Why It Is Critical Now To Know Exactly Where You Stand

 Sometimes, if you are capable, it is a good idea to know where you stand.

Those of us who know some history tend to understand (where we stand) versus those who skip the historical lessons.

Those who spend their time on less reading, more television propaganda, lots of video gaming, and indoctrination activities have no clue where they are standing.

A lot of times, you’ll get exactly what you put up with, no more and no less.

Once you start catering to people’s pathologies, it seldom ends well or at a reasonable point.

One of the best rules to live by is if you realize there’s something you should do, but you’re afraid to do it, you MUST do it. It’s hard at first, but after you overcome your fears enough times, you learn to live a life without fear.

Not that you feel it, you do, but once you believe you can force yourself to act even though you’re afraid, fear isn’t that troubling of an emotion.

Unless you understand both sides of the argument, you don’t understand the argument.

If you listen to God when He whispers, He won’t have to lead a whale into your life to swallow you in order to get your attention.

If someone couldn’t tell what your priorities are by watching you for a week, maybe you’re fooling yourself about your priorities.

It is time. Honor those who fought and advocated for our freedoms. Do your duty.

Vote in person. Share wisdom, truth and real history. Less TV (far less). Read. Walk. Smile. Defend freedom. Pray.

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History, Texas, Pioneers, Genealogy

From award-winning Texas author Cynthia Leal Massey.



  1. Thank you. I am a warrior. I do my civic duty each and every time it details national security, child abuse, people abuse and anything immoral that affects our society as a whole. This is a great depiction of life as we live today. Most do not realize how close they are to losing not only their freedom, but their sanctity as a human being. God is my shepherd and I do not want. Yet, I wonder how in the hell we got this far into the bowels of evil. How many stood aside and watched not stopping what has now grown into daylight? How many warriors yet remain fighting in the shadows to stay alive long enough to win this final showdown? How many of us will see God’s face? God Bless you.

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