Respected Meteorologist Says Earth is Greening Because of CO2

Government Scientists’ Agenda is to Push Man Made Climate Change to Keep Their Jobs

Respected meteorologist Steve Browne, a long time and popular television news weather personality in Texas, is known as a candid and reliable source of climate matters.


Over the years he has been my go to person for weather and climate concerns. During our conversations, Steve demonstrates a talent for explaining complicated science in an easy way to understand. His degree in meteorology was from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell Tech).

“I have a lot of meteorologist friends, who like me, believe that CO2 has a minimum influence on climate change,” he said. “We believe our government is killing our economy based on fake and faulty science.”

“Many are afraid to speak up because of today’s politics regarding climate change,”he noted. “I’m retired. I can speak and feel obligated to speak out before science ruins our civilization.”

“Ask yourself these questions. John Holdren, who was Obama’s science advisor (no degree in atmospheric science) predicted that a billion people would die of starvation because of climate change by 2020,” Brown continued.

“Did that happen? NO.”

“Polar bears would go extinct? NO.”

“The artic icecap would melt by 2015? NO.”

“The Maldives islands would be underwater by now? NO.”

“How many predictions have to be wrong before you say the government funded scientists are incorrect?”

“I’ve been watching carefully for four decades and I have seen enough,” Brown stated. “…These are all government scientists that rely on government funding for their personal employment.”

“The have an agenda to push man made climate change to keep their jobs,” he explained. “So many of their predictions have proven to be untrue.”

“There is no consensus among scientists that CO2 emissions are having a radical negative influence on our climate,” Browne observed. “There is consensus that the earth is greening because of increasing CO2.”

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  1. the sad thing is there are a lot of sheepels that believe this, lots of people i know and known actually believe the mainstream media is the only source for information, my DA nephew from Boston told me this, i guess it must be true!, hell i even warned my yankee brother of the risks of the fake vaccine, even gave him some doctors to check out, Ruby, McCoulough?, he got the jab anyway, then one phone call later he tells my everyone in the family has covid, i said so much for the vaccine, he even bragged about i got the boosters. there toast sad to say. even my smarter sister got the jab after telling me she is never getting the jab, her worthless ignorant son extorted her be telling her if you don’t get the jab you can’t see the baby, can you believe that, she got the jab but she never got the boosters, she is probably toast. well our only hope is the return of YESHUA which i think could be pretty soon, HIS first prophesy was the great deception and the falling away, its here, i see it every were unfortunately. Bless you all and GODSPEED Be strong, don’t be afraid and just believe

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  2. Global warming? Didn’t Texas have a big problem with extremely cold weather and no electricity not too long ago? Biden wants to shut down all the coal electricity plants. Many people here in WV could freeze to death if he does that.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well, you know, they never dreamed that any of us were smart enough to figure out it was a hoax so they could control the whole world. Won’t they be surprised and cryin’ when they are all uncovered? Isn’t it great to be able to list all the ways they lied? They weren’t expecting that. Tables flippin’!

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