Tucker Carlson’s J6 Truth Videos are Giving Americans Cause to Watch FOX Again

Millions tuned in Tuesday evening, as Tucker Carlson continued his expose of his investigation into the events of the January 6th Capitol riot on his Fox News program:

Click to see Tucker Carlson’s video now.

During the show, he interviewed Julie Kelly, the author of January 6th: How Democrats used the Capitol Riot to Launch a War on Terror on the Political Right.

“At least 100 men have been held on pre-trial detention orders over the past two years,” Kelly began. “That means that a judge has denied them bail because the government, DOJ has successfully argued that that individual is a threat to the community.”

“This includes, Tucker, people who have been charged with non-violent offenses like obstruction or conspiracy,” she continued. “So of course, they don’t have access to what could very easily be exculpatory evidence contained in this video.”

“But besides from the now three dozen men held in pre-trial detention order, Tucker, believe it or not, there are some men going on 24, 25, 26 months denied bail, languishing in jail, including the DC gulag as the government continues to delay their trials.”

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“This all has the imprimatur by the way of every judge on the DC district court,” she explained. “I want to emphasize that the real villains here are the federal judges in Washington DC who have allowed the government to play every single game to keep this evidence out of the hands of defendants.”

“This violates their oath of office to protect the rights of defendants and their due process rights,” she emphasized. “But look Tucker there are a thousand criminal defendants right now. Half of them have pleaded guilty or have been convicted at trial.”

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“And the government just announced, two months ago in January, that they are still uploading global discovery. Which means material related to the entire investigation.”

“What they did was arrest people first, find the evidence later, and cover up what could potentially exonerate these defendants,” she noted.

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“If this was happening in any other country, the US State Department would immediately acknowledge that these were violations of the most basic human rights,” Carlson replied. “There were political prisoners and the US government would condemn it. But it is happening here and it is ignored, except by you.”


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  1. These tapes are enlightening. Carlson is taking a risk by airing these. I doubt Fox has his back, and he should send copies to Newsmax now. He will eventually go to Newsmax or RealAmerica. Will the supreme court intervene now? Let’s hope so.

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  2. Wow. It only took him two years to finally get to the truth of the J6ERS while they rotted.
    I wonder when he’ll admit the Election was stolen?
    Always fashionably late!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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