Martha’s Vineyard Posts Are Alive With The Sounds of Hypocrisy

The levels of hypocrisy coming out of the mouths of corporate news media and Democrats continue to be enforced by their reaction to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to fly illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

The propaganda and reactions from the left were so sanctimonious that some of the self-righteous socialists found themselves yanking their idiotic posts off of social media. Others changed their tampered reporting, but still continued deceptive narratives.

Here is one from NBC News they jerked off the internet within minutes:

Their duplicitous reactions were countered throughout the land—and online. The hills were alive with the sounds of hypocrisy.

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  1. Now is our chance to put them all on buses and planes and send them back. Force a Constitutional judgment, exactly. I knew that the Left would act this way if their own territory was invaded, but the way DeSantis did this was richly creative and shows them up for what they are: delusional liars. Will they realize it?

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  2. DeSantis is brilliant! I’m still laughing about his creative sending the illegals to their doorsteps! What an ingenious way of making those librats feel our pain and exposing their hypocrisy to the world! I’m loving this shit! 😂🤣😂🤣

    “We’ll open the border…as long as they don’t come to our doorsteps!” Right?

    Hahahaha! I hope he sends more to those lavish Liberal places! Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Belair should be next places on the list of destinations!

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  3. It’s the same in California. The Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Silicon Valley elites whine and cry about helping the homeless and illegal aliens, but they don’t lift a finger to help them themselves. They want the taxpayers to pay for it.

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  4. According to the anti-colonialists, Martha’s Vineyard is stolen property. Stolen from native people three or four hundred years ago. We need to kick everybody off of Martha’s Vineyard and give that island to Venezuela as reparations. Then 100,000 Venezuelans can move there permanently. They can call it New Venezuela.

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  5. This is the best quote from this article:

    “Martha’s Vineyard set a beautiful example for the rest of the nation. They used the military to deport every last illegal migrant from their island in less than 48 hours.

    “The entire nation should emulate Martha’s Vineyard.”

    –Alana Mastrangelo

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    • I saw a meme with cities ablaze from BLM/antifa protests, no National Guard called by democrat leaders over weeks of strife.

      50 peaceful illegal immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard cause the National Guard to be called in less than 48 hours. Where’s antifa now, no protests against this injustice? Where’s the rage in the media?

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