A New Year Green Pasture

A Special Message From Dodie Dennis (Retired RN)

With 40 years experience as a licensed Registered Nurse on a cruise line, a Colorado ski resort, and in Phoenix, AZ, I did everything from Operating Room to Immunology to all levels of Newborn care.

Among my favorite jobs was teaching childbirth and nutrition classes. For the most part, I believe whole foods trump supplements. And eating a nutritious diet loaded with veggies, grass-fed meat, and plenty of good fats is the starting point.

To this day, I do not take prescription medications and know other nurses and health practitioners who live medicine free lives as well. This doesn’t mean I haven’t taken prescribed drugs for pain after an old volleyball related surgery, but that was years ago.

You certainly cannot supplement your way out of poor dietary choices. However, even with the best diet, there may be a few gaps that we might want to fill to “supplement” a solid diet.

For example, Omega-3 fatty acids are vitally important to our health. Our Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio should be 1:1 or 1:2. Sadly, the average person’s is more like 1:20. Not only are we not getting enough Omega-3 from sources like grass-fed meats and fish/seafood, we’re also over consuming Omega 6 (e.g. vegetable oils, excessive nut consumption) – a double whammy.

Personally, Jack and I don’t eat enough fish to get adequate Omega-3 due to concerns about toxins, mercury, etc. That’s why we “supplement” with Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO).

I use the word “supplement” loosely here, since FCLO is really a whole food. Not only that, but it’s also a traditional food with a long history of use. Quite the opposite of highly processed fish oils.

Green Pasture’s website

🔹Fermented Cod Liver Oil is simply cod livers fermented naturally to extract the oils.

🔹The cold-processing method maintains all the fat soluble vitamins.

🔹Most fish oils on the market are heat processed. What’s worse is that they’re then bleached and deodorized, and since most of the vitamins have been removed or destroyed, synthetic vitamins are added back in.

FCLO contains more than Omega 3s. It’s also a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin D, and contains small amounts of Vitamin K2, Vitamin E, and various other quinones.

If you want to try out the amazing benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil, or maybe your current supply is running low, we highly recommend Green Pasture.

Start the New Year with healthy habits. Now is the perfect time. Walk more, eat better, turn off the TV, read often, and achieve an improved lifestyle change.

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  1. As a victim of taking many medications, Rate Control and Anticoagulation in Afib, Seizure Control (temporal lobe), and more, and an almost graduate of a Pharmacy Technician course, (I needed a few more weeks to graduate from a 6 month course, but accepted employment in maintenance in Heavy Industry, of which I retired from a few years ago).

    Drug interactions can occur in the strangest places. For instance, Phenytoin is rapidly metabolized by the liver, and dosing is established to consider that rapid loss. But I can be taking Phenytoin for years at a certain level, but overdose on Phenytoin if I take anything that interferes with (slows) the metabolism of Phenytoin.

    Phenytoin is not listed as being interfered with by Cod Liver Oil.

    “Medications known to interact with Cod Liver Oil (multivitamin)

    Note: Showing generic names only.”

    Perhaps a better resource for possible drug interaction concerns is your Pharmacist. Most Pharmacists will know more of medications and interactions than most Doctors, including medication and supplement interactions.

    I supplement Vitamin D (I did this on my own) by taking 2000 IU once per day, year round. I used to get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter, a mild depression thought to be from reduced light exposure. Since I take it year round, my Phenytoin and Coumadin levels are established by routine tests and any effect by my use of Vitamin D is already know.

    I’m not a doctor, as I explained, I worked in maintenance, but the years old screen name was a character in a 2001 movie.

    I agree with the article, but suggest care is taken in those with significant physical issues or that are on medications. Most likely there will be no problem, but clearing it with a doctor or pharmacist might be prudent for some.

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  2. I’ve stopped taking allergy medicine, replacing it with raw, unfiltered honey. I still keep some allergy medicine/Benadryl around just in case, but it’s rare I ever use it. That was the only medicine I was continuously taking, and when I can, I will use foods/herbs in replacement.

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