Green Beret Foundation Expands Services to Serve All Generations of U.S. Army Special Forces Soldiers and their Families

Pineland Initiative will expand Foundation’s scope of programs and services to now include pre-9/11 Green Berets and families

 The Green Beret Foundation (GBF) announced recently the launch of the Pineland Initiative, a new campaign which will focus on expansion of the Foundation’s scope of services to now include pre-9/11 U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers and their families. 

The Pineland Initiative, launching in 2022, will reflect a 3-year phased approach to growth and expansion of existing programs and services in order to accommodate the needs of the pre-9/11 Green Beret population.

🔹One key aspect of this expansion will be the welcoming of additional Veteran Service Officers (VSOs) onboard GBF staff to meet anticipated greater need for assistance with the preparation and prosecution of Veterans Affairs benefits and disability claims.

🔹These new VSOs will bring with them the added benefit of providing a Foundation presence geographically located at each of the five Active Duty Special Forces Groups, and two National Guard Special Forces Groups, located around the country. 

The name “Pineland” pays tribute to the shared legacy of Green Berets, past and present.

GBF Executive Director and Green Beret, Brent Cooper, explains: “Pineland, a fictitious country located in North Carolina where U.S. Army Special Forces trainees consummate their training and selection with the legendary Robin Sage exercise in unconventional warfare, is a universal term that all Green Berets recognize and hold dear.”

“It is a key rite of passage on the path to earning the coveted Green Beret,” Cooper explained. “Being immersed in this fictitious country is a defining experience in all Green Berets’ lives, so it is also the perfect name for this pivotal moment in the GBF’s history, where we can now expand our services to Green Berets of all generations.”

“Though we’ve helped many Green Berets and their families, the job will never be done until we are in a position to help all Green Berets–past, present, and future,” Cooper noted. “The bond between all Special Forces soldiers across the generations is strong. We had to do more, and the Pineland Initiative is how we plan to go about doing so.”

This new initiative for GBF is well-timed, as the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the U.S. Army Special Forces will be commemorated this coming June 19th. With Pineland being the first initiative in GBF’s history to support Green Berets of all generations, “There’s an opportunity to honor those that laid the groundwork to make the Green Berets the world’s premier, elite special operations force,” Cooper says. 

GBF is asking that those wishing to support the Pineland Initiative campaign consider making a commitment of support to the Foundation at the amount of just a $12 monthly recurring contribution.

🔹The number 12 is symbolically significant to the Green Beret community, as it is the number of Green Berets on each Operational Detachment Alpha team–a fact which emphasizes that the Pineland Initiative will be a team effort.

🔹GBF offers multiple means by which supporters may choose to give, including one-time contributions and monthly recurring donations.

🔹For every dollar donated to the Green Beret Foundation, $0.84 goes directly to support the existing programs that the Pineland Initiative will now make available to pre-9/11 Green Berets and their families. 

These programs and services include:

Casualty Support

GBF provides support to wounded or injured Green Berets, ensuring that their hospital stay, recovery, and rehabilitation is more comfortable, along with other financial support for family needs not covered by the Department of Defense. 

Health & Wellness

GBF supplements the care that the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Defense Health Agency provides to ensure total long-term health of a Green Beret’s mind, body, and spirit.

Family Support

A program to provide a welcoming community of support to families of Green Berets. This includes the Steel Mags program–the exclusive program of wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters of Green Berets–and educational scholarships provided to the children and wives of Special Forces soldiers.

Gold Star & Surviving Families

GBF provides Gold Star and Surviving Families with support, tools, and financial assistance to navigate through the death of their Green Beret, assisting families in building long-lasting, supportive relationships within the Special Forces community.

Next Ridgeline™ Transition Support

With the Next Ridgeline Program, GBF provides current and transitioning Green Berets with the resources and tools they need to be successful in their next careers, along with Veterans Affairs benefits and disability claims preparation and prosecution.

GBF has now expanded their ability to accept donations, beyond the traditional means of accepting support through recurring donations and corporate matching programs. To streamline the giving process for donors, they now have partnerships with AmazonSmile, Ebay Giving Works, PayPal Giving, the Combined Federal Campaign, and Network for Good. Cryptocurrencies are also accepted. 

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