takeaways about the Trump administration’s pandemic response, as well as some shocking revelations about Democratic governors’ deadly ‘must admit’ orders in nursing homes.”

Pelosi promoted people to attend large festival to ridicule Trump’s actions to fight the pandemic.

Here are the key findings from their report.

 China lied about the dangers of COVID-19

China falsely downplayed the seriousness of the disease while simultaneously hoarding personal protective equipment and allowing Chinese nationals — including thousands from Wuhan, where the coronavirus originated — to travel abroad.

People traveling from China seeded the virus throughout every corner of the globe, while China denied other nations the resources they needed to fight the virus.

After the revelations of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt ties to China were exposed, it’s now clear why Democrats resisted the Wuhan facts.

Democrats have resisted any attempt to investigate China’s duplicity and lies, because this would distract from their core mission of blaming President Trump for the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump responded immediately to the coronavirus threat.

In the face of resistance and accusations of xenophobia from Democrats and many in the media, President Trump closed our borders to China, and then to Europe and other high-risk areas.

President Trump launched the “15 Days to Slow the Spread” initiative in mid-March, then extended this initiative for another 30 days — protecting at-risk populations across the nation.

Trump made effective decisions that saved lives

The president’s tough and effective decisions — based on the advice of our nation’s top medical professionals — saved hundreds of thousands of lives.


In testimony before the select subcommittee, Dr. Anthony Fauci said lives were saved because of the president’s actions to ban flights from China and Europe; extend the flight ban to the United Kingdom; and implement the program “15 Days to Slow the Spread,” and then extend that program another 30 days.

 The president has led an unprecedented effort against the coronavirus.

The Trump administration has launched initiatives to produce and distribute personal protective equipment, create the world’s best coronavirus testing infrastructure, reduce COVID-19 fatalities through better treatments, and create a safe and effective vaccine faster than any in human history.

Democrat NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and others are under DOJ investigation.

President Trump outsmarted the Democratic controlled Congress by using the Defense Production Act to “unilaterally reshore manufacturing of personal protective equipment and pharmaceuticals from overseas to benefit American families.”

As of Sept. 20, the federal government has coordinated the delivery or production of 243 million N95 masks, 1.1 billion surgical masks and 27.9 billion gloves — and stockpiled 135,784 ventilators.

The U.S. also implemented national testing plans from scratch and now leads the world in testing, performing nearly 1 million COVID-19 tests.

Most importantly, President Trump launched Operation Warp Speed and authorized billions of federal dollars to fund a visionary and historic moonshot program to deliver 300 million doses of a safe, effective vaccine by January 2021. Four vaccines under the program are already in Phase 3 (final) trials.

Thousands died when Democratic governors sent infected people to nursing homes

Democratic governors in New York, California, New Jersey, Muchigan and Pennsylvania “ignored guidance from the Trump administration and sent coronavirus-positive patients back to nursing homes, resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.”

Cuomo deleted his own March 25, 2020 order from public scrutiny. But it was too late. Thousands died.

“Subcommittee Democrats had little interest in uncovering the devastating and scandalous behavior of the Democratic governors…But thousands of grieving families demanded answers from Congress. Republicans stepped up to investigate.”

For example, New York state has seen over 32,000 COVID-19 deaths. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s deadly “must admit” order led to the deaths of at least 6,600 elderly Americans.

The Associated Press recently reported that the Cuomo administration is likely undercounting the nursing home deaths, estimating the true count to be around 11,000 elderly Americans — over a third of total COVID-19 deaths in New York alone.

The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the deadly “must admit” orders of these governors.

“We simply need faith, confidence, and national plans,” Scalise wrote. “Republicans have all three in spades. Democrats only know how to shut down our economy, shut down our churches, shut down our schools, and shut down our belief in ourselves”.


“Under President Trump’s leadership, working together, we will defeat COVID-19 and fully restore the greatest economy our country has ever seen.”