Most Read Articles: CleverJourneys 2021

The Top 10 most read articles from CleverJourneys in 2021 included new information on the Arizona and Georgia Election Fraud, former VP Mike Pence as a mole for the Deep State, The Devolution Theory, and Attorneys willing to go to bat for people being fired for not taking the experimental and dangerous COVID jabs.

In January 2021, we were censored by the social media giants (you know who they are) and lost tens of thousands of readers. We are proud of our persistence and picked up incredibly patriotic sponsors along the way. By mid-May, we were bouncing back.

We are most grateful to our readers, sources, sponsors, and advertisers.

Our sponsors in 2021 included, Cindy Leal Massey: Texas Author, Goettle Plumbing & HVAC, South Dakota Tourism, North Carolina Tourism, Discount Tire, Texas Tourism, and Graceland: Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Surprising, others in the Top 10 included an article about Ted Nugent’s letter to Joe Biden and a legendary San Antonio horror story.

In 2021, (in spite of having mid-January through mid-May with greatly reduced readership due to social media censoring us), we managed to end with more than 8 million viewers and over 14.9 million hits on over 955 posts. This led to:

🔹4 comments average per post
🔹We’ve written over 537,500 words
🔹564 average words per post

Here are the Top 10 Most Read Articles of 2021

Note: You can click to see the articles and we left the link for those who want to copy and paste to send to others.

1. Who Printed Ballots For Fulton County Georgia and Why is it Important?

2. White House Mole Mike Pence: Whistleblower Interview

3. Why Ballots Scanned Offsite Were Delivered to Arizona Elections Center After Voting Ended

4. Georgia Governor Kemp & Raffensperger Connections With China & Dominion

5. Mike Pence, John Roberts, Jeffrey Epstein: Whistleblower Shocking Statements

6. What is Devolution Theory and is it Trump’s Reality?

7. List of Lawyers by State Who Fight COVID-19 Mandates

8. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd is Alleged Killer of Ashli Babbitt

9. Ted Nugent Sends Biden a Letter Telling Him Where To Shove It

10. The Night Jimmy Left a Surprise For the Donkey Lady

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  1. It was a tough year for independent, conservative leaning bloggers, yet persistence is the key. I continue to enjoy your blog, which is informative and touches on subjects important to freedom-loving Americans. Thank you for all the work you do. I know you love researching and writing, but I also know how time-consuming it is. You never disappoint your readers. And Dodie’s “Herd it through the Grapevine” is a gem of great tips, many of which I have used. May 2022 be your best year ever!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I enjoy all your posts, Jack. I can tell that you really dig for truth and your experience in journalism shines through in every post. Keep informing the people and shedding light on the blatant evil that infects our government, corporations, sports, and entertainment. Wishing you and Dodie a happy and prosperous New Year. 🕊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Am very pleased to have discovered you (thanks Tim Shey) and be able to re-blog your posts. I thought WordPress was fairly open-minded, so Jack I’d appreciate advice on its censorship. Or was it what I found with automatic sharing to Fbk and Linked-In failing to publish posts?


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