What Americans Really Think About Big Pharma

Dying due to poor health is unacceptable and must be prevented with a vaccine, whereas dying in good health and at a young age due to vaccine injury is a perfectly acceptable price to protect the vulnerable.

This is the message smart, patriotic Americans are hearing from The Biden Administration, Anthony Fauci, and politicians embedded with Big Pharma.

The end result is the same: People die. The only differences are how and why people die, and whether or not big business, which funds politicians, can profit in the process.

In the past two years, licensed medical doctors and award-winning scientists have undergone the modern version of being tarred and feathered online, followed by expulsion from their web-based communities for the ‘crime’ of asking commonsense questions and speaking truth to power.

These memes reveal what millions of Americans are now understanding about the pandemic lockdowns and mandates.

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