After ‘2000 Mules,’ the 2020 Election Is NOT Over

Like a California wildfire out of the control of mainstream media, solid evidence and proof established in Dinesh D’Souza’s compelling 2000 Mules documentary is spreading across the land. The messages are crystal clear. The lessons to millions are substantial.

🔹President Donald J. Trump was truly reelected with 305 electoral to Joe Biden’s 233 votes. This is the least Trump won by.

🔹In reality, “The Big Lie” was from the shameful elite media. No wonder this film is getting little to no coverage from mockingbird news organizations.

🔹The momentum of the populist uprising which followed was shattered by a tsunami of Big Tech censorship.

🔹The Deep State justified their illegal activities with a monumental false flag planted at the US Capitol on January 6, 2020.

🔹Substantial and overwhelming proof is presented in the form of True The Vote geofencing data, 4 million minutes of drop box video surveillance footage obtained via FOIA requests, and other means.

In just one instance of thousands, individual “mules” were identified (via their geofencing data) ballot harvesting on video. With both chain of custody documentation from ballot drop boxes and utilizing the geofencing data, they identified instances where a single box that was only visited by 271 people contained 1900 ballots.

🔹Using their very conservative threshold of 10 visits to drop boxes, averaging 5 ballots per visit, True the Vote discovered there were at 380,000 illegal votes cast in the 2020 election.

Michigan– 500 mules visited 50 boxes= 125,000 illegal votes (Not enough to swing the state for Biden).

Wisconsin– 100 mules visited 28 boxes= 14,000 illegal votes (Not enough to swing the state for Biden).

Georgia- 250 mules visited 24 boxes= 30,000 illegal votes (Far more than enough to swing the state for Biden).

Arizona– 200 mules visited 20 drop boxes= 20,000 illegal votes (Far more than enough to swing the state for Biden).

Pennsylvania- 1150 mules visited 45 boxes= 275,000 illegal ballots (Far more than enough to swing the state for Biden).

With this very strict and conservative data (doesn’t even include any internet or Dominion voting machine manipulation) Trump won 279 to 259 electoral votes.

🔹When they lowered the criteria for what constitutes a mule, from 10 drop boxes to 5, this gave a more realistic and shocking 54,000 mules, 810,000 illegal votes, and Trump winning every key state. The new totals showed Trump receiving 305 to Biden’s 233 electoral votes!

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  1. I believe the Democrats coordinated a massive voter fraud scheme, as Biden alluded to himself, but getting the GOP to do anything or anybody with any authority to do anything, is another hurdle. Right now, the Democrats are using the U.S. Supreme Court as a scapegoat to get people worked up and to justify cheating in the 2022 midterms. All they have to do is convince gullible people that they are doing what’s morally right by cheating.

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  2. Re-blog Comment > ‘m delighted that in his helpful bullet-point summary of the movie, Texan Jack Dennis uses similar nomenclature to my 40-post series started on 8 November 2020 entitled ‘US Election’s NOT over’ (plus hundreds more postings on this historical crime that’s truly part of ‘The Scandal Worse Than Watergate,’ aka Spygate, Russia-hoax…).

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  3. This is impressive “single box that was only visited by 271 people contained 1900 ballots”

    The Trash Container Significance was due to the woman, and others, wearing rubber gloves (Nitrile), since Election Fraud had just recently been verified via fingerprints. They largely all started wearing Nitrile Gloves to hide the fingerprints, I’m just unsure why they threw them away each time.

    I read a story years ago, a man had raped and murdered several women, then settled down. Though now productive, the case was naturally being pursued as conditions permitted. Purportedly, the man drank from a can, threw it away, and the can was collected, the DNA was virtually an impossible match for anyone else, and arrest and conviction made. If this is not the case, it’s similar, see “Timothy Bass”.

    They were throwing the gloves away, and if DNA of the Mule was on it, collecting and analyzing the DNA could possibly result in their conviction. The mules should have taken the gloves with them for disposal.

    I saw the movie, my wife and I, well worth the time. The people that analyzed the Mules also used Cellphone Data to help solve the murder of a little girl, struck by a bullet in a shooting. Only 1 of 2 people were positioned to fire the shots, and they have since been arrested.


    • That’s the 1st thing I thought: seize the gloves out of the trash cans. But by the time these security videos were ever viewed and analyzed, it was far too late.
      I’m aware there are plans in some jurisdictions for citizens to be monitoring these boxes. Also there will be survelliance of Runbeck Voting Services, the ballot printing company based out of Phoenix, prior, during and after shipping to suspect areas.


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