Is Chinese Owned TikTok Facilitating Human Trafficking and Child Privacy Violations?

Arguably the most active Attorney General in America fighting the Biden Administration, Texas AG Ken Paxton has issued two Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) to TikTok Inc.

This investigation focuses on TikTok’s potential facilitation of human trafficking and child privacy violations, as well as other potential unlawful conduct. 

In June 2020, President Donald J. Trump, seeing them as a threat to national security, ordered a ban on U.S. downloads of the viral video app TikTok owned by Chinese firm Bytedance.

The ban never occurred, perhaps because of Chinese ties with the Biden family (including Joe Biden’s brother James and son, Hunter) and Dominion Voting Machines.

Soon after Biden became the White House resident, he signed an executive order preventing Trump’s ban from being implemented.

“Chinese-owned company TikTok may be complicit in child exploitation, sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug smuggling and other unimaginable horrors,” Attorney General Paxton said. “I will get to the bottom of these concerns and make sure Big Tech doesn’t interfere with the safety and security of Texans.”   

To read the CIDs click here. 

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