Trump: US Must Withdraw From China- Controlled WHO

About ninety minutes into an epic CPAC speech on Saturday, former president Donald Trump declared that the United States must withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party-controlled World Health Organization, better known as the WHO.

In exemplary Trumpian style, he said those letters stand for “We Hide Outbreaks.”

Alternatively, there’s “We Help Othering” or “We Host Operations.” 

The WHO has reliably done all three for the CCP — at horrific cost to Americans and others.

They lied about the nature of the COVID-19 virus.

They justified the divide-and-conquer technique that “othered” the unvaccinated.

They systematically promoted the totalitarian “China Model” of lockdowns and jab mandates that crushed our economy, stole our freedoms and helped defeat President Trump.

One of the major contributors to WHO is Bill Gates, who in some countries, is being accused of pandemic fraud and murder.

●In India, there are at least two vaccine murder charges against him.

● In the Italian Parliament, he is accused of deportation and deemed a “criminal.”

● Evidence is mounting against Gates showing he knew the mRNA shots would cause injury and death.

● He knew these “vaccines” would sterilize, affect fertility in women and men, transfer to the fetus, the womb, and pass through the breast milk of a vaxxed mother.

● This tainted milk causes injury and death to babies by toxic lipid nanoparticles and lethal spike proteins.

● We now know, due to the Gates Foundation and WHO, that after Europe approved these dangerous mRNA vaccines, there has been a 755% increase of injury and death among children.

This is how they sold the pandemic.

Now, the Chinese Communists and Team Biden want to give the WHO even more control over us. We must leave it now. 



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    • It’s called the Plandemic for good reason. Who is benefiting from pushing these death jabs? Follow the money – Big Pharma, Bill Gates, Fauci, the CDC (who owns several vaccine patents), the CCP, and more. All this while Biden is selling our human rights to the WHO.

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