Are the Latest Fashions a War on Masculinity or More Societal Engineering?

From television commercials to fashion magazines to mainstream media, the “Woke” leaves little doubt they are attacking masculinity in America and beyond.  Why?

Biden’s Asst. Secretary of Health

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  1. I understand it isn’t the point, but I got stuck on the sheer impractical stupidity of the goofy fashion shoots. Queer or not, what the hell were the designers thinking with those stupid volleyball shoes and bowling pin pants? It’s almost like there’s some kind of Rorschach suggestion that those wearing them ought to be knocked down and kicked. Or maybe that was a Freudian slip.

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  2. One thing I learned as a psychiatric nurse on an inpatient unit – YOU NEVER LET THE CRAZIES RUN THE ASYLUM! Edgar Allan Poe even wrote a short story about that. The Democrats aren’t about inclusion, they’re about scraping the bottom of the barrel for votes and candidates. They’re about DELIBERATELY defying the established social order. They’re about weakness, insanity, and intentionally screwing things up — as we’ve seen with Biden. No real man buys into this crap. And, if someone does not identify as male or female, they don’t exist.

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  3. No self-respecting MAN would be caught dead in such ridiculous apparel. These supposedly male “models” should be ashamed of themselves. What kind of person raises such a mixed-up nutcase of a child? Satan is doing what he does best: blinding the minds of his minions and devouring their young….

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  4. That is exactly what it is! Remember that the Left runs the fashion industry! The also run Hollywood and the music industry- all three are interconnected! About six months ago, I read another article that pretty much addressed the same thing and had an lot of the same pictures. And I thought back then- “The Sissification of men in America!” They’re clearing trying to dismantle the red-blooded American man and in that, the family, by destroying the head of the household- the man- the husband. Destroying that foundation is to bring the entire proverbial house down!

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  5. Thanks for the laughs!

    Seriously, if I were teenager or single 20 something, I’d be cheering these guys on. Yeah, wear that dress and those bouncy ball shoes, they look great on you! And then I’d thank my lucky stars knowing that girls really are attracted to guys wearing flannel shirts and on date nights a nice button down. At least the girls I’d be attracted to.

    A few years ago I had a conversation with a young female relative about dating, in particular within the metro-NYC area.She said most girls would give anything to find a guy that met the following criteria: Had a real job; did not carry a “man purse”, was drug-free; was not gay; bathed regularly and was not into porn. Not too high a bar for a regular guy.

    On second thought, maybe there is a need for these types of fashion-forward non-binaries. Station them on our southern border. Now that would give most of the border crossers some real second thoughts about coming here!

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  6. Things cannot be unseen, if I have Nightmares, you’ll be hearing from my Solicitor. LOL (I don’t have a Solicitor and I’m just kidding)

    Incredible. I liked working in the Mill. Men were men, and some women were men too. Of course, we all dressed the same, work clothing was given to us for a reason, chemical exposures, and the company cleaned the work clothing as well. The bosses dressed alike, not like us, but like them, that, and the White Hats they wore differentiated them.

    I think that if we, as a people, would realize that such things, as this blog entry shows, are not designed to create the freedom of expression for men, but to further drive a wedge, fragmenting the relations of people, because the powers that be know that United We Stand, Divided We Fall. In the Mill, largely, the Union Employees were united, and the Company Employees were united, despite their sex, and as I said, clothing differentiated each of those 2 groups.

    Ben Shapiro (15 Second Clip)

    Ben Shapiro defines what ‘Boy’ in Boy Scouts means…

    The Internet is fascinating. Look here:

    Can Soy Feminize a Boy? – Ask Dr. Weil
    “When you consider that millions of men in China, Japan and other Asian countries have had soy foods in their daily diets from earliest childhood, you can appreciate that the plant estrogens they contain have no discernible effect on male sexual development, and no feminizing effects at all”.

    See, no chance for Soy Boys to exist, and hey, with the accent on getting away from meat, one has to wonder if Dr. Weil is truthful.

    So I found this, easily (Title and Conclusion of article at the National Institute of Health (NIH)):

    Soy and phytoestrogens: possible side effects
    “Phytoestrogens are present in different edible plants being most abundant in soy; among others, they are used to compensate for estrogen deficiency in menopause. However, the estrogenic potential of phytoestrogens does not prevent from extensive use of soy in infant food and other foodstuffs as well as pediatric parenteral nutrition. Feminizing effect of phytoestrogens and soy products may be subtle, detectable only statistically in large populations; it can be of particular importance for children and adolescents. This matter should be clarified by independent research, which can have implications for the future of soy in the agriculture”.

    We may be seeing the effects of willful, or unintentional, focusing of our food production. I agree with the last sentence above, there must be honest research not influenced by people wanting a specific outcome, but on people willing to study and report objectively on the issue. The findings should influence the significance of Soy used in Food Products.

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