Why Nancy Pelosi Ignored Rep. Jim Jordan Capitol Speech on Jan. 6, 2021

When Ohio’s Republican Representative Jim Jordan spoke before the U.S. Congress on January 6, 2021, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could barely contain herself.

Appearing like a giddy schoolgirl with a secret, she would occasionally peer over to Adam Schiff, knowing he would be following Jordan with his own prepared speech.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump was speaking to a gathering of at least 250,000 patriotic Americans on the great Mall grounds near the Washington Monument.

Pelosi had everything in motion for the planned–what the coordinated corporate media would rapidly deem—“Capitol Insurrection.”

Among the checklist of strategies utilized were:

🔹a reduction in Capitol grounds protection, including offers from Trump to engage the National Guard.

🔹two staged reports of planted “pipe bombs” to deter more Capitol Police and other law enforcement away from the building’s security.

🔹a hired Hollywood-type movie producer with crew to follow Pelosi around for a future edited narrative and documentary to be used against Trump and truth.

🔹FBI agents, hired operatives, and others to:

1. take down fencing, railing and “Keep Out” type signage at the most vulnerable entry that enticed the most people from the Trump Rally to the Capitol Building.

2. put bullhorn operatives in place (think Ray Epps) to lead and direct patriots into the building. This included bullhorns at ground level and atop the newly erected Inauguration observation tower.

3. stashed and ready-to-go fencing and razor wire available to enhance the false “insurrection” narrative AFTER the rally.

Despite all this coordination, there was something throwing off the timing of Pelosi’s fiasco in the House.

President Trump arrived late to the rally. He spoke longer than they planned. He warned the patriots to be lawful.

Timing was off for the leftist “insurrection” efforts. Some media outlets jumped the gun by releasing narratives before anything even occurred.

Before the rally crowd left the Washington Monument, operatives were taking fences down, white vans were already dropping off operatives on the east side of Capitol building, the Proud Boys organization (infested with FBI operatives) were having lunch. They were needed at the Capitol as the narrative would use them as the initial breachers of the fences and security barriers.

White vans dropping off operatives used to breach the Capitol.

While all this activity was occurring, here is what Rep. Jordan was saying in his address to Congress:

Madam Speaker,

Americans instinctively know there
was something wrong with this elec-
tion. During the campaign, Vice Presi-
dent Biden would do an event and he would get 50 people at the event.

President Trump, at just one rally, gets
50,000 people. President Trump in-
creases votes with African Americans;
increases votes with Hispanic Ameri-
cans; won 19 of 20 bellwether counties; won Ohio by 8; Iowa by 8; and Florida by 3.

President Trump got 11 million
more votes than he did in 2016, and
House Republicans won 27 of 27 toss-up races.

But somehow the guy who never left
his house wins the election?

Eighty million Americans, 80 million
of our fellow citizens, Republicans and Democrats, have doubts about this election; and 60 million people, 60 million Americans think it was stolen.

But Democrats say: No problem. No
worries. Everything is fine.
We asked for an investigation. We
asked Chairman NADLER, Chairwoman MALONEY for an investigation. They said no. They wouldn’t want to investigate something that half the elec-
torate has doubts about.

It is just the Presidency of the United States.

Why? Why not one single investiga-
tion? Why not even one single hearing
over the last 9 weeks in the United
States House of Representatives? Why?

Because all the Democrats care about
is making sure President Trump isn’t
President. For 4 1⁄2 years that is all they have cared about.

July 31, 2016, before he was elected
the first time, Jim Comey’s FBI takes
out the insurance policy; opens an in-
vestigation on the President based on

May 17, 2017, Bob Mueller was named
special counsel. Two years they inves-
tigate the Russia hoax. Nineteen law-
yers, 40 agents and $40 million of tax-
payer money for nothing.

December 18, 2019, Democrat House
Members vote to impeach President
Trump based on an anonymous whistleblower with no firsthand knowledge, who was biased against the President and who worked for Joe Biden.

But none of that worked. As hard as
they tried, none of that worked. They
threw everything they had at him.
So what did they do next?

They changed the rules. They
changed the election law and they did
it in an unconstitutional fashion, and
that is what we are going to show over the next several hours of debate.

The Constitution is clear, as Whip
SCALISE just said. State legislatures
and only State legislatures set election

In Arizona, the law says voter reg-
istration ends on October 5.
Democrats said: We don’t care what
the law says.

They went to a court, got an Obama-
appointed judge to extend it 18 days.
No debate, as Steve talked about. No
debate. No discussion. They just did it.

Pennsylvania, same thing. Pennsyl-
vania law says mail-in ballots have to
be in by 8 p.m. election day.

Democrat Supreme Court said: Nope.
We are going to extend it.

Election day doesn’t end on Tuesday
now. They took it to Friday. Extended
the election 3 days; not the legislature,
the partisan Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania law says mail-in bal-
lots require signature verification.
Democrat secretary of state said:
Nope. I am going to decide by myself
that it doesn’t, for 2.6 million ballots.
Pennsylvania law says mail-in bal-
lots can’t be processed until election
day. Some counties said no. And you
can imagine which counties they were.

Democrat-run counties said no and al-
lowed ballots to be cured and fixed before election day.

They did an end-run around the Con-
stitution in every State that Repub-
licans will object to today. Every sin-
gle one. It was a pattern. It was their
template. They did it in Arizona. They
did it in Georgia. They did it in Michi-
gan. They did it in Pennsylvania. They
did it in Nevada. They did it in Wis-

Yet, some of our Members say: Don’t
worry about it. We shouldn’t do any-
thing. Just let it go. It was just six
States who violated the Constitution.
What if it is 10 States next time?
What if it is 15? What if, in 2024, 2028, it is 26 States? What if it is half the
States that do an end-run around what the Constitution clearly spells out?

We are the final check and balance.
The authority rests with us, the United States Congress, the body closest to the American people, right where the Founders wanted it. We should do our duty. We should object to and vote for this objection to the Arizona electors.


In God We Trust

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  1. Once a country deliberately violates its constitution, the country will quickly roll into the abyss. When America for the first time in history elected President a citizen not born in the USA, but in Kenya, America rolled into the abyss and cannot stop.

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  2. […] Why Nancy Pelosi Ignored Rep. Jim Jordan Capitol Speech on Jan. 6, 2021: Clever Journeys…“Pelosi had everything in motion for the planned–what the coordinated corporate media would rapidly deem — “Capitol Insurrection.””…a good article about timing, what was going on and the lies that were perpetuated. […]

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It simply is not possible to call America a democracy or even a representative democracy. Our leaders do not represent the people. They represent special interest elites who could care less about America and the American people. And there’s no point in crying, “Wake up!” because it’s already too late.

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