One Word Each Day Tells Us Why Democrats Are Losing Hispanic Voters

In June 2022, down in Texas, a Mexican-born Republican Hispanic woman, Mayra Flores, won a special election to replace a Democrat who retired early. It’s becoming more common.

Many Hispanic Texans firmly believe Democrats stole the 2020 election from President Donald Trump. After all, one of the most surprising outcomes that defend this thought was the very high Hispanic support nationwide for Trump.

This historic political phenomenon is in spite of mainstream media mockingbirding the Democrat Party playbook narratives: “Trump is racist, his immigration policy expanded holding children in cages and separating them from parents.”

Especially on the southern Texas border, Mexican-Americans know the truth. They lived the horrors of the Obama-Biden-Pelosi immigration strategies. It is not the propaganda version portrayed in media. They see through the lies. By now, all Americans should understand this.


“Have a joke and a smile…” my childhood friend Rene says as we bump fists and laugh at the world.

“…in perfect harmony,” I respond with a grin.

Having grown up in south San Antonio, Dodie and I were blessed to be immersed in the Mexican culture. Through the years, our friends and relatives have shared a smart sense of humor, knowing it helps us build resilience to stress and improve our overall physical and emotional health.

Humor bonds us. We look at things in a different way than what’s being spoon-fed by media and indoctrination. It is what keeps our relationships strong. It unites.

With the stolen 2020 election and politics rapidly going even more dangerously corrupt, one of the more passionate trends shared is THE MEXICAN WORD OF THE DAY memes and jokes.

These are far more than just jokes. Many use them as a coping mechanism. Yes, it bonds and unites our blended cultures.

Enjoy these examples.

In God We Trust

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