Ukraine Intelligence for the Mentally Liberal Mainstream Media Follower

Russia Invading?…or Liberating?

Despite long-term experience with deception and propaganda from American mainstream news media, some citizens continue to believe the dishonesty. Such is the case with the Russia-Ukraine stories.

Beware news deception: Biden won, masks & vaccines, Russia-Ukraine.

To this day, corporate media continues refusing to report the facts of how Ivermectin has helped many evade debilitating COVID symptoms.

Many viewers, steadfastly clinging to the corrupt narratives of their fake news masters, still believe (after it has been solidly disproved):

🔹Border agents whipped illegal invaders in Texas who breached our border.

🔹Media’s false versions of The Rittenhouse Trial.

🔹Mockingbird media’s deliberate lies about RussiaGate, including those about Hillary Clinton’s paying for the fake dossier on President Donald Trump.

🔹Media’s stance that Critical Race Theory is not taught in our children’s schools. It’s not a conspiracy theory.

🔹The calculated and premeditated distortions used to protect the disastrous economy of the Biden White House.

This is just a small list, but can be easily established with lies about the stealing of the 2020 Election, their support of BLM and ANTIFA with “peaceful protest” reports and COVID-19.

With this well established history of lies, how can ANYONE trust mainstream news? It is so scandalous, that millions of Americans refuse to follow corporate news anymore. This is why their viewership ratings are plummeting.

Fake News doesn’t want you to see this

Wise people seek alternative and patriotic news sources. In fact, more intelligent humans now judicially realize that whatever mainstream media and critical government agencies broadcast, the truth is just the opposite of their propaganda.

Such is the same for their Ukraine-Russia narratives. In fact, fake news followers do not even realize that the vast majority of Ukraine citizens see Russia as liberating them from an evil tyranny—not the “invaders” Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney-types want you to believe.

Succinctly, here are examples of what millions of Americans know:

Look close. Fake guns made out of wood.
Propaganda and distortion.
Proven fake news to gain sympathy for Biden narrative.
Average citizens walk the streets as propagandists report false news.
Beware media deception
More fakery.
Basement Campaigning
How many times does one have to be lied to before they do something about it?


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  1. You know? I’ve thought of this too in exactly the same way you have, Jack. Why have the Ledtist MSM and politicians been defending Ukraine and demonizing Russia, given the lies they’ve told in the past? And I just thought of this today! Then low and behold, I find this post! At first, I was on the fence about this. But when I stopped and thought this morning, “Hey, wait a minute! The MSM and Biden puppets are defending them too, I had to step back! And say a lot of what ifs. Thank you for bringing this to light! This is definitely worth researching!

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    • I have some very reliable political sources from a number of years. Just wish I could write all I know, but don’t want to breech any confidentiality. You have that kind of thinking mind and likely why you can write so much with an emphasis on bullying. Don’t know how you manage that.

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  2. I think we should be asking ourselves what Russia and China have on Joe Biden, whether it’s his son, Hunter, or something else, because it seems like he is being blackmailed by both. He is too reluctant to take action against them, and this Iranian deal – which used Russia to broker the deal – just tells me that Joe Biden and the Democrats are not serious about taking on Russia and China. They have, in fact, sold out to every dictator in the world and made America pawns of these monsters. And, once again, where are the Republicans??

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