CDC, DOD Misinformation Revealed in New Leaked Data

Almost 80% of COVID Deaths Over 65+ Had 4 Comorbidities

73% Were Fully Vaccinated

Within 3 Months, 1 Out of 33 People Have SERIOUS Adverse Events After Second Jab

Leaked information from both the Department of Defense and CDC goes against 2020-2021 media and government propaganda regarding COVID and vaccines.

Not intended by the Biden Administration to be released, much of this leaked data was rapidly removed from the internet, but was preserved in archives and on private websites.

The CDC knew as early as July 2021 that adults 65 and older account for 16% of the US population but 80% of COVID-19 deaths. Even with updated confirmations regarding such trends, Big Pharma, government, politicians and media pursued experimental vaccinations for other ages, including children.

Declarations by health officials and vaccine makers that deaths and injuries following COVID vaccinations were unrelated coincidences become a pattern.

Using hospitalization records from 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries who were fully vaccinated, researchers revealed that by October 2021, over 148,000 fully vaccinated individuals age 65 and older came down with COVID despite the propaganda narratives.

🔹78.2% of age 65 and over deaths labeled as COVID had over four comorbidities (conditions that could have led to death). Under 65, the average is 2.8 comorbidities.

🔹“73% of COVID-19 cases occurred in fully vaccinated individuals.”

🔹31,260 were hospitalized in an intensive care unit.

🔹9,400 were admitted to an intensive care unit. The death rate was 2.2%.

🔹 “Breakthrough infection rates five to six months post vaccination are twice as high as three to four months post vaccination.” The decreasing immunity was observed in both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots.

🔹 It was the VACCINATED driving the high infection numbers during the summer of 2021, as “61% of COVID-19 hospitalizations occurred in fully vaccinated individuals in the week of July 24 alone.”

This information comes from studies by the Defense Department’s Project Salus and CDC publically unknown data.

What We Learned

🔹Regulatory agencies counted every death as a COVID death, so long as the deceased tested positive for COVID within 60 days of death — no matter that the deceased may have died in an automobile accident.

🔹In official tabulations, CDC always presumed that COVID-19 was the killer.

🔹Anthony Fauci was reporting a 100% protection success rate by the COVID Vaccines as they were introduced.

🔹A short time later, Pfizer touted a 95% efficacy rate in its clinical trials. We now know these figures were totally meaningless as a measure of “relative efficacy.”

🔹These claims were based on a tiny cohort of 94 people in the placebo test group who ended up with mild cases of COVID during the clinical trials.

🔹The “absolute,” or “actual,” efficacy of the vaccine during clinical trials was 0.88%.

🔹According to the British Medical Journal, this meant that health authorities had to administer 155 vaccines to avert a single case of mild COVID.

As intended by authorities, the true risk of death from these vaccines are severely underreported since regulators have rendered virtually every death invisible by attributing them to “coincidence.”

A 2010 study funded by Health and Human Services concluded that the measuring system, VAERS, used for public data, only captured “fewer than 1% of injuries.” In other words, the actual injury rates from mandated vaccines are more than 100x what HHS has been telling the public!

The 2010 HHS study found that the true risk for serious adverse events was 26/1,000, or one in 37. Current COVID information says one in 33.

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  1. More than 10 years ago I got vaccinated against a serious disease, more serious than Covid-19.

    You will certainly understand if I do not disclose that here. It is something very private, but I will say this much. Two years later I got this disease, and I suffer from it to this day. There is no end in sight.

    Three years ago I had myself vaccinated against shingles. One year later I had the shingles.

    Shingles, as well as many, many other infectious diseases that were no longer present in Germany, have now massively returned to our country. Especially venereal diseases, measles and scabies.

    So much for “vaccinations are the greatest achievement in the history of mankind”.

    Scientists and politicians have completely failed.

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  2. Do you know when the Spanish flu of 1918 – 1920 ended?

    It ended the moment people took off their masks and got tired of the spook.

    “All the doctors and people who lived at the time of the Spanish Flu in 1918 said that it was the most horrible disease the world had ever seen. Strong men who appeared healthy and spry one day were dead the next.”

    Strikingly, the Spanish flu had the characteristics of the very diseases against which these people had been vaccinated immediately after World War 1 (plague, typhoid, pneumonia, smallpox).

    Virtually the entire population had been contaminated with toxic vaccines. The administration of toxic drugs virtually “kept the pandemic alive.” Eleanora McBean

    Hallo Texas Jack, happy new Year. ✨

    Do you know why my picture is not there?

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  3. Dr. Ioannidis, a Stanford University Professor and an Epidemiologist, said, when covid first hit Italy, that many of the deaths were from a mild flu season the year or years before, leaving a vulnerable population more intact.

    He explained that many of the people that died already had one foot in the grave, so to speak. For instance, he said that terminal cancer patients that died from the flu in years before covid were listed as cancer deaths, but terminal cancer patients that died from covid were listed as covid deaths.

    He also explained, and I do think I have my number correct, that in Nursing Homes, it’s been observed that the common cold has caused up to 8% of the patients that contracted it to die. In the vulnerable populations, it doesn’t take much more to kill them.

    We’ve been figuratively raped by the CDC, FDA, NIH, NIAID, and other agencies. I walk for my health, and have many times, while I have time to reflect, thought that the govt and regulatory agencies have literally stolen 2 years and then some from our lives.

    The entire thing was Rigged.

    Did covid exist? I’d say yes. Did people die from it? I’d say yes again.
    Did people die with covid and not from covid? I’d say yes.
    Did people die en masse from ventilation. I’d say yes.
    Did people die from Treatments? I’d say yes.

    The following, jump to about 8 Minutes, is a British Mortician explaining clots that he is finding in age groups and of a composition not seen before. The most telling part of this interview is that he became sick after many, many, many, months of not wearing a Mask. There are such things as colds and respiratory viruses, he may have had one of them. To be cautious, he went to the hospital. He tested Negative for covid. But they tried to force the medication on him that may have caused his death in a manner that would have made it appear to be a death from covid. He steadfastly refused. Listen to the Interview, he appears credible. This is why there cannot be Amnesty for the pandemic era. People that imposed these restrictions on us, created a vaccine that may be more dangerous than helpful, created Treatment Protocols, did so defying previous scientific and medical practices.

    My humble experience in Training Industrial Workers on Respirator Use clearly indicated that there is no way that a Surgical Mask was protecting the Wearer from the pathogen. This inappropriate use may have encouraged many cases that would not have occurred if the proper Respirator was used, and this would increase the numbers of cases, and encourage people wearing Masks to take risks. It’s a fraud.

    EXCLUSIVE: UNDERTAKER EXPLAINS “MYSTERIOUS” CLOTTING PHENOMENON! | Louder with Crowder–live-daily-show-louder-with-crowder.html

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