Former Hospital Director Stole $781,000 of Supplies

The former director of materials management at Three Rivers Medical Center in Louisa, Ky., pleaded guilty March 1 for stealing over $780,000 worth of medical and office supplies from the hospital. 


Lashea Nicole Hudnall, 36, appeared in federal court in Ashland, Kentucky to a charge of mail fraud, based on receiving hundreds of payments electronically, according to court records. The money was going to her personal Paypal account. 

The former director of materials management at the 90-bed hospital, pleaded guilty more than two years after she was arrested and charged with stealing supplies from the facility. Hudnall admitted in her plea agreement that she took medical supplies and office equipment from the hospital and sold them online between January 2014 and August 2019.

Hudnall sold at least $781,699 in supplies she stole from the hospital to buyers in the U.S. and China, according to court documents. 

Hudnall is scheduled to be sentenced in June. She faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. 


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    • Blinded by greed – saw $$$ and not much else. As Director of the hospital’s Materials Management Dept, she had quite the Operation going. Strange she didn’t think anyone would notice after 5 1/2 years of her ripping off this small hospital.
      Hoping the Prison Ministries are strong in KY. That may be where she has her Come to Jesus Meeting.

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