Tag: 1980s

Black Velvet Elvis

Alannah Miles had a boyfriend. He was riding on a bus. But it was not just any bus. This was a bus filled with good people. They were Elvis fans. Christopher Ward became inspired to write a song about this experience. It was August 1987 and they were traveling to Memphis to attend the 10th…

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Ruby’s Coconut Meringue Pie

Here’s a favorite like Grandma used to make, because she did. There was nothing as good as Ruby Floyd’s Coconut Meringue Pie. I can still taste it in my mind while writing this. Ruby Alma Morgan was born in Brady, Texas in 1910 to our greatgrandparents Margaret Delitha Ralph Morgan (a Chickasaw-Choctaw, known for her…

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Grandpa Arthur’s Green Beans

Our grandfather, Bassett Arthur was a cook in the Navy Seabees primarily in the Philippines during World War II. After the war he remained a chef and cook at restaurants in Brady and Abilene, Texas. A trip to Abilene always included an opportunity to watch (and help the best I was capable of as a…

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