Testimony of Truck Driver Who Delivered Ballots From New York to Pennsylvania Won’t Go Away

“All of this was weird.”

On December 1, 2020, truck driver Jesse Morgan was ridiculed by corporate media for his account of hauling thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania prior to Election Day 2020.

Morgan at press conference.

As with so many other truths that were initially attacked by the press or slanted by media, Morgan’s story has stood the test of time, investigation and corroborated.

Morgan told America that he had driven the boxes of ballots from Bethpage, N.Y., to Lancaster, Pa., two weeks before Election Day.

Phill Kline, a former attorney general of Kansas and director of The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, said The Amistad Project has corroborated the truck driver’s story.

Kline at press conference.

“The evidence demonstrates, and it’s through eyewitness testimony that’s been corroborated by others by their eyewitness testimony” that 144,000 to 281,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election were in Morgan’s haul.

Morgan’s Story

Morgan told his story at a press conference.

“I drive a tractor-trailer for U.S. postal service, a subcontractor. I drive a route from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and back to Lancaster,” he explained.

“On October 21, when I arrived for my usual route for Bethpage, an expeditor made three references to ballots that were to be loaded into my trailer, including saying, ‘Hey, you have ballots today,’” Morgan noted.

He received 24 Gaylord boxes full of ballots, stacked on top of each other and that the“envelopes had handwritten return addresses.”

“They were complete ballots. I didn’t think much of it at the time,” Morgan said, but when he arrived in Harrisburg, he was not permitted to offload the mail.

Forced to Wait

“I was made to wait for roughly 6 hours, from 9:15 a.m. to nearly 3 p.m.,” he said.

“All of this was weird,” Morgan recalled. After waiting for six hours, he went inside and asked to see the expeditor.

“I was told to wait for the transportation supervisor,” an official Morgan had never dealt with. “He’s a top guy, he’s the kind of guy that would speak to my boss.”

“The supervisor told me to drive to Lancaster without being unloaded in Harrisburg,” Morgan said. “I knew the ballots were loaded for Harrisburg.”

When Morgan began asking for his ticket slips that show he arrived, and a late slip to prove he had been delayed, the supervisor refused to provide them.

“I wanted proof I was there,” Morgan said. “I wanted proof that I wasn’t the one who screwed all this up.”

“Since I started driving that Bethpage route, I’ve always had trailer 10-R-1440,” Morgan said. He noticed because it was his favorite trailer to drive.

“What happened on October 21 was a series of unusual events that cannot be a coincidence,” Morgan was adamant. “I know I saw ballots with return addresses filled out, thousands of them, thousands. Loaded onto my trailer in New York and headed for Pennsylvania.”

“As things became weirder I got to thinking and wondered why I was driving complete ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. I didn’t know why, so I decided to speak up,” Morgan said.

Refused His Tickets

“The transportation supervisor refused to give me a ticket and told me to leave. I then demanded he give me a late slip, since I wanted to get paid for the time I was sitting there, and waiting for them to off-load me.”

“He refused to give me that too.”

“He was kind of rude and wouldn’t explain anything to me. He just told me to go Lancaster.”

“I then drove to Lancaster, unhooked my trailer in it’s normal place and then drove my truck to where I always park it in a nearby lot. And then I went home.”

“The next day it just got weirder.”

“As I arrived at Lancaster’s United States Postal Service facility (in) my tractor, I went to hook up to my trailer and my trailer was gone. Not there no more.”

At this same press conference, other whistleblowers revealed that postal workers delivered Joe Biden campaign mail, but discarded mail from the Trump campaign.

Dominion Voting Machines

Gregory Stenstrom saw a Dominion Voting Systems vendor inserting flash drives into voting aggregation machines in Delaware County, and that election officials mingled various drives from aggregation machines, making auditing of the results problematic.

Ethan Pease, a US Postal Service subcontractor from Wisconsin, testified that he was told of plans to backdate tens of thousands of mail-in ballots, to circumvent the legal deadline for their submission.

Col. Tony Schaeffer, with The Amistad Project, said the organization had backed up Morgan’s story.

Kline said sources told him Morgan’s story “matched up perfectly on how you would insert fraudulent mail into the stream.”

Zuckerberg Bought Elections

“We are fighting Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook) around the country where he is using CTCL, a nonprofit founded and managed by Obama-affiliated operatives, to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to leftist strongholds in several battleground states to determine the outcome of the election,” Kline revealed on November 6, two days after the election.

“This is a scheme engineered by partisan activists under the guise of COVID-related support,” Kline noted. The privatization of the election undermines the integrity of the election.”

Voting Days After

“They are still voting in Pennsylvania,” Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough said at the time. “Three days after Nov. 3. Dems tried that in other states but judges said no. Continued voting after election day would be considered fraud by UN observers. News reports said more ballots coming in. No post mark required. Or matching signature. UN observers would also consider that evidence of fraud.”

Political commentator Mark Steyn noted: “So swing-state elections are now a subsidiary of Facebook: Votebook. What could go wrong?”


“Just a general observation from a foreigner feeling ever more foreign since Wednesday morning: I have spent election night in many countries over the years, and have never seen what I saw on Tuesday night,” Steyn said. “And I am amazed that even the parochial brain-dead American legacy media could pass off what happened in Philadelphia as normal.”

“Everywhere else the polls close and the riding or constituency counts the votes until they’re all done and they have a final 100 percent result – by 9pm, 11.30pm, 3am, however long it takes. But, in Philadelphia and elsewhere, they suddenly stop counting and everyone goes home until late the following morning to start counting the boxes that have shown up under cover of darkness.”

“But with every couple of hours it’s clear that Fox News called Arizona way too early, and that, if it’s an honest count, the probability is that that state will fall back into the Trump column – which, with Georgia, NC and Penn, would be enough to get him past 270,” Steyn commented. “That’s a very big ‘if’, but it would seem more likely than any beneficial result from state judges, even those not cashing a Zuckerberg check.”

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  1. Has the US post master provided his investigative report on the truck driver testimony and other related issues involving postal union and the election? Who can force the investigation. Who is the post master general superior? Who has this oversight?

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      • Used to hear more on Cuba / Venezuela connection to last US election fraud. Anything to this. If so does Biden owe the Cuban government or protect Cuban government to keep lid on as much as possible ?

        Biden administration is a total complete mess. Only thing propping the administration up is the fake media and some elements of the justice department snd courts ?

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  2. Its fairly obvious that the USPS is a co-conspirator. Someone at the top had to direct his subordinates about what actions to take.

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  3. I say since the covid restrictions have loosened We the People need to demand a re-vote and all show up in person! Have all machines tried and tested before election with both parties witnessing the outcome! Why did representatives from the Democrat party refuse entrance to Republicans when they wanted to be included in the voting process? Yes! We all know why! It’s called cheating and from where I come from cheaters are removed from the race and the position!
    Cheaters have been disqualified from every aspect of life from sports, work place, etc. This is much worse.
    We need to defend democracy or loose our voice and freedom forever.

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  4. And all of this is why the Jan 6th persecutions continue, because if we weren’t talking insurrection, we’d be talking election fraud.

    If democrat voters love God, America, their Family, Friends, and Freedom, they need to abandon the democrat politicians on a scale never before seen in upcoming elections and republicans must purge democrat infiltrators known as RINOs.

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