Are There Answers in the Clouds?

One of the most fascinating attributes of being married to Dodie is her love of nature. Moving back home to Texas after 38 years (besides to marry me) was an opportunity to rejoin her roots and surroundings–especially in the beautiful Hill Country.

Although she grew to like the deserts of Arizona, Dodie missed clouds. Even today, she looks and just beams as she enjoys them.

We were fortunate that a friend, a fellow McCollum High School classmate, and his family drove all the way across much of the Lone Star State to preside over our wedding on December 5, 2019 in Boerne.

Not long after, Pastor Jack Comer of Circle Drive Baptist Church in Bridge City, Texas offered this message one particular day when I needed it.

Yesterday,  upon receiving news and prayer requests,  I went to the back patio that we have and begin to pray for these people that had these special needs.” 

Arizona Desert


My prayer was simple but sincere, asking our Lord to let these know that He loved them and cared.  I prayed that they might have a peace and might know of His presence, along with their various needs might be met.”

Texas Clouds


I prayed also for their family members and for the struggles and concern that they had as well.  When I finished praying, even though my heart was heavy,  I felt an emotion that said,  ‘God would be there for these.’”

Near our home, Texas Hill Country


Now not to sound unspiritual,  I then began to watch the clouds.  Yes,  I’m a cloud watcher.  There are times when I just like to sit and watch the movement of the clouds and also try to see what images I can find.” 

Yesterday I saw a little lamb,  a bunny rabbit and a cocker spaniel dog.  Of course I saw a monster or two,  but that may be due to a childish mind.  (LOL).” 

“Some of these clouds were darker than others and some were moving quicker than others.  And every once in a while I would see the blue sky behind the cloud.  In fact,  I know that there is blue sky behind the clouds, even if I didn’t see it.”

I think there is a spiritual lesson there,  not that we have to spiritualize everything.  But we have clouds in our life. (troubles, inconveniences,  sickness, hardships) Some are much darker than others.  But on the other side of the cloud, there is blue sky.    Perhaps Paul understood this,  when he wrote:

‘For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever!  2 Cor. 4:17′”

In God We Trust

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  1. I have literally observed changes in life based on Thoughts. I’ve wondered why someone hasn’t made a ***, and next day, I see for sale, or an ad for ***. (*** denotes anything, I was going to say Widget, but computers have Widgets, and I didn’t want to confuse.)

    I wish I could articulate the variety of things that seemed to spring from nowhere the day after thinking of them, or more significant still, talking about someone that you haven’t seen and suddenly having them call.

    One night, I dreamt of a local gun store owner. That had never occurred before or since. The significance is that he phoned the next day, to tell me a gun I bought from him was stolen. I returned the gun, was there when the police collected it, and one of the cops was my relative, he said nothing to me, he had no idea I bought the gun, he was new to the force, I guess wanting to be professional. The Gun Store owner refunded my money, including for some work I had done to it (it was a military bolt action, I bought a few Bolts to correct a headspace problem and had it verified by a gunsmith on which Bolt fixed it).

    As I write this, while watching a Russian couple on YouTube express a concern about possibly of the husband being Drafted (though he’s likely too old by a few years), he said the following:

    “We’re Creating Our Reality from our Mind and our Heart.”

    I’m not sure we’re not creating Reality by our Minds and Heart. We need to collectively stay positive minded, as much as possible. Not suggesting passivity, but just stay positive, because if the mind affects matter, we don’t want dark thoughts and fear to prevail.

    Great Blog Entry, enjoyed it much.

    Liked by 3 people

    • A few days ago I was telling Dodie about a friend of mine from years ago. I don’t even know what made me think of her and hadn’t seen her in years. Yesterday I found out she has brain and pancreatic cancer. My first thought was had she been vaccinated. So many we know that have had myocardial or cancer problems after the shots. Her being a retired nurse, she knows many in medical field. Those who have not succumbed to indoctrination will confirm the connect.
      Your comment just helped clarify why I thought of this friend from years ago all of the sudden.

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  2. Hello again Dodie! I also love watching clouds.
    When I was about 5 years old, I actually got in trouble for telling wonderful cloud stories (at least, I thought they were wonderful).
    It’s true. A neighbor came to my house one day and told my mom that her daughter was afraid to look up at the sky, because of all the different things that I saw floating around up there (animals, people, angels, and sometimes a dragon or two). If I wanted to continue to play with her daughter, I had to promise to stop talking about all of the cloud images that I saw passing by overhead. Sigh. So, I didn’t tell any more cloud stories, until many years later when I opened my blog (I couldn’t help myself).

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    • Hello Mary – good to hear from you again, especially re: your cloud adventures as a child. Hard to believe you’d be banned from playing with a neighbor’s daughter due to your fascination with identifying different shapes in the clouds. Sounds like you’ve had a fertile imagination for a long time! Kudos to you for refusing to be suppressed any longer and posting the Dueling Storm Clouds article on your blog. I like the way you express yourself and hope you never lose that sense of wonder surrounding clouds, animals, nature and life itself. Blog on my friend!

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  3. I love clouds too, but I’d forgotten, until the last two years, after I started praying so intensely for the country, and it was like my eyes were opened to clouds again. Some were funny, a lot looked like battle pictures in the sky between good creatures and bad ones. The bad ones are always running away.
    After Ready and Abel died, I saw cloud dogs running and springing, not moving, but they were good still shots and made me laugh. But the one that tops them all was the one I saw last Tuesday evening. There was a three-quarter moon with a thin cloud over it. There was a rainbow in the moon, not formed, just all the colors. The cloud had the shape of a wing on either side of the moon, even in length and breadth. Underneath were two legs, talons curled. I couldn’t really say I saw a head, but it looked like an eagle descending, shining out a rainbow.
    I love those photos of your wedding. It’s neat that you both have roses. It was a long wait, and you both won prizes!

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