How Americans Are Waking Up to Extreme Wokeism

Wokeism: Usually disparaging promotion of liberal progressive ideology and policy as an expression of sensitivity to systemic injustices and prejudices.

Enough is enough and more Americans are standing up to the perverted, anti-God, and woke stance against our country’s Constitution and Christian values.

Callout culture, cancel culture, identity politics, social justice, critical race theory, postmodern neo-Marxism, wokeness: whatever you want to call it, it has been happening. 

Indoctrination, propaganda, and censorship of our freedoms are all about training people to accept as normal the:

● vandalizing of art

●censorship of the written word

●criminalizing speech,

●lying about history itself

●encouraging all of us to indulge our worst selves by joining the ranks for cancel culture assassinations.

Most recently, Puffin Publishers in England announced they had hired “sensitivity readers” charged with making changes to some of children’s author Roald Dahl’s classics, including “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” “James and the Giant Peach,” and “Matilda.”

The woke changes focused on eliminating descriptive language that was deemed offensive and gender-based references which for some unknown reason infuriate the left.

Here in America, where we do have the first amendment for a reason, there should be no question that changing author’s words, or eliminating a product or team’s mascot are just a few examples.

Dahl died decades ago and cannot defend himself or defend his work. This is an atrocity.

By design, naive citizens, especially our youth, are easily offended by today’s taught sensibilities.

Practically everything offends the left, but are the majority of us so soft, fragile, and paranoid that the only way to cope is to change our words, thoughts of a writer to soothe their bruised and warped egos?

If we are to survive the world, we should hope not.

Since April 2020, far-left Democrats saw an opening and exploited the pandemic. It started with social justice, corporate blackmail, and defunding the police.

We remember in 2020, when Democrats, teacher unions, and school districts claimed that Critical Race Theory (CRT) was not a part of the public school curriculum in many areas of the country.

Yet, parents inherently knew that wasn’t true.

Too many reports came out of parents saying their children repeated claims they were privileged or oppressors.

Some school districts denied many parents the right to even view a teacher’s curriculum.

We have since learned that’s a violation of a 2002 federal law. Parents do have a right to it, and they can expose that educators teach CRT in public schools.

Since Biden took office, Democrats and media quickly attacked conservatives as racist and sought to enact voting rights legislation and a sweeping multi-trillion dollar social agenda.

We can defend against the woke cancer by standing up for children, fair and objective education, freedom of expression, and law and order.

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