How Many Americans Actually Voted For Poverty, Crime, and Illegal Immigration?

The 2022 election proved what most Americans know: legacy media lies, elections are crooked and controlled by New World Order and all three branches of Federal Government are failing our country.

It also verified to many, who didn’t believe this, that their paradigms were wrong.

We continue talking with citizens here in the greater Phoenix area the day after the 2022 mid-term election. Try as I may, I can’t find anyone who thinks Maricopa County’s election was run honestly.

“Workers in these voting centers just follow orders, get paid off and go home,” said Paul S., waiting in line (after being in a voting line the day earlier for 2 hours and 12 minutes) at a local Wendy’s for breakfast.  “Everyone I know–everyone I talked with in line yesterday, remained in line because we didn’t believe their sh*t delay tactics.”

“They wanted us to fill out paper ballots with them so they could take them downtown and supposedly count them there,” Paul angrily expressed. “No one is going to vote for Hobbs, crime, illegal invasions and high prices. They are out of their minds to think we would get out of a voting line and trust them. Dishonest cowards.”

We suspect this is the raging sentiment across America:


In God We Trust

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  1. I am truly flummoxed by how many stupid people live in our country. Those who voted for Fetterman in Pennsylvania must be brain dead zombies. My cousin is married to a “Blue Dog” Democrat, self-described. He once told me that he’d vote for a dog before he’d vote for a Republican and I guess this is what we are seeing. At least a dog has sense. Fetterman does not. Whoever put forth the narrative that there was going to be a Red Wave discounted the warped viewpoint of this world we live in because of decades of public education that has destroyed common sense and traditional values, fueled by a corrupt and leftist mainstream media.

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  2. I hit the post comment box by mistake.
    My point was, for a more powerful and awakening version, read the NIV! It will make sense to those who don’t understand the KJV.

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  3. I don’t know if my first comment was posted as I don’t see it. But the 2nd comment was because i thought i had posted by mistake.
    Read Isaiah chpt 1. Read it in the NIV for a more powerful interpretation. Substitute America for Israel place. I’m not saying America is Israel, but America is significant to God, so just look at it as such.

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  4. I believe that Psalm 37 might be appropriate for such a time as this. Read through this amazing Psalm and it might give give you encouragement and hope.

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  5. I like what Trump said. And though we’re a bit deflated, this mess wasn’t made in a day, and can’t be all undone in a day. We did a lot more than the Left likes yesterday, and we’ll just keep moving the earth out from under them. This whole thing has actually energized me to do more and keep on. It made me mad. Plus, God is very busy undoing this snarl in a lot of ways, and we’ve yet to see the Great Checkmate. Consequences on the way.

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  6. God is still on the throne. While He is God of mercy, He is also God of justice. Voter fraud brings powerful judgments although sometimes delayed to give people time to repent. Remember that LBJ died on the very day that Roe v wade was announced.

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  7. Since your Governor Abbott has just won reelection, I hope and pray that he will show some real courage and declare an invasion at our southern border. It is long overdue. A lot of the country would thank him if he did the right thing.

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  8. Somebody has to stop the invasion. Traitor biden sure isn’t going to do it until he has enough democrat voters brought in. Over 5 million so far! And counting!!

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  9. The Election has me baffled.
    The Supreme Court Bears much of the blame. They refused to intervene in 2020, they essentially legalized election fraud. The Supreme Court Intervened in the Hanging Chad Issue for George W. Bush, the Neo-Con, but not Trump. I have lost all respect for them. I have lost all respect for the Media and the Mostly Peaceful blm riots and antifa shenanigans. CHAZ Zone, with criminals handing out AR-15s to criminals and the underaged, and the media says it’s Mostly Peaceful, but then Characterizes Jan 6 as an Insurrection.

    The following is how we should feel in spirit, these should be our passions to right the wrongs that have plagued America.

    High School Boys Honor Retiring Teacher With Moving Haka

    “High School Boys from New Zealand chose to give a moving farewell to a veteran teacher with a rousing performance of their best haka dance at an assembly earlier this year.”

    The Sandman

    ‘The Sandman’ is a short film featuring the Trona, California High School Football team as they train and go through Hell Week in preparation for the upcoming Fall 2015 season.

    As a People, we need to be filled with the emotions that these youths are, they do it for different reasons, but they are different sizes, different races, different abilities, but United in Effort. There are Universal Truths. We must help others to see that. Open Borders, Delivery Day Abortions, Gender Reassignment Surgery for Children, these are easy to see that these are things not in the Best Interest of the Country. My democrat neighbors, one has a grandson that dresses like a woman, short skirt, open top, and bra covering something that doesn’t exist. He’s in his 20’s, and went to a funeral of a loved one dressed like that.

    Pelosi remarked, while with Transvestites or Transsexuals, that “This is America”.

    Mainstream democrats have lost their minds, literally. But many people that vote Democrat do so from tradition and have no idea what the party has become. We need to expose them to it, we need to let them know that this isn’t their Grandfather’s democrat party, this is satanic to the extreme.

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