Has AZ AG Ignored Expert Eye Witness in Election Fraud Investigations?

It is unknown if investigators of Arizona’s Attorney General Matk Brnovich have spoken with the WigWam Resort or any of their past or present employees during their probe of the election fraud.

However, one man in particular, an expert witness to the Arizona fraudulent ballot harvesting operations in 2020 has been virtually ignored by various state officials for over a year.

In a ‘We The People’ case, using what they term as a ‘citizens grand jury’ in Georgia, evidence is being provided about actual illegal balloting in Arizona. Gerald Buglione, a resident of Surprise, AZ made a statement recorded by telephone on  Monday July 19th 2021.

Buglione was a Newark Police Officer for 28 years and retired June 1 2014 with the rank of Lieutenant. His professional experience included police and detective work involving narcotics, assaults, burglaries, thefts, gangs, and other heinous crimes. He also gathered intelligence on various homicides and gang activities for regional crime fighting tasks forces in New Jersey.

After retirement, he worked for Global Mark Security “from 2016 to 2019 doing armed security, threat assessment and investigation.” 

WigWam Resort

Upon moving to Arizona, he worked security for Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Arizona from January 2020 until the end of November 2020. Here is part of his testimony:

Q) In your role of security officer for the resort did you come across a situation that you thought unusual? and can you explain what occurred ?

A) Yes I did, In September 0f 2020 a company called Fieldworks LLC rented 2 ballrooms for six weeks preceding the 2020 presidential election, as part of my duties I was to check on and secure all hotel facilities and ballrooms, when I went to the two ballrooms rented by Fieldworks LLC I was denied access. I was told by Fieldworks workers I was not allowed in . I question them as to why, as I was resort security and that was our job to safeguard all property and possessions, I was given a stern answer that I was not allowed in the two ballrooms. I found this strange because security had always had access to every location, as these were big money high end ballrooms. I asked them what they are there for and again they refused to answer stating I was not allowed in. Security was never denied access to the ballrooms by any other entity. Even Vice President Mike Pence had utilized these ballrooms and the Secret Service submitted an itinerary and coordinated with hotel security. 

Q) What did you do next?

A) I went to check for the itinerary  for contact information, this is hotel standard procedure, I was unable to find the itinerary. Fieldworks had either not given one to the hotel or was hiding it.I asked some of the other security personnel if they knew where it was, No one did.  I went to my boss and asked him what this was all about all he told me was they were a political group and he didn’t know anything else.  

Q) What happened during the course of Fieldworks time at the resort?

A) During my rounds I noticed there was a sign up. They were hiring people to work for $21 an hour. I asked some of the other resort workers about this and I was told they were recruiting workers for voter registration.  During their time there I observed people constantly moving in and out of the ballrooms and they were moving boxes back and forth in and out.The ballrooms were filled with computers and workers and boxes of voting ballots.  

One day there was a Federal Express package at the desk for them and I delivered it to the ballroom. No one was at the door so I went in looking for someone. When I went into the ballroom with the package I saw voting ballots loaded in bins, the room was filled with them. I was then approached by a Fieldworks worker and they told me I was not allowed to be in there. I told them I was bringing them a package. They took the package and told me to leave.

These were the same boxes that they were wheeling in and out the whole time. I then found out that they were hiring workers from Arizona to drive to Georgia and work there. Also the Fieldworks group was working strange hours, coming in extra early and parking with immunity, not following any of the rules, I went to the Director of Security and asked him about this group and the activities that were going on and he ignored me. I asked some of the other resort workers about them and was met with silence. No one wanted to talk or get involved. 

Q) What were feelings based on these observations ?

A) Based on my experience in investigations and what I knew about the presidential election I believed this was election fraud and ballot harvesting. 

Q) What else did you do?

A) I made a phone call to Congresswoman Debbie Lasko. She is the congresswoman for Surprise, Arizona. I wanted to forward the information to her. I spoke to a staffer who was not interested in what I had to say, the staffer told me the Congresswoman or someone would get back to me but they never did. I then placed a phone call to Stan Fitzgerald because I knew he was working on the Georgia election and forwarded the information I had to him 

Q) You said based on your experience in the field of investigations that you think this was ballot harvesting and election fraud. Can you tell me have you ever testified in court?

A) Yes.  

Q) Have you ever testified as an expert witness in court?

A) Yes. 

Q) Approximately how many times?

A) I’ve testified hundreds of times as an expert witness  I’ve testified in Federal, State, and Municipal court all as an expert witness in police criminal investigations.

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  1. Remember: Joe Biden met with all the governors right before the election and promised them billions of dollars if they would help him win. Well, they got what he promised. The Republican leadership is not interested in investigating 2020 voter fraud anymore than the Democratic leadership because they were part of it. President Trump got screwed by both parties. Then, Republicans figured out they needed him for fundraising. But, will they let him run in 2024? That is debatable. I’m disappointed that Truth Social is having so many problems, but there again, has the new social media platform been subverted by people who are afraid of Trump? If these people really wanted to do the country a favor, they would work this hard to get rid of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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