Geraldo Riveria, the Vaxer Has COVID Within a Week of His Booster Shot

“It got me. Despite 2 shots of Moderna + Pfizer booster-last Wednesday I tested positive for Covid,” Geraldo Rivera wrote in a tweet last week.

The Fox News commentator’s past negative criticisms appears to be coming back to haunt him.

“We (those who took the Chinese Wuhan Virus experimental jabs) too have rights: to deny the unvaccinated access to our home, school or business,” he remarked in July.

In October Riviera wrote, “I have zero tolerance for anti-Vaxers. Most of all, I detest vaccinated dickheads who urge the unvaccinated to “fight for their freedom,” the mob urging the man on the ledge to jump.”

Like so many others in mainstream media kingdom, Rivera deemed, “It’s a pandemic of the Unvaccinated. 99% getting sick are Unvaccinated. You’re not a threat to yourself, but to every kid under 12.”

Time and fate has proven mainstream media, along with the righteous likes of Geraldo Rivera, repeatedly wrong and dishonest.

Here is a valuable lesson for those who follow fake news purveyors:

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  1. This Media Goon Hatchet Man is a totally fraud, I knew years ago when he did the opening of Al Capone’s Vault, what a joker!
    He stands up for fraud and the MSM Global Establishment Cabal which is how he made is millions! I always remember how my Dad told me growing up, “to remember when you go out in that world to make a living that some people sell their souls; don’t you be one of them!”
    AKA Geraldo!

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  2. I’m finding the biggest non-vaccination shamers are coming down with covid. Funny how that works. Next will be Cramer who wants the National Guard to vaccinate everyone. Or Biden or Kammie. The covidcrats are dropping like flies.

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  3. As a young “journalist / reporter”, Geraldo was part of one big story: Exposing the horrors and abuses of the mental asylum, Willowbrook, in L.I. NY. Since then, Geraldo has excelled at one thing – promoting Geraldo. Why he garners so much attention is beyond explanation.

    An interesting result of that Willowbrook expose was the classic throwing the baby out with the bath water approach to correcting institutional abuses and shortcomings. Rather than focus on correcting the problems, the experts and “social worker warriors” pushed to have the majority of institutions closed, leaving untold numbers of mentally ill to wander the streets, subject to a new set of horrors.

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  4. A lot of balls there jeraldo. Don’t like anti Vaxers? But your good got all your shots huh? But wait, the vaccine didn’t work like it was supposed to. Now you should be thinking WTF did they put on me then? Who knows you might have a long time to think what is in my body now? If your luck the vax takes you fast with know pain air suffering. I guess time will tell. But that’s what we need now most of all, statistics…. Thanks for being a Stat.

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