List of Ways Wearing Masks Are Harmful to Your Breathing and Lungs

Breathing And The Lungs

  • Obstruction of the airway,
  • Mask-induced increased airway resistance,
  • Increased breathing resistance,
  • Increased inhalation resistance,
  • Increased exhalation resistance,
  • Breathing problems,
  • Impeded gas exchang eat rest,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Feeling of breathlessness,
  • Chest discomfort,
  • Tightness of the chest,
  • Increased respiratory frequency and depth,
  • Increased respiratory load,
  • Increased work of respiratory muscles,
  • Disturbed respiratory physiology,
  • Reduced lung function,
  • Impairments in lung function parameters,
  • Decreased oxygen intake,
  • Increased cardiorespiratory stress,
  • Impairments in cardiopulmonary capacity,
  • Rebreathing of carbon dioxide,
  • Increased rebreathing of the body’s waste,
  • Increased inspiratory carbon dioxide levels,
  • Increased expiratory carbon dioxide levels,
  • Increased oxygen demand,
  • Increased oxygen consumption,
  • Impacted oxygen uptake,
  • Decreased oxygen saturation,
  • Increased physiological dead space, which is a larger amount of space in and around the body that does not exchange air and consequently may lead to significant problems as a result,
  • Reduced gas exchange volume available to the lungs in each breath
  • Increased maximal inspiratory pressure,
  • Increased maximal voluntary ventilation,
  • Impeded gas exchange during exercise,
  • Increased retention of carbon dioxide in the lungs,
  • Hyperventilation, which is overly rapid or overly deep breathing,
  • Decreased ability to compensate for a lack of homeostasis through hyperventilation,
  • Hypoventilation, which is reduced intake of air into the lungs,
  • Respiratory distress,
  • Artificial inducement of COPD-like symptoms, which is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a chronic inflammation of the airways, causing restricted airflow,
  • Oxygen deprivation with effects on the heart, lungs, and brain,
  • Pneumonia, which is an infection of the airs sacs of the lungs,
  • Aspiration pneumonia (Pulmonary aspiration is the inhalation of fluid or other substance into the lower lungs. Aspiration pneumonia is the infection and inflammation of air sacs as a result of pulmonary aspiration.),
  • Passing out during exercise,
  • Irritation of the respiratory tract,
  • Airway inflammation,
  • Foreign bodies in the lungs,
  • Lung toxicity from inhaled graphene and other particles contained within face masks,
  • Inhaled mask polypropylene fibers and other fibers contained within face masks,
  • Sub pleural ground glass opacities due to inhaled mask fibers (While ground glass opacities are indicated in many diseases and conditions, they are hardly as awful as their name would suggest. Their name comes from the hazy look of sandblasted glass. Ground glass opacities (GGO) is merely another way to say hazy images on an chest x-ray or CT scan. The presence of ground glass opacities indicates increased density in lung tissue.),
  • Self-contamination,
  • Clinically relevant fungal, bacterial, and viral infections,
  • Abscesses in lung tissue,
  • Increased lower respiratory tract infections caused by the deep seeding of oropharyngeal flora,
  • Aspergillosis, which is the inhalation of fungal fibers that gather as fungal balls in the lungs,
  • Inhalation of mold and bacterial colonies living on the surface
    of masks,
  • Fibrous thickening of the peribronchiolar interstitium, which is the space around the air sacs of the lungs,
  • Bronchopulmonary diseases from inhaled synthetic fibers such as:
  • Asthma,
  • Alveolitis, which is inflammation of the air sacs of the lungs,
  • Chronic bronchitis, which is the inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes; the bronchial tubes being how air is carried to and from the lungs,
  • Bronchiectasis, which is abnormal widening of the bronchior their branches, causing an additional risk of infection,
  • Spontaneous pneumothorax, which is sudden collapsed lung without any apparent cause,
  • Chronic pneumonia,
  • Granulomas, which are masses of tissue produced in response to the presence of an infection or foreign substance,
  • Pulmonary fibrosis,
  • Mask induced rhinitis, which is swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose,
  • Increased disease transmission due to �the nebulizer effect,� which is a phenomenon caused by the wearing of mask, in which the mask wearer to pushes more fine particles further out from the mask wearer than a non-mask wearer would,
  • Pulmonary hypertension, which is abnormally high blood pressure in the blood vessels that support the lungs,
  • Aggravation of exercise induced asthma,
  • Bacterial-induced chronic airway inflammation,
  • Increased risk of severe respiratory failure,
  • Immotile cilia syndrome caused by humidity and temperature in the upper airway (Cilia is a hair-like structure lining the airways that serves several functions, among that helping to clear the lungs of matter. Immotile cilia lead to disturbance in the clearing of the lungs.),

In his book Face Masks Hurt Kids, Lou Rockwell indicates some issues of wearing mask can be minor. Some issues below are major. 

“The broad takeaway from this list for me is that there is no longer any way to say that a face mask is safe for any man, woman, or child to wear,” Rockwell wrote. “Masks are least safe for anyone frail such as the sick, the elderly, and children to wear.”

“There is no excuse to let a person force a mask on your child, not just to get through the door, not because I’m in a hurry, not to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, not just to visit grandma, and certainly not just to get through the day at school. Allowing such behavior is negligent and needs to be stopped. We need to have the hard conversations that stop it. We cannot keep avoiding the issue: people in authority demand the right to place this unquestionably harmful medical device on our children and on others.”

If we cannot summon the will and the wherewithal to stand up for the children in our lives, we have little hope of standing up for the rest of society.”

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