List of Skin and Eye Problems From Wearing a Mask


  • Moisture retention,
  • The sensation of dampness,
  • The sensation of heat,
  • Impacted microclimates of the face,
  • Flushing,
  • Impacted pH value of skin,
  • Skin breakdown,
  • Erythematous, which is the reddening of the skindue to damage of superficial capillaries,
  • Increased fluid loss through the skin epithelium,
  • Increased sebum production (Sebum is a Latin word for grease, and refers to the oil created by the sebaceous glands, specifically on the face, in this example.),
  • Altered skin flora,
  • Hypersensitivity to ingredients of industrially manufactured masks,
  • Impaired skin barrier function,
  • Increased skin susceptibility to acne and infection,
  • Redness,
  • Rash,
  • Mask associated skin irritation,
  • Local acne,
  • Staph infections,
  • Itching,
  • Urticaria, which is another word for hives red, itchy welts on the skin,
  • Contact dermatitis,
  • Contact eczema,
  • Increased disease transmission due to poor hygiene practices around face masks.


  • Impaired field of vision,
  • Mask-associated ocular irritation,
  • Increased dry eye symptoms,
  • The fogging up of glasses,

In his book Face Masks Hurt Kids, Lou Rockwell indicates some issues of wearing mask can be minor. Some issues are major. 

“The broad takeaway from this list for me is that there is no longer any way to say that a face mask is safe for any man, woman, or child to wear,” Rockwell wrote. “Masks are least safe for anyone frail such as the sick, the elderly, and children to wear.”

“There is no excuse to let a person force a mask on your child, not just to get through the door, not because I’m in a hurry, not to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, not just to visit grandma, and certainly not just to get through the day at school. Allowing such behavior is negligent and needs to be stopped. We need to have the hard conversations that stop it. We cannot keep avoiding the issue: people in authority demand the right to place this unquestionably harmful medical device on our children and on others.”

If we cannot summon the will and the wherewithal to stand up for the children in our lives, we have little hope of standing up for the rest of society.

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  1. Here’s a PDF from a Trusted Source:

    A case of goggle-mask-related impetigo at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

    I wanted to link to the Article Directly, but the article page has a perianal warts image showing for another article, and I think most don’t want to see that, as I didn’t. But I found the link that goes to the PDF of the Article itself and avoids this image.

    In terms of Medical Images, the Impetigo Article isn’t showing anything people should be shocked by, the woman recovered after treatment, and avoidance of wearing the Mask or Goggles while staying at home. But I think the article succinctly discusses the issue without laboring on it. But this is one of various issues associated with Face Masks, Pathogens, and the possible harm to patients.

    I blogged on Vaporizers. One man, a Transplant Recipient, was almost killed by exposure to Fungus that grew on, and was distributed by, his Vaporizer (he was not cleaning it properly), I think it was an Ultrasonic. Steam Types are less likely to have those issues, and my Evaporative Unit is less likely too, and it has an Ultra Violet Light that sterilizes the water before it gets to the wick. But if a man taking Immuno-suppressants was nearly killed by a Fungus from a Vaporizer, it’s not much of a stretch that older people, and people of any age that are Immunocompromised, may develop infections from pathogens that collect on a Mask.

    The Training I gave was to Healthy Adults (that received a yearly Physical including X-Ray, Spirometry, and Fit Testing) in an Industrial Setting. The issue of Respiratory Protection in Hospitals is more complex, though it cannot violate the rules of respirator use that we were bound to by OSHA and Known Industrial Hygiene Practices, but it does add onto them, due to the issue of the presence of Pathogens and circumstances. I watched a video by a woman that is a Hygienist for Respiratory Protection in Hospitals, there is much more to the topic of Respirator and Mask Use that is known and willingly ignored while we were forced to wear masks as a sign of compliance.

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