The Angry Snake and Sharp Saw Lesson

There was a snake that crawled over a sharp saw and was cut. In anger, the snake wrapped the saw with its thick body and proceeded to squeeze the life out of the saw.

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  1. Streetcars in Pittsburgh. Years before cellphones and far from home, I went a familiar way. But there was a junction, the Library and the Drake went different ways, and I wanted to go on the Drake line. Since I was on the Library, I’d need to transfer to the Drake that, until the Junction, ran on the same tracks. When I went to get the Transfer, I was told that there is now a charge. I debated with the operator, I didn’t understand that changes were made, and I recited the old policy. But I had to pay for the Transfer, just a slight fee, literally change.

    Having paid the fare and Transfer fee, he opened the doors, and I exited down the steps. I turned around and said to him “Have a Nice Day”. He became incensed and began yelling the familiar 4 letter word at me, and it’s derivatives, and the people on the Streetcar began to laugh. He expected me to be angry, and though I did not feel positive about him, just couldn’t see the sense in continuing the animosity. Yet I never expected his anger.

    Worse still, at a remote stop on the Drake Line (I’ll tell the truth, I used to walk the Streetcar Tracks if I knew one wasn’t coming, and I had myself out in the middle of nowhere, but at a Streetcar Stop with no view of it from the street), the Streetcar that arrived was being driven by the same guy. He pulled up, opened the door, Streetcar was empty, he shut the door and took off, leaving me behind. I had to wait for the next one before I got a ride home. I don’t know why he was on the Drake Line, maybe they alternate. At least he didn’t say anything.

    A coworker, we’d get into arguments. But he would often extend his hand to shake, saying he did not want to lose my friendship. I always took it, and often did the same, extending a handshake when I felt I was wrong, or if the argument was just not worth it. One time I nearly said something that would have ended our friendship, and I had to bite my lip not to say it. I told him I had something to say, and he wanted to know what it was, but I clammed-up. He was reluctant to shake that time, but I extended my hand again and he shook.

    Learn to let bad feelings go, and to keep hasty words in, there’s too much animosity already, it’s much better to have friends and allies than to make enemies and foes.

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    • Exactly. At a restaurant last week I encountered such a challenge. I smiled, remained silent & friendly to everyone. The person who was hateful didn’t have near as good a day as I did.
      Isn’t it interesting how you remember your story of this encounter so many years latrr?

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