Donald Trump Comes Back Fighting For America Like Never Before

President Donald J. Trump’s September 3, 2022 appearance in Pennsylvania provided more evidence that the fight to “Make America Great Again” is solid within the hearts and minds of citizens—and worth saving the country for.

In contrast to Joe Biden’s dark red and demonic spewing in Philadelphia a few nights before, over 10,000 patriots were reportedly in line (some for days) hours before Trump spoke.

A reader sent us this prayer after viewing Biden’s bizarre presentation Thursday night:

Trump charred into Biden with a scorching “enemy of the state” brand, as he seared back at the current part-time White House/Delaware Beach House resident’s assertion that the Republican and his supporters are undermining American democracy.

🔹Trump also blistered the FBI and DOJ for last month’s raid of his Florida home.

🔹This, being his first public appearance since the August 8 raid, Trump deemed the search a “travesty of justice” and warned it would produce “a backlash the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

What else has Trump been saying?

What happened to real journalism in America? Why do I think of a lackluster and mediocre Saturday Night Live skit when I read the latest propaganda spewing from mainstream news? Who else is tired of reports stating “without evidence”?

It is little wonder Big Media continues losing their readership, viewership and credibility:


In God We Trust

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  1. I saw most of the rally. That show a few nights before that Biden put on–did he really think he was going to stop a nation of roaring lions, with Trump as a spearhead? Laughable. They should be afraid, be very afraid. With the help of God, we will take this nation back without firing a shot, just like the Communist plan said they would do (but look how many people they’ve killed) I’m so proud of Trump, and to be part of this time. We will stand our ground together.

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  2. Republicans are a Threat to the Democracy? There’s on problem with the Democrat’s comment:

    From my Disqus Post:

    “Ah, we live in a Representative Republic. Republicans should be a threat to democracy, in terms of voting (selecting candidates and referendums) and influencing elections to be honest.

    But wait, there’s more…..

    I was a union Rep for nearly 10 years. I was appointed, not elected. But the elected reps were sent to the Union International Building for training. Guess what one of them told me? They were taught about the Tyranny of the Masses. Yes, that’s right, even Democracy is a threat to Democracy. Go figure.

    Act now, and well throw in this:

    As a union Rep, I saw this strange thing. A local election, we had to show Photo ID to vote, and then you were issued your voting record card, and you carried that to the election rooms, and handed it to a worker there. You were ushered to the Mechanical Voting Machines, and observers were all over the floor looking for vote cheating. And the election was done, but horrors of horrors, there was a 1 vote discrepancy for a candidate that had won by hundreds of votes, and due to the 1 vote discrepancy, they almost redid the election.

    So, the Majority is a threat to the Minority (Democracy is about the Majority), we had to show Photo ID to vote (in a union local election), and Votes Matter (in a local union election), but not when it’s democrats cheating national elections, go figure.”

    Great Blog, as usual. Been outside a lot, not online. So I have not been visiting some pages I ordinarily would. Keep up the great work.

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    • Hypocrisy. In 1983 I had to go to training to learn how to prevent union organization on our new store construction jobsites. My store was the first to be a nonunion jobsite.As construction superintendent, it was so much fun using my new skills and knowledge against union attempts to try & organize, etc. Loved it and was quite an experience for being in my mid 20s.
      Thanks again. Enjoy the outside!

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  3. Das Fuhrer, Josef Biden, showed the whole world the other night just how deranged and despicable he really is. NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD HAVE MADE THAT SPEECH, ESPECIALLY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! He is there to represent all people, not just his pets. He has to be impeached pronto when the GOP takes back the House. We can’t have people like him in positions of power.

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