Medical Professor: Natural Immunity Has Made Vaccine Mandates Irrelevant

“What a fine mess Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, FDA, and liberal politicians have gotten us in,” the medical doctor said. “Many of us (physicians) feel portrayed by the medical direction provided us. We now have a notice on our front entry door: ‘No walk-in pharmaceutical representatives allowed.'”

The south central Texas doctor, a friend of mine, obviously does not want to be identified because “it could cost me my practice. More doctors are coming around and NOT pushing the COVID vaccines as we once did.”

Medical experts have revealed that vaccines not only don’t stop the spread, they cannot stop the spread.

The doctor shared an article from the  Lancet written by Dr. Dennis G. McGonagle, a highly acclaimed professor at the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine at the University of Leeds.

“He found that our Covid natural immunities have made the vaccine mandates irrelevant,” the family practice doctor explained. “These damn mandates have caused labor shortages in the medical field and harms patient care.”

In his Lancet letter, Dr. McConagle presented recent findings on natural immunity and how they compare with vaccinated immunity.

Natural Immunity: 10X Better

“First, it is well established that for single stranded RNA viruses such as influenza, natural immunity after recovery from infection provides better protection than vaccination, which needs to be undertaken annually because of waning vaccine immunity,” the letter reads. “The same has been shown for SARS-CoV-2; in one study, individuals exposed to natural infection were ten-times less likely to be reinfected compared with vaccinated individuals without natural infection. Individuals exposed to natural infection were also less likely to be admitted to hospital with COVID-19.”

In January, Johns Hopkins University dropped a quiet bombshell about natural immunity that went widely ignored in the mainstream media. Dr. Marty Makary, spearheading a team at Johns Hopkins to do the work the CDC and NIH refused to do, showed that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had robust “natural immunity” that did not diminish for at least 650 days.

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Less Likely to Transmit Infection

“Second, before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a well-established principle that although systemic vaccination against viral respiratory tract pathogens protects vaccinees against serious infection, these individuals can still transmit virus to non-vaccinated individuals because of a lack of mucosal immunity,” he continued. “Therefore, individuals with immunity resulting from natural infection are probably less likely to transmit the infection to vulnerable patients compared with those who are vaccinated but not naturally immune. Long-term immunity in the upper airway cannot be directly measured, and serum antibody levels are not a surrogate for mucosal immunity.”

“Vaccines that are injected into the muscle – i.e., the interior of the body – will only induce IgG and circulating IgA, not secretory IgA. Such antibodies cannot and will not effectively protect the mucous membranes from infection by SARS-CoV-2,” the authors Dr. Bhakdi and Dr. Arne Burkhardt conclude. “Thus, the currently observed ‘breakthrough infections’ among vaccinated individuals merely confirm the fundamental design flaws of the vaccine.”

Vaccinated vs. Natural Immunity?

“Third, numerous studies have shown that vaccination in individuals with previous natural SARS-CoV-2 infection induces so-called super-immunity (or hybrid immunity)—ie, higher antibody and T-cell responses compared with vaccination alone,” the letter notes. “This concept is often evoked in favour of vaccination, but this super-immune state has no proven long-term clinical correlates, and an increasing number of studies show marginal, if any, additional benefits of vaccination in individuals with natural immunity.”

“Attributing higher serum antibody responses in vaccinated individuals to superiority over natural infection is erroneous, as considerable time might have elapsed since the natural infection with the expected waning of antibody levels,” he continues.

“In some countries, including Germany, the voices of immunologists around the equivalence of natural immunity to vaccination are at least partly heard, since health-care workers who have recovered from natural SARS-CoV-2 infection are exempt from mandated vaccination for 90 days,” he added. “However, based on the history of viral pneumonia and natural immunity, the scientific basis of this time frame is unclear—arguably it should be indefinite.”

Healthcare Labor Shortage

“There is an ongoing shortage of health-care workers in England, which a vaccine mandate would probably exacerbate; indeed, this seems to be the primary factor in the UK government’s reconsideration of the policy,” he added. “A strong component of averting a further crisis in health-care personnel should include making politicians aware of the power of natural immunity in individuals who have recovered from COVID-19.”

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  1. Excellent article and reasoning. Though I am not a Doctor, the name was borrowed from a Character in a 2001 Movie, I have been following the issue, primarily via a few Epidemiologists that I trust. Things did not go as they should have. covid infected persons should not have been put in Nursing Homes. Children should not be being vaccinated, people that survived infections should not be being vaccinated, or waiting 6 Months after recovery from an Infection and a Blood Test to be sure that the Immune Response has sufficiently declined that a Serious Adverse Reaction to the Vaccine is greatly reduced.

    Dr. Ioannidis predicted that people would die from lack of Cardiac and Cancer screening, and the like, and the numbers of those that died from these more common diseases may exceed the numbers of those that died from covid. I think the numbers of covid deaths in the U.S. were greatly inflated. Deaths from and deaths with covid were never properly differentiated. To grasp the significance, if someone died of a disease and had a pimple, could we establish that the pimple killed them? There are many people that tested positive for covid due to false positives or otherwise had a mild case of covid and their deaths were unrelated, but shamelessly, the govt included them anyway.

    Great Article, thanks for posting it.

    Liked by 1 person

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