Elvis Presley Funnies You May Not Have Seen

The recorded voice of Elvis Presley has been heard by more people than any other human in history.

Elvis loved to laugh and have fun. There was actually an album released entitled Having Fun with Elvis on Stage in 1974.

There were no songs and only consisted entirely of dialogue and banter, mostly jokes, by Elvis between songs during his live concerts, with the songs themselves removed from the recordings.

Elvis’s first cousin and Graceland gate guard Harold Loyd told me in 1976 that Colonel Tom Parker “finagled” that album because Elvis was so busy touring he was behind on recording songs for RCA in the studio.

Elvis not only had fun on stage and with his fans, but he was hilarious off stage too. Here’s a celebration of laughter in photos, cartoons and on stage too.

With Colonel Parker.
Always good to his fans.


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