Hold On! Are We Going Too Fast?

Naturally, there are some positives to fulfilling a need or desire immediately. It’s basically how our ancestors survived in ancient times.

Instant gratification can increase mood and motivation as well as ease discomfort or fulfill a true human need like going to the bathroom.

Higher intelligence is associated with a more future-focused tendency.

Children (and mature adults) with higher intelligence tend to be better at shifting attention away from the instant gratification rewards.

Individuals with lower intelligence may be more prone to financial hardship, and tend to have lower levels of financial asset accumulation.

Propagandists and Big Media design “news,” campaigns, commercials and advertising on the concept of instant gratification.

They know that people have difficulty waiting.

That’s why you are trained to believe that waiting to vote on election day in person or delaying an instant purchase might result in the inability to vote or have the product being unavailable.

Other advertising will subtly suggest how great it is to be one of the first to have this new product. 

Today, many students love playing video games now instead of studying for next week’s exam.

Internet users check their Facebook feeds rather than spending time with family.

It is so easy to snooze the alarm to sleep in 5 more minutes and not getting up to have ample time to get ready for work or school.

Instant gratification causes us to be drawn to eating unhealthy food and not sticking to a healthy diet.

Some make impulse purchases rather than save for retirement.

Fast-food restaurants are for our convenience despite some negative consequences on one’s physical health.


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      • Yes, Farinas Itialian on the square, great food and western atmosphere. Some of 1883 was filmed there as well as the entire square. The movie company turned it into old Fort Worth. 1893 is another good restaurant but a bit pricey. Ketzlers if you like original German food, the lady who owns it is from Muncih. Lots of shops and shopping on the square as well as historical building and such. Fishermans Wharf is good if you like good fish, it’s also on the square. Highway 377 has lots of places to eat, all the usual ones you find everywhere. I recommend Farina’s for my money. Grapevine has many good ones also as well as Frances X Tolberts Chili restaurant.

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        • Thanks for this. Farinas sounds like the place we go to depending on time of day, where we are on our journey & how we feel. There is a pickle store I may visit if I can find it. A doctor friend of mine brought me some samples & I love them! For old times sake may visit the HEB.

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