Horrors After Vaccines Cannot Be Reversed: Ultimate Remorse

True stories from parents, doctors, and nurses serve as a strong warning and notice of just how dangerous and deadly COVID-19 experimental vaccines actually are.

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  1. A person in my neighborhood. Bad cough after 1st shot, Lower Back Pain, Weakness, Shakes, partial paralysis of one arm, Ascites like reaction (seriously swollen abdomen), hospitalized for 3 weeks, told they had Lupus, West Nile, Lyme, etc., eventually diagnosed with leukemia. Had chemotherapy, blood transfusions, told leukemia was terminal. Elected to withhold treatment, died about a year after the 1st vaccination.

    Person in my neighborhood, after 1st shot, had a stroke that only affects speech, this person now speaks unintelligibly, but can read aloud without issue. This person had the 2nd shot, and Booster, without further apparent complication.

    Person in my neighborhood, had symptoms similar to the 1st case, but we don’t know the outcome, but the house had a stair climber chair installed.

    The FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID, have completely failed America. Most countries have similar agencies that failed their own people. These are genuinely Crimes Against Humanity.

    Everyone that was vaccinated should be given an EKG, Blood Test to look for markers of cardiac stress, and blood tests for clotting factors. Yet I have not even seen this proposed.

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      • Arteriosclerosis (plaque in arteries) runs in my family. Many of my relatives died in their mid-to-late 60s. I was recently given a CT Cardiac Scoring test because of this, and the results are not that great. Then an integrative medicine doctor told me I should get the relatively new “PULS Cardiac Test” because it only requires a blood draw, and it can find the markers for cardiac problems with much greater accuracy. It takes 3 weeks to get the results back, so I am still waiting.
        I did think it was curious that, while I was being referred for the PULS test, I was asked twice if I had taken the Covid vaxx. Both times, I said NO. Finally, the NP said “Good.”
        Out of curiosity, since I had never heard of the ‘PULS’ test before, I did an online search to see if I could find more info about the connection between the Covid vax and the PULS Cardiac test. I did find several articles written in November and December 2021, based on research done prior to those dates (which means this info was probably known prior to starting the vaxx of children). Here is one of the articles that I found:https://www.thecardiologyadvisor.com/home/topics/acs/acute-coronary-syndrome-acs-biomarkers-mrna-covid19-vaccine/

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        • Interesting. I also had a CT Cardiac Calcium Score done recently for elevated LDL cholesterol – the ‘bad’ one. I have no family history of cardiac disease, but had the testing done at the Cardiologist’s urging. My score came back in the low range – under 100 – but the Doctor still recommended I take a statin – cholesterol lowering med – because I’m female and age 65, apparently still at risk for heart disease. Being a retired RN and having taken statins in the past (which made me feel awful) I refused the ‘offer’ and stated I’ll control my cholesterol with diet and exercise. Amazing how Drs keep pushing medications on us as if that’s the only thing they know how to do. I’ve asked any Health Professional I’ve seen to please make a note on my chart that I will never have a Covid test or shot for any reason and to please Stop asking me about it whenever I have an appt with them.

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          • Hi again Dodie,
            Like you, I was also told that I have elevated LDL cholesterol–the ‘bad’ one. That is why the Cardiac Scoring test was ordered.
            Unlike you, I DO have a family history of cardiac disease.
            In early July, my CT Cardiac Scoring Test came back close to the 300 range (I am 68). The doctor who ordered this test has not called me about the result and it is almost September now—-maybe the doctor is on a long vacation (I found the result by looking through my health record myself). Then I went to an integrative medicine NP—trying to find out exactly what the score means (I did find articles on the internet, and it appears that a score over 300 is in heart attack range). But what do I know.
            The integrative medicine NP said that they really don’t like the Cardiac Scoring Test and prefer the newer “PULS” cardiac test. So, I did the PULS test (lab draw) in early August and waited for 3 weeks to find out what the results were. Well, AFTER 3 weeks, I didn’t get the results—because the lab that was supposed to run the test apparently did not do it (for whatever reason). So, a week ago, I had the PULS lab draw again and I am now waiting another 3 weeks for the results (which will be in September). Sigh.
            I do NOT like pills either, because most of them seem to cause much more harm than good. I would prefer to see if I can control this with diet and exercise, if it is not too late to do so.

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            • Mary Strong-Spaid: I applaud you for seeking care from an Integrative medicine practitioner. They, along with Naturopaths, Holistic practitioners, Homeopaths, and many well-educated Chiropractors are about the only healthcare personnel with any sense anymore. Allopathic Medical Doctors only practice Disease Management (for the most part), by prescribing meds that treat the symptoms, never getting to the root cause of the symptoms. I find it almost unbelievable the Lab that drew your blood then ‘lost it’ is even still in business. The Cardio Dr I saw did say when they see pts with Cardiac Calcium scores above 300 and up, they almost demand those pts take statins and other cholesterol-lowering meds immediately & it’s likely they never get OFF those meds. Trouble is, all meds are designed to make us sicker so we have to constantly take more of them while never being cured of the condition we are taking the meds for, all-the-while making the drug companies billions of $$ in profits over our lifetimes. I believe it’s never too late for our health to benefit from our adopting a healthier lifestyle through diet and regular exercise. Once you get the results of your labwork back, it’ll be interesting to hear what the Integrative Med NP recommends next. Rechecking cholesterol levels in 6-8 months is always a good idea – just make sure it’s not done right after the Holidays (like mine were), when Everyone’s levels are elevated! God bless you in your ongoing healthcare journey. 🙏🌷

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        • A relative, diagnosed with Lyme Disease, was kept overnight for observation in the E.R.

          This relative had covid in 2020, and despite having natural immunity, was recommended to get the vaccine, both shots, which they did. The relative had the classical target presentation of the bite, was symptomatic, but was held until a cardiologist conducted tests and the tests indicated there weren’t any cardiac issues. The cardiologist is a known conservative that, indirectly, expressed concerns about the vaccine. My wife and I feel he was professionally ruling-out cardiac issues from the vaccine, but looking now, cardiac issues can result from Lyme, and in either case, is not an issue at this time with my relative.

          Thanks for the link. Though I’m not a doctor (screen name is a character in a 2001 movie), I read medical literature and provide relevant links to others as I can. And thanks for at least providing hope that “some” doctors are taking cardiac issues possibly from vaccination seriously.

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    • Our Medical professionals, for the most part have also failed us by refusing to tell the truth about these dangerous, experimental shots that do nothing but harm. They’re more interested in profiting from Covid testing and pushing the jabs on their patients than upholding their Hippocratic Oath of ‘First do no harm’. Hypocrites.

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  2. I have to say that I am one of those 74 million never vaccinated, as well as my son and my housemate.

    I wish I hadn’t allowed my son to get all those childhood vaccines…I had my eyes opened a few years ago when the doctors asked or suggested he get the HPV vaccine. I declined it, did some research and during his next visit said absolutely not!! There’s nothing I can do about the past, but I can say “no more!” now and in the future. And try and educate him as best I can…by the way, he’s 24.

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    • When my now 25 year old son was 3 we rushed him to the emergency room the night after his vaccinations. Convulsions.
      Doctors & neurologists said as an adult, he would have to be ‘institutionalized” because he would never be able to speak, read, play sports, attend much school, etc.
      Devastating to hear. Prayed & vowed to aim way high. Read to him constantly. Therapy. Gluten free & organic food.
      He graduated from high school with B+ average. Normal classes. Played baseball. Lead actor in high school & community plays. Although he is high functioning autistic, each day I feel guilty he was vaccinated. Only on professional, a retired neurologist who studied effects of vaccines for decades dared told me it was the vaccines (but that was because he was retired and no one could harm him professionally). That’s a major reason I write about the harms of Big Pharma, politics, vaccines so much.
      Blessings to your son. Bravo for your good decisions.

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      • Thank you! When my son was three, he started talking jibberish when he had been speaking 3 and 4 word sentences. Never put 2 and 2 together until years later, that it could be from the vaccines. Years of speech therapy, and finally pulling him out of public school helped him. I’ll never know for sure that it was the vaccines that caused this, but I highly suspect it was, or at least part of the problem. When I was 4 months pregnant they couldn’t find brain activity, told me not to worry, went back a couple weeks later everything was fine (was he sound asleep? I worked evenings and nights at the time). It could be that the vaccines instigated something. I put everything in God’s hands from the time I found out I was pregnant, He has gotten us through everything…and will continue to do so.

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