Reasons Good People Are Leaving the Democratic Party

A lifelong, die-hard Hispanic South Texas Democrat recently told me why he and his family will not be voting for the party’s candidates.

“We don’t trust them anymore,” he began. “After the (illegal) alien invasion, the pandemic fallacy, the economy, the January 6 witchhunt and seeing the 2000 Mules movie, it’s obvious they are not good for America. They lie. Biden lies. The news lie. We can’t even watch them anymore. If Biden is on TV, we change the channel. It was better when Trump was in charge. Much better.”

“They divide. They support destruction and rioting. They are hypocrites. They’ve proven themselves time and time again,” he elaborated. “Looking back, the last good presidents were Kennedy, Reagan and Trump. The others, not so much. I especially didn’t like Nixon, Clinton, the Bushes and especially Biden. I’ve never liked Biden. He’s in the same class as Pelosi. They are crooks.”

“We don’t believe the (2020) election was an honest one. There is much evidence. The news lied. It’s all clear now.”

“They hand out money to Ukraine,” he continued. “Billions to them and turn over billions of our military planes and weapons to our enemies. No one does that who has America’s best interests at heart.”

“I will be an Independent from now on, but as of right now, I see no future where I will vote Democrat,” he noted. “It’s about what is best for my children and offspring. We believe in God. We honor our Constitution.”

Biden’s administration

In God We Trust

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  1. But the main reason they are leaving is because they understand how the economy works when all Americans are free to prosper and free to consider the benefits of families being able to succeed in all areas of life and maintaining advancement in a free society without government telling you what you can and cannot do in your prosperity.
    They have opened their eyes and minds and seen and understood that the democrat party is about regression and not progression.

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