Warning: Not Politically Correct Information For Manly Men Only

When someone from Hollywood or CNN or The New York Times uses the term “toxic masculinity,” it does not always set too well with me. Maybe it’s because I’ve had enough of liberal and social engineering buzz words and phrases such as “phobic,” “racist,” “discrimination,” and “fascism.” It may be because it is obvious that not all masculinity is toxic.

🔹Originally coined by artificial mythology from the men’s movement of the 1980s and ’90s, it refers to a common male stereotype that promotes aggressive behavior, dominance over others, and stunted emotions.

🔹These buzz words have all been widely appropriated by cultural Marxists.

🔹For instance, in the classic sense, “discrimination” meant a sound judgment, based on the awareness of differences and determinations. In the midst of the twentieth century, the rising Socialist Left appropriated the word and turned it upside down.

🔹To millions of us, their Marxist tactics are nothing but a consummate hypocrisy at work here, as the Big Left constantly practices ideological and class discrimination.

🔹In the name of opposing “discriminations,” liberals actually discriminate through “affirmative action” and “diversity.” Their intent is to dispose whites by parceling out employment and positions to less able people on the basis of their purported victimhood—which itself implies an anti-white, anti-male charge.

🔹Cutting through the scrap, it is all but another tool for ideological bludgeoning…and indoctrination. Those who control the institutions will scream against “unfair criteria” of discernment while applying their own. The real victim and charged is always the same.

🔹The words “phobia” or “phobics” are used by real idiots to smear conservatives and normal people who showed reluctant to leftward pushes. 

🔹Identifying and rejecting the very thought structure of liberal bias will free us of being vulnerable to bludgeoning or ideological conditioning. 

🔹Another favorite of the media and other Libtards is the term “Far Right.” Actually many people in the middle of the true political spectrum are being labeled such. It gives liberals self permission to publically downgrade those who have superior integrity, intelligence and believe in God.

🔹The Left and their “peaceful protesters” goes so far as to equate good All-American law abiding citizens to “fascism,” Hitler, the Holocaust, and so on.

Something masculine to offend someone


You know what really irks me,
That nagging question that comes about,
Why is it so important to be aligned with the status quo,
When we really should learn to live without.

That mindless herd mentality,
Leading us towards what is planned,
For each and everyone of us,
Unless we learn to look away,
As I know we can.

And yet so predictable and obvious,
To one that stands well clear,
Of the influence that is most potent,
That of one of fear.

So that might be the first step,
When you see a big scare coming on,
Be more than slightly suspicious,
Or your reason will be gone.

And if it is when you’re thinking,
You haven’t got a clue,
Just look again for that reason,
To see just what’s been done to you.

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  1. you have a great sight. the articles are so real and ABBA is in your life. i might add one thing to real men about the man soli being the care taker of the family. you are partly right but now a days women can take the part as the mans wing man. sure men in general are physically stronger than women, so what. women have been programed for millennia’s to be the weaker sex, just look at older movies were women are crying, wimps, led by there emotions riling on the big tough man to help them. unfortunately women in general do tend to lead with there emotions and some man do to. i can talk about this all day long and it probably will not change things. the word has the best guide lines for a family and they work if you take the blinders off and read between the lines. icehawk signing off. keep up the good work and GODSPEED

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  2. Good stuff. I too am tired about hearing most of the things you talked about. I do know someone, though, who’s legitimately afraid my sawdust will give him respiratory impediments. Also a smoker. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  3. Manly Men. In the second video, I’ve worked in plants similar to this, not Blast Furnaces, but Steel, Molten Steel, and much more. A Chemical Plant became part of my life, deadly stuff, well, potentially deadly, one breath and your’re unconscious. Everyone was taught if you’re walking and the person in front of you collapses to the ground, turn around, leave the area, and summon help. People have tried to rescue, and the impromptu rescuers were knocked out too. No one died from the gasses, that I recall, but the potential was great. A coworker that taught me the area said if I start to breathe the bad stuff, that it’ll feel (if you’re walking) that your knees come up and strike your chest. Yeah, sure. Lo and Behold, I’m walking one day, and suddenly felt like me knee came up to my chest. Just one leg, just briefly, I must have inhaled some gas. When there was a Gas Leak, Level A Suits were required, with an SCBA Sealed inside the suit with the user. Skin absorption would harm or kill you with this stuff if it was concentrated enough.


    METALLURGIST (I think this is in Russian. No Closed Captioning, I just watch it for the atmosphere).

    I worked the job, I saw accidents, deaths, injuries. I never considered myself a manly man, but I’ve held my ground. Once, the facility was banging, the pipes were jumping, something to do with pressure, and a man from my shop, with me, ran away, I stood next to a another man with years in the facility, he wasn’t running, I felt confident if he wasn’t running it was probably something he saw before. He was yelling at the man running away, in a joking way, and laughing real hard.

    But there were manly men. One guy, after an idiot poured water down the back of his pants, didn’t do, or say, anything. Strange. No anger. Hmmmm? But when the idiot went to take a drink, the man with the wet pants reached over and crushed the bottle, spraying it all over the idiot’s face. I was laughing hard at that one. ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’, and it was that day.

    Manly Men, it’s alright by me. These people inspire confidence, are good at managing because they lead by example.

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  4. This also stems from the Vietnam War and the anti-war protests. Smoking weed was supposed to make everybody peaceful and too pacifist to engage in aggression. The whole movement by Democrats to feminize boys is sick, disgusting, dangerous, diabolical, and destructive. Real men need to stand up and defend their sons and their sons’ human rights.

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