Millions of Americans Turning Away From Woke Disney

Families Boycotting Disney

Disney stock is down 71%, and park attendance is down 54%. Disney Plus is suffering massive numbers (480,000+) of cancelled subscriptions.

What was Disney CEO Bob Chapek thinking by throwing the entertainment organization into progressive politics?

Chapek took on popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill which prohibits educators from teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation from pre-K through third grade.

Chapek, leftist organizations been and mainstream corporate media have been erroneously tagging the bill with their buzz “Don’t Say Gay.” The text of the legislation does not include the word “gay” and in no way outlaws its use.

Here is a sampling of how America see this Disney debacle on social media.


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  1. The one thing I learned in my substantive law class is that OBSCENITY IS WHAT A NORMAL, REASONABLE PERSON SAYS IT IS! Liberals are neither normal nor reasonable, and it’s time we put them in their place.

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  2. I had a relative, was an Interpreter in Washington DC, Pink Shirts, with Frilly Edges, and he never married. He lived at the Watergate, and in addition to having his apartment there, also rented out another, the details are long lost to history. Obviously we figure he was homosexual. But he never did anything inappropriate around me or that I know, around my closest brother, and my other brother, 15 years older than I, never said a bad word about him.

    My brother-in-law’s wife has a female relative, and the female relative has a female partner. They are in a stable relationship. I have not heard a bad word about them.

    That said, too many people are letting themselves be determined by a fixation on gratification. Long ago, I noticed that even plain looking women (the same applies for women looking at men), when young, have virtues in their appearance that help create interests between 2 people, generally a man and a woman, and often a result of that pairing is a child or children. We’ve been raising kids since before we were 20, and we’ve been together since, and I’m now retired. Early attraction led to parenthood, parenthood leads to one’s life being directed towards children (we were far from perfect, but we have 3 sons), and the last one to leave the house did so around 2010. Those early years are long gone, and those early years and the drives that were prevalent at one time aren’t the drive they used to be. As we age, we love others despite how time has changed them, because the focus is different.

    Agape comes to mind (though usually used in a different sense):

    “Unlike our English word love, agape is not used in the New Testament to refer to romantic or sexual love. Nor does it refer to close friendship or brotherly love, for which the Greek word philia is used. Agape love involves faithfulness, commitment, and an act of the will. It is distinguished from the other types of love by its lofty moral nature and strong character.”

    Disney has proven itself evil, in my Opinion, and actors and actresses (all considered actors now) have reported over the years, inappropriate things of Disney (sexualizing girls for one) and no one wanted to hear it. We bought the act, hook line, and sinker, Disney was about virtuous things, but in real life, they apparently weren’t.

    There was a non-Disney movie (years ago), British, a girl in it, acting next to a known actress, did a fine job, now raises her children and operates a business. The Trailer is below. I often wonder if she saw, or her parents became aware of, the darker sides of starring in movies, she only did one movie, then moved on with her life. The movie is a little on the darker side of plots, but a good watch.


    The movie may be the symbolism of what we think Disney and Hollywood is, vs what it actually is.

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